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What Report includes Facts with Vital Data?

What Report includes Facts with Vital Data?

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FTM 2012 most recent version. The Genealogy Report incorporates Notes, but is there a way to include Facts as well. Spent hours ahnd hours collecting and recording them and they are not included in any meaningful Report.

Re: What Report includes Facts with Vital Data?

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Click on Items to Include Button is the on the Far Left of the Button Bar in the Right Panel.

You will see a left panel where you can pick and choose facts to include or include all facts. And, you can pick and choose which facts show alternative names or don't show alternative names.

Click on the "+" sign to the upper right of that panel. You can pick some, or pick all.

This is not very intuitive. As examples:

Show only Preferred Facts - (ie Don't include Alternative Facts)

Select Residence (or similar fact with alternatives) in the left panel - you will see the Options Box at the bottom of the left panel. Check the box for including only the preferred fact.

To include Alternative Residences:

Select Residence in the list of facts. Then, click on the Options box at the bottom of that panel. Uncheck the box for including Preferred Name Only.

Now, turn on the Global Command in the right hand area where you select notes and sources, etc: "Include Only Preferred Facts". That will include alternatives for all facts where you have selected to include alternative. It will NOT include alternatives for facts where you have chosen NOT to include alternatives.

Note the Name Fact & Other Vital facts are a bit different. If you select "Only Preferred Facts" - you will get only the preferred Name. If you uncheck "only preferred facts" you will get all of the alternatives. In other words, you can't pick and choose whether to choose all names if the Preferred Names is picked.)

Hope the above is not too confusing. Try playing with it and you will see how it works.

Re: What Report includes Facts with Vital Data?

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Open the genealogical report you want. The left icon in the tool bar of the right pane says "Items to Include" Click on that icon. This opens another pane, on the left there is a list of items, in the middle there is a +, X and and up and down arrow. Click the +, This opens another pane with a list of fact. You can highlight (Include) as many facts as you like. I usually Click "Select All" at the bottom as why put facts in your database if you don't want them in the report. Click OK, click the items you want on the right of that pane and then click OK you are back to the report window.

One word of caution. I find it best not to save report settings. This sets up a series of setting that will be used for all reports. You will then spend an hour or so trying to figure out why you can not get your next report to look like you want it.

Re: What Report includes Facts with Vital Data?

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Big Help...Thank You to both of you!
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