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Report of all Chicago Addresses

Report of all Chicago Addresses

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I want a report showing every address I have in Chicago - preferably with the people and facts. From it, I will use google earth to show where the families lived over time.

I seem to be able to get some people with facts in Chicago but not all, and show all places for those people not just Chicago.

I have tried using selected individuals, filter in, vital/all/other, any fact places/descriptions contains 'Chicago'. I haven't resolved my place names because it is a huge job and I want to wait until the new hierarchy stuff works out any kinks.

Am I missing something? Please let me know how to do all addresses within a city. Thanks, Lori

Re: Report of all Chicago Addresses

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1354378811000

Try this filter at the bottom of the index first to see if it will give you who want. If you want a report, you can replicate it in the Custom Report filter screen.

Filter In
Any Fact Place > Contains > Chicago
(if you have Chicago in other states, use Chicago Illinois - no comma - match all values).
Check Alternative facts if you want to include them.

I follow the practice of putting street addresses in the Place field for a Fact called "Address". If I were wanting Chicago Street Addresses in my file, I would select:

All Facts
Address Fact > Contains > Chicago
Check Alternative Facts
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