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FTM: Benefits?

FTM: Benefits?

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I'm an avid user. Do I also need Family tree Maker?
Does it have advanced features such as searching specific events or locations? Customized reports that are useful?

Is Family Tree Builder a different program and if so, what are its benefits?



Re: FTM: Benefits?

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FTM is an average,run-of-the-mill genealogy program with quite a few limitations and gripes; but that has one giant feature over its competitors - it is the gateway into the databases via merging records with your file - sometimes for whole families at a time (eg US census 1880 and after).

Ancestry is great in the area of censuses, birth and death records, civil war records, WWI draft registrations and other areas; but weak in real estate deeds and probate records and wills.

There is no comparison of FTM to the capability of the online trees. FTM has refinements and capabilities far beyond the on-line ancestry trees. Including filtering, places management, and reporting. It is well worth the price to get it over the ancestry tree capability.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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yes, it helps alot

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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I agree with silverfox. FTM could use a lot more functionality, but it is a super enhancement for any user, especially for managing your data.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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Babs, if you want to go beyond what you can do online with ACOM, FTM is a great step up.

Especially if you want to share offline with your family and friends, FTM gives you the opportunity to export your online research into printed charts.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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One of the big benefits of FTM is that you have control of your data. With the data on your computer what ever happens to Ancestry, you have the data.

There are other smaller features like telling you when you make an obvious mistake. I was just on an Ancestry tree where the parents were born 30 years after the daughter was born. While anyone can make an entry mistake, it is nice to have the program to at least warn you so when you post it online you don't look so foolish.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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Is there a better software I should look at? Something the pros use?

I need it to sync w/ but I'm open.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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FTM is the only one that will sync with Ancestry.
Different Pros use different programs.

For a good comparison of the programs have a look at

BUT, remember that ONLY FTM syncs with Ancestry.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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Thanx. Very Helpful.

Re: FTM: Benefits?

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My opinion is that if you use for a tree, you're crazy not to have FTM. It gives the ability to do so much more with the same tree, and it automatically downloads all the citation media.

I would point out that many of the features in that comparison table are not important things to serious genealogists. Some of the things I would have put in there are...

- ability to create and manage name styles/templates
- ability to create and manage place jurisdiction styles/templates
- ability to manage places used
- ability to import and export external events (e.g. historical events)
- ability to include specific categories of historical events
- ability to control how information is indexed (particularly names and places)
- ability to manage the role of people in an event (minister at a wedding, ring bearer, witness, best man, etc.)
- ability to assign tasks to people and places
- ability to share place data across trees
- all raw data 100% accessible
- ability to control text used in reports, i.e., highly customizable sentences
- ability to create and manage custom flags/tags
- scalability (e.g., can handle 20,000 people and media items)

and then I'd include some stuff that none of them do

- 100% GEDCOM support
- tie historical locations to modern place names
- patronymics

I'll stop myself there.
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