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Help interpretting this Nordland, Norway birth record?

Help interpretting this Nordland, Norway birth record?

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I am looking for some help interpreting all the information available from this birth record in Buksnes, Nordland, Norway.

The record of interest is line 10 on the left, Marcus Benoni Pettersen. It looks like he was born 15 May 1820, and in the next column he was baptised on the 28 May 1820. What about the "confirmerch i _odik den 2 s e Trinch" (trinity?).

In the next column, the parents are strange. It looks like it says "Moderen enken Maren Hoyer indlagde __ Bornefader Petter Boeberg en gammel _____ _____".

Moderen and Bornefader are mother and father (Maren Hoyer and Petter Boeberg)...but doesn't "Enke" means "widow"...does that mean this Petter Boeberg was dead by the time his son was born? Or am I interpretting this stuff wrong? And I am totally NOT used to not having patronymic names for parents in my other Norwegian birth records research...are "Hoyer" and "Boeberg" farm names, or actual patronymic names?

Also, what is the number page "644" mean? And in the (I think) extra comments field of the birth record, I see the word Boeberg again...what is that indicating?

THANK YOU so much for any help you can give me...

Rob Williams

Re: Help interpretting this Nordland, Norway birth record?

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That child was home baptised on the 28th of May and that baptism was later confirmed in the church on the 2nd Sunday after Trinity.

Try looking at page 644 -- perhaps that entry is a cross reference to another page. You've not given the fully functioning link and I cannot check that further. You gave a link only to the JPG image and that does not share full information.

Marcus was born out of wedlock (first word in last column makes that completely clear). His mother was a widow - unmarried at the time of his birth.

Good information about translating the formats of Norwegian parish church records during various time periods, many of the basic terms used and understanding how to use the information should be studied at this web site -

Working direct links to the scanned images on the Digitalarkivet can be copied and pasted from the desired page from a display option available. At the top of the scanned image page is an option labeled "Bildeinformasjon:" [Norwegian version]/"Image Information"[English version] which is by default set to "Ingen" [Norwegian version]/"None" [English version]. Change that and magic is available. Of the three options I like "Øverst" [Norwegian version]/"On top" [English version] because it puts the additional information across the top of the page and is usually easier for me to see.

The first line "Kildeinformasjon:" [Norwegian version]/"Source information" [English version] is a really nice summary of the source of the information and is wonderful to have for making detailed source citations, footnotes, etc.

The second line "Permanent sidelenke:" [Norwegian version]/"Permanent pagelink" [English version] is the best line to capture if you want to save the exact URL location or share the actual scanned image and the source information. It allows the full capabilities for zooming in and out to best view the image and informs the recipient of the exact location, book and other details to be able to find WHERE you found the information.

The third line "Permanent bildelenke:" [Norwegian version]/"Permanent imagelink" [English version] is the best used to print a copy of the image or to save a copy of the image in a jpg format computer file. This line does NOT also capture the source information and therefore is NOT the best line to copy to share online when requesting help or assistance in deciphering the image found.

Re: Help interpretting this Nordland, Norway birth record?

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If you still need help with these people, you can e-mail me at ku1(at)
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