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Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Surnames: Murray Brotherwood Brotherhood Good Ross
Looking for anything on a Maggie (margaret) Murray, lived in Coal Creek then Fernie BC around 1911 - 1922. Wife of John Murray who died in 1922, she then remarried someone with name of Brotherwood or Brotherhood, between 1922 and 1930. Possibly had one daughter with her, Christina. Have found decendants of her other children, Catherine Ross (Fernie) and Lizzie Good (Whitefish Montana).

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Hi, You are searching for information re Maggie/Margaret Murray .
After the death of her husband & her re marriage - did she stay in the same location?
You have found decendants of her children,Catherine ROSS, Lizzie GOOD. Can they help with your research?

John Murray
Fernie Reg. Number:
1922-09-309235 Copy Available
1922 5 6 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age:
54 Event:
Death Microfilm #:
B13122 (GSU # 1927299)

Where did the marriage of Maggie/Margaret MURRAY - to ? BROTHERWOOD / BROTHERHOOD - occur.? In British Columbia ?
**No BROTHERWOOD appears at the Vital Statistics site.
There are 4 BROTHERHOOD deaths - 0 Margaret.

Cheers, Stella

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Murray Brotherwood
Many thanks Stella, I do have a copy of John Murrays death certificate. (Fernie BC). None of the descendants know what happened to Margaret after his death. The only thing I have to go on was that she sent letters to her youngest son (my grandfather) in Scotland, they were postmarked Vancouver ?? Not sure how the mail would have been sent back then? If letters from Alberta went via Vancouver? Her sister in law was Elizabeth Murray, wife of David Murray who perished in the Hillcrest mine along with his 3 sons, she may have gone to live near her? Although she still had a daughter in Fernie, and one in Whitefish. I only know she married some time between the death of her husband and the second marriage of her son in Scotland, as her name appears as Brotherwood or hood on his marriage certificate. As I cant find anything in BC, I am thinking maybe Alberta?

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Hi, I think perhaps the mail may have travelled by ship?
If the letter was postmarked Vancouver - it would have been sent from here.Perhaps by train - to the East Coast -

Was there an announcement published re the second marriage of the son - {when?] it may have mentioned his mother attending.
Are there other records available to you - re the marriage of the son. Church Records etc -which may show a clearer version of the surname.

Did she return to Canada? after the marriage of her son?

It is odd that the children? have no information about their mother ? -or are they no longer living ?

Alberta is difficult to search re Vital Statistics - Birth,Marriage,Death.
All is considered Private. Informatin may be available to some [family] as well upon proof that the person is deceased.
The Vital Statistics Registry office may search a few years either side of a given date. The cost is $40 Cndn.

Alberta GenWeb Local History Book Project
The following are the only names that come close.
BROTHERTON, Don; Akokiniskway; Mountainview
BROTHERWOOD,John,Esther (Kemble);Under Eight Flags; Warner.
BROTHERWOOD,John,Esther (Kemble); Wagons to Wings; Warner.
Cheers, Stella

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Hi Stalla, No his mother did not attend the wedding, he married in Scotland, I dont think she ever returned there.
The Children are long gone, and not one descendant knows what happened to her. Its quite bizarre that not one of them had ever known there was another sister. Thanks for the info on Don Brotherton, I might see what I can find on him, as the area is a probably distance. I am thinking she would have had to have met her husband somewhere, given that her sister in law went to Calgary, I would think she couldnt have moved to far away from her daughters?
The search continues
Thanks again,


Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Murray Brotherwood
Hi Stella,
I have managed to narrow down the dates of Margaret Cornelius Murrays second marriage to ?? Brotherwood, it was between 1928 and 1935, and I now think in Alberta. She was listed as a widow in 1935, but was still Murray in a border crossing in 1928. I have found a few Brotherwoods who were living in and around Lethbridge (Amada, High River, Lomond) all were farmers, which fit as my father remembers hearing that his Grandmother has lost all of her crops as they were burnt (? heat or fire). I have found a George John Brotherwood born 1859, Kent England, who died 11th Jan 1932, which fits the picture perfectly, sadly I cant find an obit for him, or see when his first wife Ester died, (not to be confused with Esther who was 2nd wife of John Brotherwood) Any ideas on how I can access his death cert?

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Hi, You know that George John BROTHERWOOD passed away January 11 1932.
Alberta does not consider Vital Records public record.

To Obtain Registration of Death/ Long Form Death Certificate [has all personal information required at the time - as known to the informant]
Govt. of Alberta - Vital Statistics Registry Offices
in Edmonton Alberta. The Cost is $40.
Before ordering - contact them - to see if you will be allowed the registration.

From Alberta GenWeb Local History Book site - online
Families submitted family Histories/ stories to the local history book project.

BROTHERWOOD, John & Esther (Kemble); Under Eight Flags; Warner

BROTHERWOOD, John & Esther (Kemble); Wagons to Wings; Warner
Have you researched,posted to Alberta ?
There may be persons family connected - or have knowledge of the family.

Cheers & Good Luck, Stella

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Hi there, I am wondering where in Scotland were your Murrays from? My great Grandmother Janet Murray Gorrie came to the Kootenays (I still hve family in Fernie), as did a greart number of her extended family from Wemyss, Fife.

Re: Murray - Brotherwood - Brotherhood

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Classification: Query
Hi Kate, my Murrays came from around Ayrshire, this is a link to my website where you can see most of them, its still a work in progress. Interesting that you have relatives in Fernie, My Murrays, orginally settled in Coal Creek. My G Grandfather John Murray is buried in St Margarets in Fernie. JOhn Murray and his wife Margaret (Maggie) had 3 Daughters and one son.
Kate the eldest was married to a Gordon Ross, and they stayed in Fernie. Elizabeth (Lizzie) married a Lee Good and moved to Whitefish, Montana. Christina married a Giovanni Baccile (No one in the entire family even knew she existed until I found her on a census !!!) I assumed she had died as a child as no one ever mentioned her, only to find she married and had a child, her husband died in Vancouver in a nursing home and his death cert states he was married? Her son also died in a nursing home and appeared to have been single. I cannot find any trace of what became of Christina.
The son, James (My Grandfather) returned to Scotland as a young man. He lived in Greenock near Glasgow.
John (G Grandfather) was one of 3 sons. David Murray his brother also moved to Fernie, and survived the great fire with his wife and 10 children, apparently they were ready to go back to Scotland when the fire struck, they then stayed and moved to Hillcrest. Not sure if you know the history of Hillcrest?? David Murray and 3 of his son's died iin the worst mining history in Canadian History. The other bbrother Robert returned to Scotland, and his descendants still live in around Ardrossan/Kilwinning/Stevenston area (locally known as the three towners.

I would be very interested to hear about your Janet, I know there was a Janet in David Murray's family but she died in childbirth and is buried in Hillcrest.

I hope I havent confused you too much.

I am still trying to find any information on what happened to my G Grandmother (Maggie), she married a Brotherwood after her first husband died, but I cannot find a marriage record or death record of her. (I presume it happened in Alberta.

Looking forward to hearing from you


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