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DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Surnames: DeMartini, Zuloaga, etc.
Looking for ancestors/descendants of my grandmother's father's DeMartini family.

Please help if any name sounds familar.

1.Paolo DeMartini (1825-1899)
..+Catherine ? (?-1868)
...2.Rosa (1854-1870?)
...2.John Baptise (1858-1913)
.....+Isabelle Lillian Zuloaga (1864-1936)
......3.Maria Celestina (1882-1908)
.......+Geoge Martich
......3.Henry Paul (1884-1940)
......3.Rosalinda Soledad (1885-1906)
......3.Alfred Nilo (1887-1958)
........+Olive Douglas
......3.Josephine Edith (1888-1963)
......3.Edmond Louis (1890-1946)
........+Gertrude Lunny (1893-1919)
.........4.Veronica (my grandmother)
......3.John Paul (1892-1935)
........+Sorene Winther (1896-1996)
.........4.Pauline Adele
......3.Clara Louise (1894-1971)
......3.Adele Florence (1896-1953)
......3.Milton Renaldo (1899-1943)
......3.Walter F. (1904-1925)
...2.Mary (1861-?)
.....+Carlo Giovanneti
...2.Clorenda (1865-?)
.....+? Cuneo
...2.Frank ((1867-?)
.....+Rosina Simi

Some of the married names of DeMartini descendant woman that I am aware of are:

Barboni, Podesta, Francis, Ariani, Seppa, Ghisletta, Moore, Cadei, and Lando

Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you

Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Cavagnaro , DeMartini
Hi, My GF Joseph DeMartini m Louisa Cavagnaro. Louisa died in child birth and Joseph then married his sister inlaw Madelyn (aka Madeline or Minnie) Cavagnaro. Believe Joseph is the son of John DeMartini and Louisa Pastorino(i).

I know that Joseph had brothers in CA during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Joseph's daughter, Caroline, was sent out to CA to live with her Uncles (names u/k) after the death of her Mother, Louisa. This would have been around 1901 or later.

Please feel free to email me at


Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Thank you for your reply, Ms Ellis. Unfortunately, I do not see a connection between your John DeMartini and mine. John Baptise and his son, John Paul, were born in California. That does not mean there may be a cousin-link of the two families from back in Italy.

Something to look into.

Again, thank you for your reply.

Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Arata, Barboni, DeMartini, Lando, Moore
Small world, I am a direct descendent of Paolo DeMartini of Half Moon Bay, Ca. He is my great-great-great grandfather on my mothers side.

1. Paolo DeMartini
+ Catherine Arata
2. Frank DeMartini
+ Rose Simi (1872-1957)
3. Frances Mary DeMartini (1894-1984)
+ Stephen Lando (1891-1990)
4. Rosemarie Lando (1924- )
+ William Barboni (1921- )
5. J. Barboni
+ J. Moore
6. me

Looks like a match. We may just be relatives. Sorry for the lack of specifics, Email me at if you want a more detailed, complete version.

Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Hi, In my Demartini research I have encountered your lineage and would like to compare note with you, including the last part of your post:
.....1. Frank Demartini (b. 3/25/1868 d. 6/21/1942 SF)
.....+ Rose Simi (b. 3/21/1872 Lorsica d. 1/8/1957 SF) (Parents: Paolo Simi + ? )
........2. Adina De Martini (b. 7/26/1891 CA d. 6/15/1970 SF)
........2. Irene De Martini (b.1893 d. 10/20/1958 Burlingame)
........2. Frances Demartini (b. 3/1/1894 d. 9/30/1984 SF)
........+ Stephen Lando (b. 2/12/1891 Chiavari d. 5/5/1990 Mn)
............3. Rosemary Lando (b. 6/3/1929 SF)
............+ Barboni
...............4. Charles Barboni (b. 9/8/1947 SON)
...............4. Stephanie Barboni (b. 9/8/1947 SON)
...............4. Bonita Barboni (b. 8/3/1951 SON)
...............4. William Barboni (b. 1/7/1953 SON)
...............4. Julianne Barboni (b. 7/21/1954 SON)
............3. Geraldine Lando (b. 3/24/1924 SF d. 11/28/2007 SF)
............+ Alvin Brignardello (b. 1926) on 11/11/1950
...............4. Alan Brignardello (b. 6/10/1953 SF)
...............4. Cynthia Brignardello (b. 9/6/1955 SF)
............3. Donald Lando
........2. Frank J. De Martini (b. 9/8/1901 SF d. 2/4/1981 SF IC)
........+ Emma L. Galeazzi (b. 6/20/1905 CA d. 10/25/1994 SF IC)


Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: DeMartini
Michael, I have a DeMartini tree which only goes back to my GG-F Giovanni Baptista (John B) DeMartini who married Louisa (Pastorino). Please email me at and I believe I may have some information that is relevant to your tree.

Other names in my tree are Arata, Brichetto, Cavagnaro, Pastorino


Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
My grandfather Gio Batta Podesta married Amalia (Dina) DeMartini. His first cousin Steve Lando married Dina's sister Francis and Dina's brother Frank married Emma. Steve and Francie had Geraldine who died 3 years ago, Rosemary who married Bill Barboni and a son. Chester Francis was my father Frank Podesta's best friend and cousin. Dick Francis (Half Moon Bay) married Virginia and they had Johnny (Died 1974), Jimmy who passed a few years ago and Janet. There was also Charlie Francis who was Dick's brother I believe. The Simi family (DeMartini side) was traced back to 1600s but my family tree was "borrowed" and never returned. Back to Dina-Rosina Simi was her mother and Frank DeMartini her father; Frank's parents were Mary and Paul DeMartini and were born in Italy. Rosina Simi was from Lucca and her mother was Aelaid Orsalini (Lucca) and father was Anselmo Simi (Lucca). On the Podesta side I only know that Stephen Podesta married Antoinette Lando both from Chiavari Italy. Gio Batta and brothers came over here; I believe one in NY and at least one in Brazil. I think George was a brother. I am TRYING to remember. I know we are related to Ariani's but am clueless at this time. Rosemarie Barboni is an artist and still living; My father Frank was born 5/3/18 and died 6/26/83; my mother California passed 9/23/95; my brother Dave passed 1998. I believe Dina passed late 60s early 70s. Dads sister Francis Dwyer passed 3 years ago. Who was your mothers parents? I would so LOVE to meet my family. I have 2 sisters and Dave had Joni, Trudi, Robert and Jennifer. I have always kept my name Podesta because I loved it so. I have Michael, Rae-Ann and Leticia with a grandson Francesco Stefano after my dad and granddaughter Evangylina. Steve and Franci Lando were the sweetest couple ever. Steve died in the 80s at 106 years. They lived at 848 Vallejo Street and Frank (Franci and Dina's brother) and his wife Emma lived next door all their lives. John DeMartini was there son and a red head at that. We also have Brignadello's in our family. All I know is that I sure do miss them all. Salute paisan. that's about all I can say unfortunately. Ciao and hope to hear from u soon.

Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Thank you mmmp, you must be related as you have named all my cousins; Frank was my great uncle and Steve Lando and Francie my great uncle and aunt; Steve was also my grandfathers cousin and his wife was Francie's sister Amalia. I did not pay attention to where u are from but I am here in CA and would look forward to meeting any familia; Im 54 so we better hurry up!!!!!!!!!!

Re: DeMartini (Italy to Halfmoon Bay to San Francisco)

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Classification: Query
Thank you for reaching out. All the names you mention of the DeMartini descendants are ones I am aware of. Your grandmother was first cousin to my grandmother's father (Edmond DeMartini by his father John Baptise and his brother Frank, your great-grandfather).

Were you at the family gathering in Half Moon Bay at the old DeMartini ranch back in 1997? I was in high school then, but I meet many of the family there, and if you were there we may have meet before. I was compiling family names and sent copies to those who asked. I went to high school with Rosemarie's granddaughter, Maria.

Before I forget, as I was reading you post, I noticed one difference... Paolo [Paul] (your grandmother's grandfather) married Catherine, not Mary. It MAY be possible that Maria (Italian form of Mary) was a praenomen or middle name but Catherine was the given name used in Census record and from info my grandmother had.

Speaking of Italian form of names... You mentioned Gio Batta may have a brother George. I had record that Giorgio Batta was the husband of Dina Amelia. Giorgio is George in Italian and commonly shorten to Gio, so Gio Batta may be the same person as the George you are thinking is a brother.

Grazie e ciao
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