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Bee Surname

Theresa Murray (View posts)
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I come from a family of Bee's in London England.My great grandfather played for Arsenal football club when it first started at dial road in woolwich thatt's as far back as I can go with my history......unless you know more

Bees in England

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My family came from Durham England in 1835. My Grandfather's Grandfather came over with his 77 year old mother, wife and five kids. They lived in Penn for a few years and moved on to Wisconsin in 1844/45. I've since located a diary of Jacob Bee covering the years 1681-1685. Jacob was baptisted in 1636, the son of Nicolas Bee and Margarete Ussie. I found the diary in at the Library of Congress in a collection of Diaries of the North Counties.

Bees in England

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I see where you are a Bee and wondered if you know of or are a member of the Family.Com family site for the Bees. I don't think I have seen your name there. We all descend from an English immigrant and I would hope you will contact me by e-mail. I just today posted a news item on our site with information sent to me about Bee gravesites in Wisconsin and we also have Jacob Bee ancestors. Hope to hear from you.

Bees in Wisconsin

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I do frequent the Bee site, but most I'm not sure my family is related unless it is way back in England. Most of the other Bees were here prior to the revolutionary war. A number ended up in the Confederacy. My family came from Durham England in 1835, lived in Marion Township in Centre County, PA for a few years, then moved to Lafayette County, WS. My Grandfather then moved to Richland County Wisconsin, where I grew up.

Bee surname

Richard Bee (View posts)
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I finally found something fastinating on the Net! My great grand father, Richard John Moxey Bee, was born in Edinburough, Scotland in the 1800's. It has been my understanding that there is only one Bee line.

Henry Jubilee Bee

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A 22 year old English seaman, born in 1805. was sailing on the Dryad along the coast of Alta California, jumped ship in Monterey, married Clara Moreno on February 12, 1839 in Monterey, Alta California, he changed his name to Enrique Bee as was the custom of the time and country of Mexico, he died in California in 1898 at San Jose Pozo, California, he had at least 4 children, two of whom survived to carry on his name, Juan Jose Bee b.November 05, 1839 and Jose Guadalupe Bee b.February 12, 1842, two girls died with the same names Maria Victoria del Refugio Bee... One died in 1845, the other died in 1849... So if you are looking for Harry as he was also known, he became a California Boy... God Save the Queen

last name!

Richard BeE (View posts)
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Interesting story about a change of name, is it possible that the Bee name has evolved from not just being Scottish?

Do Bee, Do Bee do...

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I thought that the initial research I did on this name Rich, indicated that at least to me that this particular Bee line originated in England and could be traced back to England in the early 19th century through documentation... i.e. the stuff I posted... When I mentioned that Henry changed his name to Enrique, it was his first name which he changed, not his last name... Enrique being Spanish for "Henry" and while were on the subject the extension on Spanish and Portugese names for example such as -uez, -ez, -ues, etc. is a Moorish extension meaning : Son of, and the English name of Hendricks, is from the Spanish name Enriquez, and the English name Rodricks, is from the Spanish name Rodriguez... Small world, ah, What?

Bee Family

Marcia Wannamaker (View posts)
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Did any of your Bee relatives move north to Scotland? There is a group of Bee familys around the Edinburgh area.
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