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Marge DiSciullo (View posts)
Posted: 919512000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Iosue, Pietracatella, Goffredo, Martino
Trying to find others researching Monacilioni, Italy. Drop me a line if you are researching Monacilioni or any of the names listed. Thanks.


Albert Chinchillo (View posts)
Posted: 920808000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lariccia, Nasella, Coccoro
My mother - Rose Rita Rich; Her mother and father - Giulietta Nasella - 1880 Monacileone,Italy & Giuseppe Lariccia 1879 ?,Italy; Her mother and father - Rosa Coccoro ?,Italy & Ferdinando Nasella (not married ?)


Barbara Elizondo (View posts)
Posted: 921585600000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pizzuto, D'Amico, Martino

I read your e-mail regarding Monacilioni. My family is from Monacilioni. Are you from there or are you related to someone there?


chercando datti

Fabián O. D'AMICO (View posts)
Posted: 929620800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: D'AMICO, GRECO
Voglio incontrare datti da miei bis-nonni, mio nonno è arrivato alla Argentina nel 1887, si chiamava Vicente D'AMICO. Io non so la data di nascita, e non so niente da lui.
Mia nonna si chamava Juana Greco. Io anche vorrei sapere alcuni datti da lei.

Martino and Todaro family tree

John L. Martino (View posts)
Posted: 961675200000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Martino
I am reasearching the Giovanni Martino family. He was born
on 22 September 1865 in San Donato di Ninea Prov. di
Cosenza, Italy. My interest is to identify Giovanni's mother,father and children. A real challenge here. I'd
appreciate a response to unlock this mystery.

Thank You
Posted: 1028787584000
Classification: Query
I'm doing my families geneology they are from Monacilioni and I saw your message board. My grandfather Antonio Pillarelli lived in Monacilioni his parents were Vittoria Nasella and Michael Pillarella. Vittorias parents were Antonio and Bettina Ilanti Nasella. Now my grandfather Antonio Pillarelli use to say that his grandfather was the mayor of Moncilioni which we beleive is Ferdinando Nasella, is that your Ferdinando Nasella? We beleive this Ferdinado is Antonios Nasellas dad because the dates he was mayor matches. If you have any info please e-mail Thanks sue

Re: Grandma

Peter (View posts)
Posted: 1067075033000
Classification: Query
I guess it's not the same Mike Pillarella I posted about earlier in a reply to one of your posts, but still same family, the Mike I was talking about would be close to 100 or more if he was still alive, but he lived in America.

Re: Grandma

Susan and Vicky (View posts)
Posted: 1067224430000
Classification: Query
Surnames: pillarelli(a) Nasella Carnavacciolo
Hello We just recieved your message on knowing the Pillarelli and Nasella families.My sister Vicky and I are descendants of both families but we were from South Chicago, Ill. My grandfather was Antonio Pillarelli(a). He lived in Monaccilioni untill the age of 18. Then he came to the USA, Chicago. Where his parents lived, Michael Pillarella and Vittoria Nasella Pillarella. Are these the people you knew?
Because yes they are both dead and they would be way over 100. My grandfather Antonio died in 1997 and was 93. I'm still very interested in any info you may have on our family. We are willing to share any info we have too. Please keep in touch and use our email to talk to us. Where and when did you live by Michael? Thanks Sue and Vicky

Re: Grandma

Peter (View posts)
Posted: 1067266452000
Classification: Query
My family is also from Monaccilioni. My grandparents came to America in 1905. They settle in the West Brighton section of Staten Island, NYC, NY. I grew up in West Brighton, but when my father was growin up there, West Brighton was all Italian and all were from Monaccilioni, well most anyway. So all these surnames I've been seeing here the last few days I know all of them. I know Pillarella's Nacella's, Naimo's, Mezzacappa's, Narducci's, Pizzuto's, Iosue's, Socci's, Petricatella's, Martino's etc. Now I'm a Martini, but for whatever reason my grandfather had it leagaly changed from Martino to Martini. So all my family on my fathers side were Martino's. Now as far as Mike Pillarella, I don't realy rember his wife she died when I was young, I'm only 37, but he would be 100 at the least. He lived across the street from me. There were 2 Pillarella familes on my block, and 1 around the cornor, but there were many more in the neibohood. I'll ask my uncle he will rember them more than I do, he's 87. As far as Nacella's there were 3 on my block. 2 sister's (Victoria and Colombine and their brother Jim, they were my Grandfather's first cousins his name was Peter Martini, but was born Pietro Martino. Now my grandmother was Orlandina Impetccini (her mother was a Mezzacappa), my grandmaother was the Nacella's 2nd cousin. I belong to an American Legion post, but all the mebers are from the neibohood and all of our families are from Monaccilioni, I'll ask them, they are all in their late 70's to 90's. There are a few Pillarella's and Nacella's as members, as well as every other name I've been seeing posts on. 2 of the members Joe Narducci, and Frank Socci come from Monaccilioni, I'll ask them also when I see him next.

Re: Grandma/Monacilioni

Posted: 1067304571000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Evangelista, Iosue, Pizzuto, Pietracatella, Martino, Mezzacappa, Socci
I have been looking for connections to my father-in-law's family from Monacilioni. His name was Giovanni Evangelista and came to Boston pre 1905 with some Iosue cousins, I understand.His father Francesco died in Jersey City and some Iosues are in the counsel's document sent back to Italy.
The Evangelistas came from nearby Toro to Monacilioni in early 1800s. Pa's mother was Filomena Iosue who later married Giovanni Di Santo. Pa came to St. Paul where there were many of the names you mention--Naimo (Nemo), Pillarella, Pietracatella, Narducci, Martino all from Monacilioni.
When we were married my wife & I leased Joe Pillarella's apt. when he went back to Italy for six months. Garabaldi Iosue (Pa's cousin) came to St. Paul and changed the name to Yoswa. Lots of the other names are familar in Pa's family tree. Would like exchange information if any of this strikes a chord.
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