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Two private trees-can't work between them?

Two private trees-can't work between them?

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Hi--Posted this to the Ancestry tree message board but no one seemed to be able to figure this out, so hope this will make sense to someone here who can help me:
I don't know if this is the right board to post this query, but here goes---I purchased the FTM12 almost a year ago for the synch function. Unfortunately I quickly found that my home tree could not be linked to my existing tree on so uploaded a new tree. Since I did not keep my home tree & Ancestry trees always completely up to date with each other, there was lots of info in one and not the other so at first all was going along fine and I was able to use my old tree to add any missing info to my new tree, but since removed that function on private trees I am no longer able to "add this person to another tree". I thought that I would try making my "old" tree briefly public in order to take media items and persons from it and add to the new tree, but that did not seem to fix the problem either unless there is some kind of delay in doing this. Does anyone have any answers or suggestions on what to do? By the way, the trees have approximately 20,000 persons or more. Thanks, Cindy

Re: Two private trees-can't work between them?

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Unfortunately, you're in a pickle. You need to collapse these trees into one so you can save yourself time and take advantage of FTM 2012 (FTM 12 refers to an older version of the software before years were used) and its TreeSync capability.

I say unfortunately, because there is no good way to do this. FTM does offer a way for you to import one tree into another, and it's supposed to identify duplicates in the process, but in my experience it doesn't work. That shouldn't stop you from trying though. Just be sure to make backups of anything you're messing with.

To make things easier, I'd recommend downloading your tree at, but not as a linked tree. You'll then have two separate FTM files, one for each tree. You can then try the file merge stuff, but be careful to check to see what happened when duplicate people were merged. (I find duplicates remain and the facts get all messed up even when people are merged. Also, if you're not careful, it will merge people who are not duplicates.)

After you give up on trying to use FTM's automation, I recommend that you come up with a game plan to say manually merge 50 or 100 people a day. It'll be worth it when it's all done, even if it takes several months to complete.

Hope that helps.

Re: Two private trees-can't work between them?

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Thank you Marco. This does seem to be a reasonable solution. Collapsing the trees into one tree would seem to make sense, but I can imagine all of the problems resulting, including duplicates and mixing those who are not duplicates as you said.
Your idea to manually merge 50 to 100 a day may be a better plan, so think I will concentrate on that one. At least I did get a lot of work done prior to Ancestry changing the functions on me. Now, how to go about it? Maybe just going alphabetically would be the best way to tackle it. Thanks so much, now at least I feel like I finally have a solution. Guess I couldn't have expected it to be easy. Appreciate your suggestions and everyone else who tried to help. Cindy

Re: Two private trees-can't work between them?

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Well, you should give the FTM's file merge utility a try before getting started. As I wrote earlier, I don't think it will work on a large scale, because it's just not up to snuff. It will work, however, on a smaller scale--when used in a piecemeal fashion--so if you understand how to use it, it will save you time. (I just recommend never allowing it to make any decisions for you, because I wouldn't trust it with my own data.) With 20k people, you need things that will save you time.

What I'm talking about is under the file menu. There is an option there to "Merge...". You should learn everything about how that works. Also, learn how to use the export feature as well, because that will save you time by allowing you (indirectly) to delete the people from the other tree that you've squared away in the destination/final tree.

Here are two things to note:
- File export allows you to create an extract of your tree based on what you select. This is the only automated way of (indirectly) deleting large groups of people from a tree. You delete simply by not including them in the exported tree. (You would want to do this after you've imported a group of people into the final tree.)
- File import allows you to import a single person or groups of people from another tree. You select what you import. This works well when they don't exist in the destination tree. Then you only have to establish the parent-child relationships to connect them into the destination tree. Otherwise, you have to deal with merging duplicate people and duplicate facts--and you have to compare the data with which you started with the data post-merge. Proceed with caution there, but don't be afraid to try it out. That's what backups are for.

You're probably going to be dealing with a lot of exports and backups as you're combining this data into a single tree. Back up methodically, frequently, and with notes!!! Make sure that you make a note somewhere of every family tree file you have, what you did to create it or modify it, etc. This project will take a long time to complete, so you'll need this process to be documented in case you ever have to back up because of a mistake you made. The final integrity of your data will be determined by how organized and disciplined you are, but it can be done. You're sacrificing a bit of time now for greater time savings and data in the future. That makes it worth the effort.

Good luck!

Re: Two private trees-can't work between them?

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I have several private trees on and frequently copy a person from one tree to another. On the person's profile page, on the row of drop-down items under the person's photo, look for the "More Options" drop-down. Select "Save person to another tree". Then you can select the tree, chose an existing person in that tree, or save as a new person.

Go to the tree you just added the person to and go to the "Member Connect" tab. There should be a connection to the tree you just copied the individual from. It will let you add the media, sources, events (including descriptions), and family members.

It is a bit tedious, but if you tackle the project a few people each day, you should be able to move all the people to one tree without losing all the previous work.
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