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Linking a source to a repository

Linking a source to a repository

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I found an image copy of a book in Open Library ( I created a record for the book in FTM 2012 using the template "Online Publication (Image Copy by Title)." I would like to link this source record to Open Library, which I created as a repository. However, the repository field in my source record says "No repository is specified for this source" and I am unable to edit it. I also don't see how when to add sources a repository when I look at the repositories in the Sources menu.

It seem intuitive to me that Open Library would be a repository containing lots of sources that one should be able to add. What am I missing?

Thanks for any pointers on how to manage this feature of FTM.


Re: Linking a source to a repository

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The source templates used for books to not allow you to specify Repositories. The theory behind this is that a book can be located in many places. I don’t agree with this theory. When I look at the source I want to know where I saw it in case I want to look at it again.

If you don’t specify a template you can use the repository field.

When you use "Online Publication (Image Copy by Title)" you can use the Website Title (Open Books) and URL fields to identify where you found it.


Re: Linking a source to a repository

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If you use:

Website as Book, (Electronic Publication)
Online Publication (Image Copy by Author)
Online Publication (Image Copy by Title

you can add a url. The URL is already built in to the source and is, in effect, the repository.

You can also add the url in the entry box for a citation url for all the citations that reference this book - especially if each page has a different url.

Or, as already suggested, you can use the generic source template and select a repository.

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