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Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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I have two questions. I've used Family Tree Maker since version 2.0 many years ago. I used to print descendant charts with specific family members (such as two parents and their children or two grandparents, one child, and the grandchildren). Never more than 8 or 10 people on a page... I could, in the older versions, format the chart so that the image nearly filled a standard size sheet of paper and I interspersed these small family charts into my photo albums. Very useful for me. Now, with the newest version of FTM I cannot get a small family descendant chart to fill the page. Even with just a few people it spans multiple pages yet the top to bottom positioning leaves lots of white space. So it appears I can no longer pick specific individuals for a descendant report, and cannot put one small descendant tree on a single page, correct?

Second question is about exporting reports to Excel. There seems to be no way to export the person ID and the name to an excel sheet (one row per person) for sorting and examining in Excel.

It also appears that there is no way to create custom or regular reports that save paper by allowing you to put one "record" per line. An example would be a simple report that lists preferred name, birth, death, and preferred spouse name. All of that should be on one line, but every report produces these things in a linear fashion and it just eats up paper and makes books way longer than they need to be.

I am new to FTM 2012, but I have some really old FTM reports on had (Ver 7 or older) that I cannot produce anymore, nor can I get a coherent record (row oriented) out of any FTM report to try to make these reports for myself using other tools.

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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I can't help you with your first question.

But, as far as printing to Excel - when you export a report to Excel, some reports will ask if you want the export in rows or columns. If you say columns, names will be in rows and the other info in columns. If you say rows, the names will be in columns and the other info in rows. Other reports (like the outline descendant report) only export one way, but you can use Excel's columns to rows commands to turn the info "inside-out" and in reverse format)

To export a report to excel, with the report preview in front of you:

1) Click on the Share button in the upper right
2) Choose export csv
3) Choose rows or columns - if you get that screen.
4) You will be asked it you want to see the file - say yes
5) If it brings it up in Excel, used File > Save as to change the format from csv to excel.

You may have some cleaning up to do, the basic report is there.

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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Thank you. I've done those things but the specific limitations I mentioned still exist. No person id and name on one line of output and no report available that is tabular rather than a group sort linear report format, even with custom report.

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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That's strange. I can only think that you are not following my instructions or I have left something out of my instructions?? Can anyone see a flaw in my instructions?

This is a small example of what I get. Due to the limitations of pasting a real row and column presentation into these message boards, the column are mashed together; but I think you can still see the idea.

Name Birth Date Birth Place

Arlie May Hallock 12 Jul 1886 Niles, Berrien, Michigan
Esther (____) 1835 Indiana
Hattie B Hallock 21 Mar 1883 Niles, Berrien, Michigan
Hazel E Hallock 05 Sep 1888 Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan, USA
Mary Main 1870 Michigan
Milly J. Main 1865 Indiana
Orin Main 1821 Ohio
Selfade Auchmoody Feb 1844 New York
Viola Caroline Main Mar 1861 Indiana
Wellington L Hallock 1854 Manchester, Ontario, New York, USA

You will have to use Excel's text to columns command to split the name field into first, middle last columns and the place field into its components. That is why the report below is sorted by first name. I haven't split the name into first and last columns. BTW, that procedure has problems because a person with no middle name will have the last name in the 2nd column; if one middle name, it will split into the last name being third column, etc.

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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I think the difference in what you did and what I tried to do is that I wanted two fields. Person ID and Name. You did not attempt to export those two to Excel, with 1 line per person. I appreciate the help, but I've tried this with both row and column format to CSV.

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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Adding person ID is no problem. See below. Again, this Message board doesn't keep the column boundaries, but you can visualize what they are in Excel. Person ID has its own column right next to name. One line per name. I have only included four facts as columns here. I could have added 20 facts per name - and if they were filled with data, they would populate 20 columns for one name.

Name Person ID Birth Date Birth Place

Alba Hallock 12345 May 1896 Michigan
Cleopatra Hallock Apr 1888 Michigan
Eli R Hallock Feb 1865 Michigan
Leon Hallock Jun 1894 Michigan
Linnie Oatman Nov 1866 Michigan
Reva Hallock 1907 Michigan
Vera Hallock 1903 Michigan

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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OK, then I'm making a mistake (I'd rather that than find out I just can't get it done with FTM). In your example, did you use a custom report to get the person id? You must have. I'll try using the exact same fields you did and see if I can get the same results. My PID and Name CSV looked like this:

Name Joe Bloe

Name Mary Smith

Name John Doe

etc... Thanks for being patient and trying to help me. I will assume you are using FTM custom person report and will try that again.

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

Posted: 1353474903000
Classification: Query
I owe you a big thank you for persisting and helping me. For some reason, this doesn't work when you pick Person ID as the first (main sort) field in the custom report and then export to CSV. If the Person ID is, say, the third, fourth, etc. field in the report it works just fine. I never imagined that field sort order affected my being able to get the Person ID on the same output line as the name (when exported to CSV). Just needed someone to tell me otherwise so I'd try it in a different order! Thanks!

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

Posted: 1353508757000
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That's strange that the behavior is different when the Person ID is not the main sort.

I have noticed that if you select the custom report to include alternative facts, the occurrence of an alternative fact triggers a second, third, etc, line for a person. One has to select to use the principal fact in two places, the "options box" at the bottom of the facts pick list and also the global "use primary facts" checkbox. (This is how one gets only the primary Name fact, but multiple residence facts in various reports.)

Re: Formatting charts, and exporting reports to Excel

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I see now the relationship ID shows which two people are married, but do you know what data item tells the parent-child relationship? I will need to know how to figure that out in order to do my own reports after I put this into Excel. Thanks!
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