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Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353373079000
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Does FTM support unicode to allow Chinese character entry? There are several other geneology programs that support unicode. Is there a way to enter such in FTM?

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

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I frequently used Unicode characters with FTM, though I've never tried any Chinese characters. Unicode characters work, for the most part, but some of the reports don't handle them well.

I enter the Unicode characters I use in all software programs by using my international keyboard, but Windows also provides a virtual option for that, at least for the languages with which I am familiar. Perhaps there is a Chinese option. You'll just need to check.

In FTM the keyboard shortcut to pull up the "Insert Symbol" window is CTRL + L. It can be used from any field in the program, as far as I know. Unfortunately, the symbols it supports are rather limited, and none of those are Chinese. It also cannot be customized by users.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353400717000
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From FTM Customer Help.

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. Please reply to this message if your issue has not been resolved.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.
Chinese character set, Unicode?

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Matt) 11/20/2012 02:07 AM
Dear cliff,

Thank you for contacting regarding supported characters.

Family Tree Maker doesn't currently support foreign characters. We regret any frustration that this my cause you.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reply to this message or contact us by phone at 1-800-ANCESTRY (1-800-262-3787) from 10am to 10pm EST, Monday through Sunday.

Best regards,

Customer Solutions Associate
Customer By Web Form (cliff uyeda) 11/19/2012 12:40 AM
Is it possible to enter Chinese characters in FTM? Is Unicode supported?

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

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Funny. Matt doesn't know what he's talking about and was too lazy to take the 10 seconds required to use a Unicode character in FTM.

You seem to be struggling with this in spite of my previous response. Do you know how to use Chinese characters with any program? Using them with FTM is no different. FTM supports Unicode, and I've verified myself that Chinese characters work.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353423616000
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It is interesting that they say:

"Family Tree Maker doesn't currently support foreign characters."

Yet as Marco said and I have experienced we can easily use Norwegian characters. Even though I don't consider them foreign, and I suspect you don't consider Chinese characters all that foreign either.

What I suspect is that they (FTM) wants to say is that FTM does not support double byte characters which includes Chinese.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353425068000
Classification: Query

Do you use Alt codes to enter Chinese? I can't find a charater map for these as alt+code.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353427268000
Classification: Query
I just copied and pasted from the character map to FTM. There are several sets of Chinese characters in there. FTM properly displayed one from each set that I tested. (I'm sure they won't all work in reports though.)

As for using alt+codes, that's not a very practical way of inserting characters for non-Latin alphabets. He should add Chinese as an input language and then select a keyboard style compatible with his keyboard.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353430526000
Classification: Query
I have to admit doing this research before even knowing anything about language keyboards, language packs, how to enter the characters, nor do I know how to write or speak Chinese etc... I will need this feature as I get deeper into my Chinese roots.

A software discussion came up in a Chinese geneology meeting comparing different tree programs. While other programs had the ability to enter Chinese characters. Hence my quest if FTM had the capability.

I have installed a few Chinese dialect language packs, can change the language keyboard, Chinese characters now appear. Don't know what I am typing yet, but it does appear.

FTM customer service is kind of useless. On various occasions I contacted customer service, and they really fall short of satisfaction.

Thanks to everyone's input, there may be hope for unicode capability in FTM. Specifically for Chinese. I will continue to learn more on how to enter it into FTM.

Thank you.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353436803000
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Since support is "not up to par", please enter any additional helpful information here about how you entered the Chinese Characters.

I always use alt-codes when entering characters that are not on my keyboard.

Re: Unicode? Chinese Characters?

Posted: 1353440207000
Classification: Query

I don't know how often you use these characters, but if you want to make things more efficient (e.g., type ø with the colon/semicolon key) and benefit from spelling and grammar checking, then check out this YouTube video of how to add an input language to Windows.

Bokmål layout:

Chinese example:
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