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Mooney marriage

Mooney marriage

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Joseph Mooney was married in Columbia Co. on Dec. 23, 1817. Trying to verify bride's maiden name. She was Matilda Caroline Mote or Mutey, have found it both ways. Can anyone out there find this marriage record? Thanks

Re: Mooney marriage

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Several online marriage database, plus Quaker records from the Wrightsboro MM, indicate Joseph Mooney married Caroline Matilda Mote 13 Dec 1817 in Warren Co., GA (or Columbia Co., GA in at least one case).

I beleive the following Census records belong to this family.

1840 - A Joseph Mooney is on the Coosa Co., AL Census, Linseys Township, page 297. The family enumeration is as follows:

One male 40 to under 50
One female 30 to under 40

One male 5 to under 10
One male 10 to under 15
One male 20 to under 30

One female under 5
One female 5 to under 10
Two females 10 to under 15
One female 15 to under 20

Total of ten in the household, with no slaves.

1850 Joseph Mooney and family are on the 1850 Coosa Co., AL census, Hatchett Creek District, microfilm pages 5B and 6A. I copied the following from the Rootsweb site listed below.


187. Mooney Joseph 55 GA farmer 300
Caroline 50 GA
Clara 25 AL
Sarah 18 AL
Emaline 15 AL
James 14 AL
Eliza 8 AL
Lightfoot Elizabeth 26 AL
Caroline 8 AL
Sarah 6 AL
(John Lightfoot married Elizabeth Mooney 15 May 1839)

188. Mooney Alton 23 AL farmer
Mary 23 TN
Sarah 2 AL
Joseph 3/12
(Allen S. Mooney married Mary Epperson 24 Dec 1846. This is Allen, not Alton.)

1860 Joseph Mooney and wife Caroline M. are on page 319 of the Coosa Co., AL Census. The household members are as follows:

Joseph Mooney, Farmer, Age 64, M, born in GA
Caroline M, Age 59, F, born in GA

Sarah, Age 25, F, born in AL
Rebecca E., F, Age 22, F, born in AL
Emeline A., F, Age 20, born in AL
Sarah A. Lightfoot, Age 17, F, born in AL

Note: There is an Allen Mooney, age 31 on the previous page and a James C. Mooney (or so it appears) ,age 24, listed immediately below Joseph.

1870 Joseph Mooney and wife C. M. are on page 402 of the Coosa Co., AL, Flint Hill Beat Census. Household members are as follows:

Joseph Mooney, M, Age 74, farmer, born in GA
C.M., F, Age 70, keeping house, born in GA
Sarah, F, Age 35, born in AL
Emeline, F, Age 32, born in AL

Note: There is an A. S. Mooney on the same page. This is probably Allen.

1880 Joseph Mooney, age 84 is on microfilm page 276, Coosa Co., AL, Jordon, Flint Hill, Beat 11 Census. Living with him are Sarah Mooney, daughter, age 50 and Emaline, daughter, age 48. Joseph was born in Georgia. His father and mother were born in South Carolina.

I have a little more information on this family. If you are interested, contact me at

Re: Mooney marriage to Mooney Children

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On the 1860 Census where you note James C. Mooney living next to (near) Joseph Mooney, do you have more info on James from that census?
I would expect to find James and wife, Martha J. (Thomas) (Saxon); daughter, Nancy, 2; possibly one or two Saxon step-sons; and, if census taken late enough, Thomas John (Bell) Mooney, newborn. James dies as a CSA soldier in 1863.

Re: Mooney marriage

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Surnames: Mooney, Mote, Thomas, Templin, Sawyer, Stewart, Bazemore, Callaway, Melton, Mendenhall, Lightfoot, Vest, Taylor, Epperson
i am researching the Mooney's from Joseph and Caroline's son, James Clinton (1836). From your messages and recognizing your screen name from, I believe you are a descedent of theirs through their son, Allen Silas Mooney and his son Silas Mote Mooney. Is this right?

I have information both directions from Joseph and Caroline (Mote) Mooney. For descendents, I especially have info on James and Elizabeth. I gather you have them for Allen, Eliza, and Grace. With two daughters unmarried, we almost have the family noted!
As far as ancestors, I have gathered information from the internet and can show probability of a pedigree for Joseph back to the early 1500's, but for Caroline, I am stuck with assuming her father was Silas Mote, but not finding a lot of info yet.
Please email me at

Re: MOONEY (Joseph) m MOTE (Caroline M) 1817

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Classification: Census
Surnames: Mooney, Mote
Here is the answers to the two questions - Marriage and census

GA Marriages to 1850
Joseph Mooney Caroline M. Mote 13 Dec 1817 Columbia GA

GA Deaths 1919 = 1948
Margie S Mooney 12 Jan 1983 65 years Columbia Paulding

Census 1860
James C Money [James C. Mooney] Subdivision 2, Coosa, AL 24 abt 1836 AL Male with wife Martha J (age 19 FL) and daughter Nancy (age 2 AL) Post Office Mount Olive

John Mooney 13 Dec 1891 Dec 1973 Rome, Floyd, GA
Letcher Mooney 16 May 1891 Aug 1984 Evans, Columbia, GA


ColumbiaCoGA USGenWeb

ColumbiaCoGA USGenWeb Archives or

ColumbiaCoGA Slave Owners

ColumbiaCoGA Militia Districts

GA Cemetery Transcriptions col.htm or

GA Slave Population in Legal Records .html

This will be posted at the ColumbiaCoWI Message Board and Mailing List - perhaps someone else will be better able to assist you. I am not related to nor have any additional information on these surnames.



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Classification: Census
Surnames: MOTE
The surname MORE isn't too common - (after a certain date - I only included Silas MOTE - as he was the only one found in ColumbiaCoGA)

so here is what was found - hope you find some good clues - good luck

GA Marriages
Sally Jones Silas Mote 03 Dec 1819 Upson
Dolly Ann Mote Silas Mote 28 Jan 1855 Upson

AL Marriages
Silas Mote Lucretia Parmell 5 Feb 1837 Calhoun

US Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index

US Federal Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1880
Mote, Silas T Precincts 1 and 5, Bowie, Texas 1870 abt 1843 Alabama White Male 27

1790 Census (all MOTE surnames)
Rigbell Mote Brooklyn, Kings, NY 1790
Jethro Mote - , Sampson, NC 1790
John Mote Birmingham, Chester, PA 1790
Isaac Mote London Britain, Chester, PA 1790
Jacob Mote Thornbury, Delaware, PA 1790

1800 Census (all MOTE surnames)
Henry Mote Owego, Tioga, NY 1800
John Mote Birmingham, Chester, PA 1800
Isaac Mote London Britain, Chester, PA 1800

1810 Census (all MOTE surnames)
Davd Mote Groton, New London, CT 1810
ISAAC MOTE Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, DE 1810
John Mote Penns, Northumberland, PA 1810

1820 Census (all MOTE surnames)
Silas Mote Capt Benjamin Watsons District, Bulloch, GA 1820
Benjamin Mote - , Jackson,GA 1820
Doley (Unknown) Mote - , Wilkinson,GA 1820

Aaron Mote - ,Vigo,IN 1820
Jeremiah Mote - , Vigo,IN 1820
Mary Mote - , Vigo,IN 1820
William Mote - , Vigo,IN 1820
Jackson Mote - , Queens,NY 1820
Joseph Mote - , Queens,NY 1820
David Mote Harrison, Darke,OH 1820
Jonathan Mote Harrison, Darke,OH 1820
Timothy Mote Harrison, Darke,OH 1820
William Mote Harrison, Darke,OH 1820
David Mote Randolph, Miami,OH 1820
John Mote Union, Miami,OH 1820
Joseph Mote Union, Miami,OH 1820
William Mote Union, Miami,OH 1820
John Mote Abbeville, Abbeville,SC 1820
Joseph Mote Abbeville, Abbeville,SC 1820
Daniel Mote - , Union,SC 1820

1830 Census (only GA)
Silas Mote District 9, Columbia, GA - with 5 males (under 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 50-60)and 3 females (AGES: under 5, 20-30, 30-40)

Levy Mote -, Habersham, GA
Drury Mote -, Meriwether, GA
Ripley Mote -, Meriwether, GA

Silas Mote Twin, Darke, Ohio

1840 Census (Selected)
Silas Mote Meriwether, GA (6 males, 5 females)
Silas Mote Monroe, Darke, Ohio

1850 Census (Selected)
Caroline Mote Yahoola, Lumpkin, GA abt 1843 GA
Caroline Mote Powder Springs, Cobb, GA abt 1848 GA
Caroline Mote Lumpkin, Stewart, GA abt 1827 GA

Silas Mote Not Stated, Murray, GA abt 1776 SC
Silas T Mote Not Stated, Murray, GA abt 1843 AL
Silas W Mote Not Stated, Murray, GA abt 1841 GA

1860 Census (Selected)
Silas T Mote Resaca, Gordon, GA 17 abt 1843 GA Male
Silas W Mote Resaca, Gordon, GA 18 abt 1842 GA Male
Silas Mote Not Stated, Meriwether, GA 62 abt 1798 South Carolina Male
Silas Mote Jackson, Cass, IN 52 abt 1808 Ohio Male
Silas Mote Union, Howard, IN 1 abt 1859 Male
Silas Mote Union, Montgomery, IN 15 abt 1845 Indiana Male

1870 Census (Selected)
Silas Mote Howard, Howard, IN abt 1860 Indiana White Male

1880 Census (Selected)
Silas W. Mote John A. Mote,& Pirene O. Mote Precinct 6, Mclennan, TX abt 1872 GA Son
Silas R. Mote Wells W. & Milly E. Mote Resaca, Gordon, GA abt 1867 GA Son
Silas W. Mote Sarah A. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1843 GA Self
Sarah A. Mote Silas W. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1843 GA Wife
Annie Mote Silas W. & Sarah A. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1869 GA Daughter
Edward L. Mote Silas W. & Sarah A. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1871 GA Son
George S. Mote Silas W. & Sarah A. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1873 GA Son
Walter C. Mote Silas W. & Sarah A. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1876 GA Son
William F. Mote Silas W. & Sarah A. Mote Cove City, Whitfield, GA abt 1879 GA Son

1900 Census
Silas Mote El Paso Ward 3, El Paso, Texas abt 1873 GA White Head

War of 1812

Civil War
Silas T. Mote A 12 GA Cavalry. Private 2 Lieutenant Confederate


ColumbiaCoGA USGenWeb

ColumbiaCoGA USGenWeb Archives or

ColumbiaCoGA Slave Owners

ColumbiaCoGA Militia Districts

GA Cemetery Transcriptions col.htm or

GA Slave Population in Legal Records .html

This will be posted at the ColumbiaCoWI Message Board and Mailing List - perhaps someone else will be better able to assist you. I am not related to nor have any additional information on these surnames.


Re: Mooney marriage to Mooney Children

Charles Stewart (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Mooney, Mote, Motes
James C. Mooney and family were enumerated in the 1860 Coosa County, Alabama Census, Mt. Olive Post Office. Only his wife Martha J. (age 19, born in SC) and daughter Nancy (age 2, born in AL) were listed as living in the household. The Census was taken on 19 July, 1860.

I see from you other recent message on this forum that you are uncertain about the parents of Caroline Matilda Mote. Caroline was the oldest child of one Silas Mote and his wife Elizabeth. Some information about the family follows:

Silas Mote was born 23 November 1775 in South Carolina. I believe he came to Georgia in about 1780 with his parents (see below). They first settled in a part of Wilkes County that became Warren County in the 1790s. Silas and Elizabeth were married in about 1799. My best guess as to the last name of Elizabeth is Anderson, but I don’t have solid evidence of this. She was probably very young at the time of their marriage.

Before 1805, Silas and probably his parents moved about 8-10 miles to a farm just north of the Wrightsboro settlement in Columbia County, GA (present day McDuffie County). Silas and family lived on this property until about 1838 when he moved to Murray County, GA, settling on a farm south and east of present Dalton, GA. This part of Murray County later became Whitfield County. Elizabeth died before 1850 and Silas in about 1855, both, I believe, in Whitfield County, Georgia.

Several people have searched for the parents of Silas Mote (b: 1775), but none of us has been able to produce convincing evidence. I believe his father was Daniel Mote, born about 1741 in Virginia. In 1767 Daniel received a land grant in Craven Co, SC, present Laurens Co., SC. He was a Revolutionary War soldier, along with his brothers Levi, Simon, Silas and William. All served in the South Carolina militia. It appears to me that shortly after the War he moved, along with his brother William, to Wilkes County GA, that portion of which later became Warren County (near present day town of Gibson, GA, now in Glascock County). I don’t know the name of Daniel’s wife, but some believe her first name was Rebecca; others speculate that her last name was Cobb.

Daniel (b: 1741) is a known son of William Mote, Jr., born about 1716 in Virginia and died about 1792 in South Carolina. William Jr. owned property in at least two places in South Carolina. In 1765 he was granted 300 acres on Sandy River in present day Chester County, SC. This property was sold by 1773, and it appears his family moved to a new land grant on the Broad River near Doolittle Creek in present day Fairfield County, SC. William Jr. and family were enumerated in the 1790 Census for Fairfield County, SC. I believe he died in South Caroline before 1800. His wife’s first name has been reported to be Mary.

William Jr. (b: 1716) is one of three known sons of William Mote, Sr., born before 1670, probably in England. The other known sons are David, born about 1715 (he probably lived most of his adult life in North Carolina) and Jonathan Motes, Sr., born about 1700 in Maryland. Jonathan Sr. died about 1763 at Sampson's Fork, Newberry Co, SC. The descendants of Jonathan Sr. have been rather well documented.

The first name of the wife of William Sr. was Susanna. I suspect that the vast majority of Motes (Mote, Motes, Moat, Moats) in America today are descendents of William Sr. (b: 1760). If you see the spelling Motte, the person is probably not a descendant of William Sr.

Although I’m not sure about the ancestors of Silas (b: 1775), I have a reasonably high degree of confidence about his children. This is what I have:

1. Caroline Matilda Mote (born about 1800 in Warren or Columbia Co., GA) married Joseph E. Mooney 13 Dec 1817 in either Columbia or Warren Co., GA. I have some data on the ancestors of Joseph Mooney if you need it. Joseph and Caroline ended up in Coosa County, AL.

2. Mary Ann Mote (born about 1802 Warren or Columbia Co., GA). It appears she never married, and was still living with her father in 1850 (1850 Murray Co., GA Census).

3. Susan Mote (born about 1805, probably in Columbia Co.) married Henry Dozier 19 May 1829 in Warren Co., GA. They stayed in Warren Co., GA. Susan died between 1850 and 1860.

4. James C. Mote (born about 1806 in Columbia Co.) married Patina Colley 19 Oct 1828 in Warren Co., GA. James probably died in Henry Co., GA (before 1850).

5. Joseph Randolph Mote (born 18 Feb 1807 in Columbia Co.) married Jane Tillie Porter 4 Jan 1829 in Warren Co., GA. Joseph died before 1870 in Gordon Co., GA; Jane died after 1880 in Gordon Co., GA.

6. Rachel Mote (born about 1812 in Columbia Co.) married Asa Thomas Davis 13 May 1830 in Warren Co., GA. They appear to have lived out their lives in Van Zandt Co., TX after spending some time in Alabama.

7. William Anderson Mote (born about 1813 in Columbia Co.) married Nancy Arnett 10 Nov 1839 in Wilkes Co., GA and later Emaline A. Broach 23 Jan 1863 in Whitfield Co., GA. William died after 1870 in Calhoun Co., GA.

8. Wells Walker Mote (born 21 Sep 1815 in Columbia Co.) married Millie Emeline Hill 24 Nov 1844 in Murray Co., GA. Wells and Millie are my ancestors. Wells died 19 Jan 1900 in Resaca, Gordon Co., GA. Wells’ farm near Resaca was part of the Resaca, Civil War battlefield.

9. Sarah J. Mote (born 1818 in Columbia Co.) married Evan Talbot Davis (brother of Asa) 19 Mar 1835 in Wilkes Co., GA. I believe they ended up in Lincoln Co., GA.

10. Nancy P. Mote (born about 1823 in Columbia Co.) married William Irvin Tate 27 Jun 1841 in Murray Co., GA. Nancy died 29 Jan 1898 in Whitfield Co., GA.

11. Anderson M. Mote (born about 1825 in Columbia Co.) married Martha Ann Coffey 23 Dec 1849 in Murray Co., GA. Anderson died before 1900, probably in Wheeler Co., OR. They lived in Missouri for some time before moving to Oregon.

12. John Quincy Adams Mote (born 1828 in Columbia Co.) married Mary Angeline Lynch 2 May 1856 in Whitfield Co., GA. JQA died 1886 in Williamson Co., TX.

13. Elizabeth Keziah Mote (born about 1832 in Columbia Co.) married Elias James Turner 6 Feb 1848 in Murray Co., Ga. Elizabeth died after 1880, probably in Whitfield Co., GA.

If you need more information about the Joseph Mooney ancestors or the Silas Mote family, contact me directly at

Charles C. Stewart
Carmel, IN


Charles Stewart (View posts)
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Surnames: Mote
The marriages you reported in Upson Co., GA are incorrect, because and have a mistake in their database (I have reported the mistake). They were actually in Warren Co., GA.

Also, the 1820 Bulloch Co., GA Census record for Silas Mote is incorrect, again because of a mistake in the and database (again reported). The record actually belongs to Columbia Co., GA.

Silas Mote, the father of Caroline M. Mote, was enumerated in the Columbia County, GA Census both in 1820 and 1830. He was enumerated in the Murray Co., GA Census in 1840 and 1850. He also applied for a pension (War of 1812) which states that he lived in Columbia Co. at the time of the War.

Not your fault, but just didn't want incorrect data recorded on the forum.

The Silas Mote who married Sally Jones in 1819 was a first cousin of Silas, father of Caroline M. Mote.

I have (correct, I think) information about most all the Mote folks listed in your posting for those interested.

Charles C. Stewart

Wrong Email Address

Charles Stewart (View posts)
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Surnames: Mote, Mooney
I typed my email address incorrectly. It is:
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