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Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Extract from:


by Harrison D. Taylor, prepared by his Granddaughter Mary Taylor Logan

Published 1926 by John P. Morton & Company, Louisville Kentucky

Section XIV


History of No Creek 47

("NO" creek is a small stream/river in Ohio County, near Hartford)


The progenitor of the Ohio County, Kentucky, Baird family was James.
He was born and reared at Newton, not far from Londonderry, Ireland,
and died in Ohio County, Kentucky in 1826. James is said to have been
a son of Thomas.

James had four brothers, Robert, John, Thomas and William, all of whom
came to America before the Revolutionary War. At one time all lived
in Kentucky, near Bardstown, the town established by their uncles,
David and William Baird. When this town was founded it was known as
Bairdstown. Robert was a surveyor and was associated with his
father-in-law, Joseph Barnett, in land speculation. William operated
a tanyard in Hartford until 1794, and in that year he and William
Barnett went to Fort Washington, now Cincinnati, to join "Mad" Anthony
Wayne's Army of the Northwest.

As a young man in Ireland, James Baird was employed as a coachman.
In 1779 he married Jane, eldest daughter of his employer, Sir William
Lynn. This displeased her father and he forbade her to have any
contact with her family. Many years after Jane's death, a letter was
received in Ohio County from her younger sister. Mrs. Rachel Baird
Barnett Bell, a granddaughter of James and Jane, said her grandmother
was always spoken of as "Lady Jane." It is possible Rachel remembered
her grandmother.

James and Jane came to America in 1782, when their son James was an
infant. The voyage took seven weeks instead of the usual four and
food rations were so low James Senior had to be carried from the boat.
James and Jane lived with relatives in or near Chambersburg,
Pennsylvania, for several years before starting the long trek over the
mountains to Red Stone, now the town of Brownsville, Fayette County,
Pennsylvania. From there they flatboated down the Ohio River to "the
Falls," now Louisville. At a place near the present city of
Cincinnati, the boat was attacked by Indians and several of the
passengers and crew were injured. James Junior was one of those
injured and had scars of this injury all his life. In Kentucky the
family settled at Bardstown, and later moved to Hartford.

James Senior was the first Coroner of Ohio County and took an
active interest in politics. The early records show he was present at
nearly every session of court and many of the minutes were signed by

James and "Lady Jane" Baird had five children: James Junior, Mary
called "Polly" and Thomas and two whose names have not been found.
James and Thomas lived in the No Creek area.

James Junior was born in Ireland on October 17, 1781 and died near
Hartford, on July 18, 1868, at the home of his son, Judge Alexander
Barnett Baird. James was also interested in politics and at one time
was Sheriff; in early times the Sheriff collected all of the taxes.
In 1813 he was one of the Commissioners to see to building a new Court
House in Ohio County. Records in the Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, D. C., show that he was once a Sergeant in the War of
1812 and served in Captain William Smeather's Company. In 1808 he was
a Major in the Company Militia.

On October 24, 1803, James Baird married Rebekah Barnett, daughter of
Alexander and Jane (Barnett) Barnett. Rebekah Barnett was born in
Virginia, on October 1, 1776 and died September 15, 1858. James and
Rebekah were staunch Presbyterians and helped to found the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church in this county. James was a Ruling Elder in the
church for over fifty years. Both are buried in Alexander Cemetery.

Their children were:

1. Rachel Elizabeth, born December 24, 1804 and died August 6, 1892,
and was buried on her farm (the Jim Ashley place, near Beda). In
early womanhood she was known as a great beauty, being small and
fastidious, with a lily white complexion, blue eyes and blond hair.
She was the historian of both the Baird and Barnett family and kept in
close contact with all of her relatives. She married first
her cousin, Thomas Alexander Barnett, born July 20, 1798 (son of
Joseph and Jean Barnett) and died March 31, 1863. They had seven
children. Only three (daughters) married and reared a family. Mrs.
Barnett later married Col. Robert T. Bell.

2. Jane M., born July 17, 1806 and died July 15, 1874. She married
John Bennett Stevens and lived in Alexander Community.

3. William Lynn, born May 10, 1810 and died April 20, 1859. He
married Nancy Wallace, daughter of Charles Nancy Wallace.

4. Mary, born February 21, 1812 and died July 29, 1864. She married
William M. Stevens.

5. James Perry, born April 20, 1815 and was drowned on April 18, 1829.

6. Sally Ann, born May 17, 1817 and died January 9, 1879. She married
David Lowery Barnett, born 1821 and died 1886.

7. Alexander Barnett, born February 12, 1821 and died March 20, 1892.
He married Sally Mary Barnett. He was a successful business man and
held several electoral offices in Ohio County.

Mary, called "Polly," was the only known daughter of James and "Lady
Jane" Baird. On December 17, 1803, she married James Hopkins. In
1826 they were thought to be living in the state of Ohio. None of
their descendants have been found.

Thomas, the son of James Senior and "Lady Jane" was born at Bardstown,
Kentucky, on October 8, 1786 and died October 19, 1858 of Typhoid
Fever. A death certificate shows positively that he was a son of
James and Jane Baird. In 1817 Thomas was appointed a Constable and
James Baird, either his father or his brother was his surety. Thomas
on February 7, 1820 purchased land between Beda and Buford. This land
passed to his son James G. Baird and to his son Esra C. Baird. Thomas
was a charter member of No Creek Church and also of White Oak, now
Shinkle Chapel.

He and his wife, Elizabeth Ford Baird, whom he married on September
21, 1815 and who was born August 28, 1797 and died June 2, 1845, rest
in the family cemetery on their farm. There are only 30 graves in
this cemetery. The Ford family was from Maryland. The Baird children

1. Mahala Jane, born May 29, 1816, died June 18, 1896. Married on
January 14, 1840, Hiram D. McSherry. He died July 8, 1862, in the
Union Army. Clarence McSherry and Mrs. Will Brown are descendants,
both living at Beaver Dam.

2. Sabra Ann, born August 26, 1818, died October 31, 1887, single.

3. Allison Porter, born December 14, 1819, died October 3, 1874.
He married Sarah E. Bennett, born August 28, 1831 and died December
27, 1875. They had ten children.

4. Martha Isabelle, born March 8, 1821, died August, 1876. She
married Henry McSherry and had one child. She later married Benjamin

5. Harriett Ford, born June 19, 1822, died April 15, 1824.

6. Samuel Lynn, born June 27, 1824, died July 21, 1913. He married
Tabitha Ann Bennett, born April 19, 1834 and died June 7, 1920.

7. Frances Ellen, born July 29, 1825, died February 14, 1896. She
married Henry T. Wallace, of No Creek and had one child, Sarah who
married William Westerfield.

8. Casander Elizabeth, born November 4, 1827, died September 12, 1915.
She married December 31, 1858, Ben F. Burden. She was blind for 50

9. James Gordon, born August 23, 1823, died November 5, 1863. He
married in 1859, Susannah A. Shaver, born September 21, 1839 and died
December 11, 1902. They had Esra C. and Sallie, who died age 12

10. Harriett Louise, born January 3, 1830, died March 29, 1902.
On March 2, 1854, she married Charles Henry Stevens and resided near
Beaver Dam. Had a large family, one of whom was Henry.

11. Mary Melvina, born March 10, 1831, died......... ......... She
married November 14, 1857, Elparan Brown. Miss Netta Humphreys is a

12. Rachel Vitula, born March 7, 1833, died October 17, 1912.
She married October 9, 1867, Jesse Shaver, born October 5, 1834 and
died November 7, 1900. They had Felix, Ann and Sam.

13. Charlotte Lucretia, born April 3, 1835, died June 30, 1875.
She married November 24, 1858, Benjamin Shaver, born................
and died December, 1902.

14. Infant.

15. Infant.

16. Emily Adaline, born June 26, 1843, died June 19,
1919. She married January 7, 1860, Henry C. Shaver, born February 4,
1837 and died January 5, 1916. They had ten children, viz.: James,
Emma, Frances A., Susan, Charles B., Nannie V., Effie S., Jacob T. and
Lillie E. and William Lynn, twins.

The early history of this family and the James Baird. line are based
on the research of Miss Thelma Murphy, of Indianapolis, Ind., a
descendant. In compiling the Thomas Baird line I had available more
than one record, besides tombstone inscriptions, neither agreeing on
all points.

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Surnames: Baird Lynn Ford McSherry Miller McDaniel
Thanks for your post on the Baird family of OH Co. KY it helps to fill in some of the gaps on the family that I had.

I would be interested in any early Baird info of this line. I know they connect with the Bairds that lived at Falling Spring, Franklin County, PA (then called Lancaster Co.) and came down to found Bairdstown/Bardstown, KY I am still not sure how James Sr. fits in.
From KY family Histories 1700-1800s Emisons in America I found some information on Hugh Emison who married Mary Douglas Baird states that Hugh and his brothers in law James and Thomas Baird traveled from PA downriver to Kentucky April 1, 1780. These two Bairds went on to found Bardstown, KY. The Emisons settled at Scott Co. KY.
This would have to be James Baird Sr. (m. to Lady Jane Lynn) uncles or relatives, as he was in Ireland, his son born 1781in Derry Co. IRE, and immigrated in 1782 to PA.
James Sr. son (who is my line) Thomas Baird 1786-1858 listed just like this 'Pensylvania' as his birthplace on the Census of 1850 Ohio Co. KY. The family stayed in PA until about 1789. He is usually known as born in Bardstown, KY, so it could be either if the date is wrong on the time they came to KY.

According to James Baird Jr. obituary:
Died at the residence of his son, Judge Alexander Barnett Baird in Hartford, Kentucky on Saturday, July 18, 1868, Col. James Baird in the 87th year of his age. He was born in County Derry Ireland, October 17, 1781. His parents, James and Jane Lynn Baird removed to America in the year 1782 and settled at Gettysburg, PA where they lived for some years. In the winter of 1789-90 the family removed by wagon to Redstone, PA where they built a boat and started down the Ohio River to Kentucky. At a point not far above the present site of Cincinnati, OH, Indians attacked the boat, in which attack he was wounded, he carried to his grave the evidence of that contest. They landed at the Falls in February of the latter year (1790) when only a few log cabins marked the present site of the city of Louisville. From there they removed to Bairdstown, KY and lived there until February 1794 when the family removed to Hartford, KY in and near the place he lived until his death.
The subject of this notice professed religion in the great revival that commenced in the West in 1800, and attached himself to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at its organization in 1810, and was at once ordained a ruling elder in which position he remained until his death. He was punctual to attend the house of worship as long as he was able, and even up to his death always expressed the greatest interest in the prosperity of the church.
(Hartford Newspaper, July 1868)

One thing noted about the family of Thomas Baird b. 1786, was incorrect on his daughter Martha Isabelle Baird (which is my line). Martha married Henry McSherry Sept 23, 1840 in OH Co. KY and had 5 children as found on these census records. Her sister Charlotte Baird married Benj. Shaver, and she died in 1875, Martha died the following year 1876. Henry her husband, listed as a widower on the 1880 census, died about 1885. He is on the Grayson Co. Ky tax list of 1885, but listed as 'his heirs' for the 1886. So I don't think Martha was the one married to Benj. Shaver after her sister died.

1850 Census, Ohio Co KY
August 1850 59a
116 116 Henry McSherry 31 M Blacksmith born Tennessee 350.00
Martha 29 F KY
Sabra E. 9 F KY
Mary E. 7 F KY
Samuel 3 M KY
Delila V. 4 F KY
Charles H. 4/12 M KY
Cassandra Baird 23 F KY
Samuel L. Baird 26 M Farmer

Cassandra and Samuel L., sister and brother to Martha Baird living with the Henry McSherry family in 1850.

1860 Census, Grayson Co. KY.
Henry "McSheary" age 42 born TENN Farmer 2,000 2,500
Martha J. age 41 Tenn. Housewifery
Elizabeth. age 19 Ky Sewing
Mary E. 17 KY Sewing
Delia V. 15 Ky
Samuel A. 13 KY
Charles H. 11 Ky
Also listed:
Elizabeth age 63 born VA, (Henry's mother.)
Nancy age 42 Tenn. (A sister to Henry.)

1870 Grayson County Kentucky census p. 339 Litchfield Precinct
McSherry, Henry 51 M W Blacksmith 5000 2000 B. TN
M. J. 49 F W Keeping house KY
S. A. 22 M W Wagonmaker 125 KY
D.V. 24 F W KY
C.H. 20 M W Blacksmith KY

1880 Grayson Co. KY Census p 449 East Litchfield Precinct
Henry McSherry W M 61 Landlord Widowed Blacksmith Born TN Father: Ireland Mother: Virginia
Delilah V. W F 34 Dau. Single Keepinghouse KY Parents TN KY
Chas. H. W M 29 Son Single BlackSmith
KY Parents TN KY

Thanks for any information you would like to share.
Gina D

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

Penni (View posts)
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Unfortunately I cannot claim relationship to this line of the Baird family. I found this information, while doing some research in my line of the Baird family who settled in Bath County, KY; and decided to share it. My Baird's came to KY from VA, and I haven't been able to get further as they came from a burned county in VA.

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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I was just at the old Baird cemetery in Ohio Co.
Thomas, James Gordon, Ezra---my great granddad are buried there. Is anyone interested in knowiung where it is. I think I am the only Baird in my line that knows where it is

It is really grown up but a peaceful place to be

Darrell Baird
Owensboro, KY

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Surnames: Baird McSherry Miller Lynn
Hello Darrell,

I would be interested in the Cemetery. Would it be possible to get a few photos of some of the Graves?
I am desc. from Thomas Baird line, his daughter Martha Isabelle Baird Married Henry McSherry. Her Sister Mahala Baird married his brother Hiram McSherry who died in the Civil War.
My Grandfather was born at Caneyville, Grayson Co. Kentucky, his Grandmother was Sabra Eliz. McSherry MIller, the daughter of Martha Baird and Henry McSherry.

Is this the place where Jame Baird Sr. is buried? I would like to find any info on the date of the death of Lady Jane Lynn Baird.

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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I will try to remember to take some pictures the next time I'm over there.
There is also a McHale McSherry buried there. b. unknown d. 1896
Is this someone you were looking for?
You can go to to see all the people buried there. It is in the Baird Family cemetary, Beda, Ohio County
Semper Fi

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Surnames: Baird, McSherry, Miller, Lynn
I don't recognize that name 'McHale McSherry' but is likely related to the McSherrys of my line or the area. My GrGrGrandmother Sabra E. McSherry Miller is buried in Lane County, Oregon where they moved with their family in about 1892. Some of the family moved back to Grayson Co. KY several times between Oregon and Kentucky after that, before finally settling on land in Oregon.
Thank you for the link to Find a grave to see the Baird Cemetery in Ohio co. KY I use that site quite a bit and have put some info on there myself.

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Surnames: baird barnett
Hi there, another descendant of Thomas checking in...through his son Allison Porter..
It looks Like James Sr may be in the Alexander Cemetery, there is a marker there with the 1829 death date, also James Jr, and his wife Rebecca Barnett at Alexander...
just saw a request for donations for Alexander Cemetery.

Is the Baird family cemetery where Thomas/Elizabeth are, still ok ?
is the farm still in the family ? do we need to see about helping to take care there too ?

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Hello Baird Lady---Good to hear from someone that is interested in Ohio County Baird. If you go to www.finda who will see a listing of everyone in the grave yard. Thomas and James Gordon and my great grandfather Ezra are there. The ashes of my mom and Dad are also there with stones. It is really overgrown and not easy to get to. Where is the Alexander cemetery????
Not sure who owns the property around the cemetery or if it is for sale. The cemetery is on a ridge not far from where the old Baird house use to be. Burned a long time ago. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Darrell Baird

Re: Baird's of Ohio County, Kentucky

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Surnames: Baird McSherry Miller McDaniel Peterson Ford
Hi Darrell,
I did not do this map, so I hope it is correct. There is an Alexander Cemetery listing on Findagrave.

The Alexander Cemetery has a map to find it. I hope this is accurate:;

I am desc. from Thomas Baird and Eliz Ford Baird. Their Daughter Martha Baird married Henry McSherry.
Thomas and Eliz. other Daughter Mahala Baird married Hiram McSherry, his brother. Hiram was killed in the Civil War.

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