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dynes in colo

dynes in colo

rob dynes (View posts)
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Surnames: dynes
My granddad's name was Charles, of colorado springs CO, maybe born in alamosa, CO in 1899. His three children are Willard (colo springs), Virginia (longmont), and Val (durango). Anyone else part of this lineage?

Re: dynes in colo

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Hi Rob,
I am married to George Dynes of California. Your grandfather was the brother of Arthur Lee Dynes. Arthur Lee Dynes and Mae Atkinson were the parents of Theresa Dynes and George Arthur Dynes, Sr. George Arthur Dynes Sr. and Jayne Althof were the parents of George Dynes Jr. George Dynes Jr. is my husband.
I believe that I once had dinner with your Aunt Virginia at Theresa's home in Orange, CA back in the 70's.
I've done lots of Dynes genealogy and would be glad to share. We have some neat Col. Springs photos, etc.

Re: dynes in colo

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I have a copy of Grandpa Charles death certificate. It says he was born in Colorado Springs on Nov 17, 1897. His father's name was George Milton Dynes, and his mother's name was Ida Mae Boyles.

Willard has 1 son, Michael (Texas w/ 8 children and 17 grandchildren), and 3 daughters, Debbie (Colorado w/1 Child), Laurie (Colo Spgs w/ 3 children) and Melanie (Lawton, OK with 2 children and 2 grandchildren). Willard died on 2 February, 2012.

Ginger has 2 sons, Doug and Joe (Colorado).

I know Vallard had several children but do not know them. Are you one of Vallard's children?

Re: dynes in colo

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My husband, George Arthur Dynes, is the grandson of Arthur Lee Dynes. Your grandfather Charles and my husband's grandfather Arthur were brothers. I have pictures of their parents George Milton Dynes and Ida Mae Boyles.

I'm interested in finding out more about Ida Mae Boyles. I'm not sure but think that her father was Cornelius Boyles.
Also I've never been able to find out what happened to George Milton Dynes. I think he died in California, but don't know.

Arthur Lee Dynes moved to California after Colorado. He married Mae Atkinson and had two children: George Arthur Dynes, Sr., and Theresa Dynes. George Arthur Dynes, Sr., married Jayne Althof and had one son; George Arthur Dynes, Jr. (my husband). George and I have three children: Kathryn Elizabeth, Heidi Marie, and Gregory Arthur.

Thanks for the information about your grandfather's descendants.

Barbara Dynes

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Surnames: Dynes
I am Willard's daughter, Melanie. My sister Debbie is still in Colo Sprgs. Are you one of Val's children?

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I just realized I never replied to your post. Sorry for the delay. I do not get on Ancestry very often.

You gave me some information I did not know. I have not really looked into my ancestry very much and Dad did not talk much about family. I knew Grandpa Charles when I was living at home. Aunt Virginia still lives in Longmont, Co, and we talk once in a while. I think I met Uncle Val maybe 1 or 2 times.

I am interested in my genealogy.

I would love to share what I have. I have a lot of old pictures of people I have no idea how they fit into the family. Am hoping to take them to Aunt Ginger sometime and maybe she will know who they are.

Re: dynes in colo

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Willard Lee Dynes is my father, Charles L Dynes is my grandfather, George Milton Dynes is my great grandfather. I am interested in getting additional information on my Dynes line.
Thanks, Mike Dynes

Re: dynes in colo

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Mike, I am Larry Charles Dynes, Vallerd George Dynes eldest son , I have one child Kimberley Jean (Wilson) she has a son and daughter.

Robert Louis is my younger brother he has a son who has a son and daughter who has a daughter and a son.

We have a sister Darsha Verneen.

Vallerd, Willard and Virginia had a brother Ronald that died as a child.

I have met and remember all of my first cousins.

Virginia's two sons Joe and Doug (Johnson).

You probably don't remember me, I think you are a year or two younger. I remember you from a trip to Alamosa at Grandpa Charles and Grandma Allegra's in the early 1950's.

I remember Debbie, Laurie and Melanie your step sisters, from 1972 when I lived in Colorado Springs for a time.

Grandfather, Charles Leo was born in Colorado Springs, his birth certificate was lost when the county courthouse burned around 1929.

Grandfather and father both told me that great-grandfather had passed away before Charles was born.

When ancestry became popular in the 1960s grandfather and father both told me that the family history was that two brothers from The Netherlands came to the US by joining the merchant marine and jumping ship when they got to the US. I don't remember if this was Charles' father and brother, or great grandfather and great uncle.

1917-1918 Draft registration: Charles Fredric Leo Dynes gives date of birth as November 17, born in Colorado Springs 1895, age 21 years and a single dependent - wife residence in Colorado Springs.

This is the only Fredric reference or 1895 Reference I have seen.

1920 Census:Charles Leo Dynes, 24 born in Colorado, mother and father born in United States. Wife Alma M, born in Illinois, Father born in Tennessee, Mother born in Illinois.

1910 Census: Ida M Dynes, 38 born in Illinois (later census shows Missouri?), mother Kentucky, father Ohio. Children two (nothing on Arthur, not living at home) Charles L, 12 (April1910 = DOB 1898), father born in Iowa. (this matches Arthur's 1920).

Grandfather's brother, Arthur Lee Dynes I vaguely recall meeting, but the circumstances elude me. I also have a similar vague recollection of meeting one of his grandsons.

Dad took me to Los Angeles around 1953 - 1954 and it may have been on that trip.

1917-1918 Draft registration: Arthur Lee Dynes DOB Feb 25 1890, age 27, Wife two children, born Long Island Kansas.

1920 Census Arthur Dynes Wife Mae, daughter Theresa, son George. Father's place of birth Iowa, Mother's place of birth Pennsylvania.

I believe that Charles mother's maiden name was Boyle, and Grandmother's maiden name was Essman.

There is only one other Larry Dynes that I have heard of - he is in Illinois. I am the one in Colorado.

Re: dynes in colo

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Melanie -

I am the eldest grandson of Charles. You don't remember me, but I remember you from when I lived in Colorado Springs around 1972.

I just put a long post in response to Mikes post.

Larry Dynes

Re: dynes in colo

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Hi Larry,

I do not get on this site very much, sorry it took me so long to reply. What you just told Mike is more than I know about my family. Dad did not speak to me about ancestry. I tried a few times but he normally shut me down. I recognize the Boyle and Essman names from papers I found when going through Dad's stuff. I have a copy of Grandpa Charles's death certificate and It has Ida Mae Boyles as his mother's name.

I think I remember meeting you but did not realize you were related to Val. I do remember meeting your Dad once or twice. I knew about Grandma Allegra but only remember Vi with Grandpa.

Dad did mention his brother Ronnie once or twice. He did not like to talk about him as it gave him the heebeegeebees. I think he felt responsible for Ronnie's death as I believe he was supposed to be watching Ronnie when he drown, maybe. Dad did not tell me that someone else did so I am not sure about that story.

I am on Facebook as Melanie Gilbee if you would like to connect. I am also the only Melanie Gilbee in the white pages. I am in Oklahoma.

Melanie Gilbee
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