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Would like to correspond with anyone having knowledge of the Burch/Burtch family, and Hall families that lived in Windsor Co., VT. I am seeking the parents of Justus Hall, b. 19 Jun 1783, who married Diantha Burch, b. 20 Jan 1787. Family legend says they were married 1 Jun 1804 in Vermont, but have been unable to find marriage record. They moved to a place near Oleans, Cattaragus Co., NY abt 1814, then on to Washington Co., OH in 1818. Any help appreciated. This "brick wall" has been driving me crazy for quite a while. Will glady exchange info. Thanks.


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Surnames: HALL
I am looking for info on George HALL born in Vermont in 1806-08 or 1824. Would like to touch bases with anyone researching HALL's from Vermont.


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My ggg-grandparents, Samuel and Silence HALL were from Vermont, and though I have no specific data to support it, I believe they may have come from the Windsor or Hartland areas of Windsor County. This is only because they went west to Portage County Ohio, and I have found several other HALL families in that Ohio location, whose origin was in Windsor or Hartland, VT. So it's a leap. Between their locations in VT and OH, they had a child in NY in 1814, but also unknown location in NY. They eventually went further west to Illinois.

This is all I do know:
Samuel was born approx. 1781, died 30 May 1851, age 70, in Knox Co., IL. Silence (wife) was born about 1776, died 27 June 1851, age 75y, 11m., in Knox Co., IL.

I have only found the names of three of the children: Chauncy P. Hall (b. 1808 VT), David E. Hall (b. 1810 where?), Caleb (b. about 1814 NY)

David E. Hall had children named: Harmon, Hiram, Hannah, Mary (Polly), Elizabeth, Eliza, Samuel, Lucy, David, Silence, Catherine, Chauncy, and Nancy. (3 sets of twins).

Your inquiry caught my eye because of the similar movement patterns. Do any of these names appear in your family lines?

Thank you, Margaret

Hurray! Y-DNA proves Justus Hall, Sr., husband of Diantha Burch, was son of Joseph Hall & Dorcas ____!

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Surnames: Hall, Burch, Burtch
After over 15 years of personal research and 150 years of mystery in the Hall family, we have finally found the family of origin for Justus Hall, Sr., who was married to Diantha Burch, daughter of Edy Burch!!! We have confirmation of the ancestry of Justus Hall, Sr. from a Y-DNA test on two male Hall descendants; my 2nd cousin (a descendent of Justus Sr. and Justus Jr. like myself) and another Hall researcher, who is a descendent of Edward Hall, who we suspected was a brother of Justus Hall, Sr.

The Y-DNA test result confirms the researched paper trail and proves the parentage of Justus Hall, Sr. beyond a doubt! Justus Hall, Sr. was born 19 Jun 1783 in Berkshire Co., MA and is the son of Joseph Hall and Dorcas ____, NOT Joel Hall and Elizabeth Bush, as some have posted online. That Justus Hall is a DIFFERENT Justus Hall who was born in Dec 1775 (sometimes rounded off to 1776), and he lived in Windham Co., VT all his life.

The Y-DNA test results show this Hall male line belongs to the haplogroup "G," which is very distinctive in the New England Halls. There is a Hall Y-DNA group project at FTDNA, and we are starting to see amazing results as we untangle our Hall ancestry from others. Our Hall line was originally from Rhode Island, and before that, they came directly from England. This erases another myth about Justus Hall, Sr. From a newly-found baptismal record, we know our Justus Hall, Sr. was born in Berkshire Co., MA, NOT Canada! The 1860 and 1870 Whiteside Co., IL census records said that Justus Hall, Sr. WAS born in MA, and they were right. Almost ALL the info quoted from Levi Hall’s 1932 affidavit is wrong. Levi tried, but he was 81 years old when he gave that information. It has done more damage than good and has been circulated around the net like it is gospel. Unfortunately, there are more errors in it than truth.

We have found the baptismal records for our Justus Hall, Sr. AND a Revolutionary War affidavit that lists the children of Joseph Hall, which confirms the names in the baptismal records. Joseph Hall moved his family from Berkshire Co., MA to Bennington, Bennington Co., VT about 1786 because Joseph is found there on 2 Jan 1787 on a list of Freemen who took the Oath. Later, Joseph Hall and family, (as well as married son, Edward Hall, and married daughter, Phebe Hall Bivens in the household of her husband, Thomas Biven) are found on the Bennington Co., VT 1790 census. Next, the families moved to the border area between Franklin Co. and Chittenden Co., VT. Joseph and family are found on the 1800 Chittenden Co., VT census as well as married son, Edward Hall, and married daughters, Phebe Hall Bivens, Dorcas Hall Boyd, and Marcy Hall Inman. Married son, Friend Hall, is missing from that census, and we suspect he may have gone over the border to Canada. Apparently, Phebe and Thomas Bivens joined her brother, Friend Hall, in Canada after 1800 because both Friend Hall and the Bivens each have a daughter born in Canada ca 1805.

We suspect Justus Hall, Sr. may have gone with his aunts and uncles to Canada during this time period because it would coincide with when the Edy Burch family was in Canada, from approximately 1803 to 1807. It is conceivable Justus Sr. and Diantha were married in Canada in 1804. Then, they came back to VT, eventually arriving with Edy and his family in Edy’s old stomping ground of Windsor Co., VT.

The first name mention we have (so far) of Justus Hall, Sr. in VT is his "warning out" of Hartford, Windsor Co., VT on 9 September 1807. Edy Burch also got a "warning out" a month later on 23 Oct 1807 in the neighboring town of Pomfret. Originally, villages made people move on with a "warning out," but by then, it was just an old New England custom that some towns still did to say they wouldn't foot the bill if you fell on hard times. Apparently, Justus Sr. and Edy ignored the "warning out" notices because two years later, Justus Sr. and Edy both took the Freeman's Oath and then voted in Hartford on 5 Sep 1809.
Something happened to make the families move between that vote in Sep 1809 and the next census taken in August 1810. Justus Sr., Diantha and their family are next found on the 1810 Georgia, Franklin Co., VT, and Edy and his family are living next to his son, Oliver Burch, in Randolph, Orange Co., VT. We had always wondered why Justus Sr. and Diantha had moved to Franklin Co., VT, but now we know - that's where HIS family lived! On that 1810 census, Justus Sr. is found just a few houses from his brother, Friend Hall, and his father, Joseph Hall! Justus Sr. & Diantha must have lived there for about a year or so before moving back across VT to Orange Co., where Edy lived, because that's where my ancestor, Justus Hall, Jr. was born in 1811. Then about a year later, sometime in 1812, the Halls and Burches packed up and moved to New York state for few years, then on to Washington Co., OH in 1817. Edy Burch said in his Revolutionary War pension papers that the move from from VT to NY state happened around the commencement of the War of 1812.

That brings up another myth perpetuated in our Hall family - that Justus Hall, Sr. served in the War of 1812. He did not. I have had all of the military archives in VT and NY searched (twice), and well as the National Archives. Justus did not serve in a state militia or a US Federal line. That is a myth that somehow grew up in the vacuum of real information about Justus Hall, Sr. Furthermore, our Halls did not float down the Ohio River to Washington Co., OH in 1818, but in 1817. We used to think Edy Burch was confused about the date when he said in his Revolutionary War pension papers that they moved from NY to OH in 1817, but then we found the marriage record of Edy's youngest daughter, Gratia Burch to Amos Morris in Washington Co., OH on 1 Jan 1818! That means the Halls and Burches had to have been in Washington Co. by sometime in 1817 for Gratia and Amos to meet and decide to marry. The Hall family legend is off by one year. I am including all this detail so that all the false information about our Justus Hall, Sr. can be corrected.

Here is the baptismal record for Justus Hall, Sr., his parents and siblings:
From the St. James [Episcopal] Church Records of Great Barrington, MA by Louis Hasbrouck Von Sahler, published 1903 -
P. 62, ... 1771.
Lanesboro, Decbr. 22. Baptized: Joseph Hall, an adult.
P. 65, ... 1772
Lanesboro, July 5. (baptized) Edward and Friend, sons of Joseph Hall
P. 128, ... 1772
Lanesboro, Nov. 22. (baptized) Phebe, dau. of Joseph Hall and Dorcas.
P. 129, ... 1773
Lanesboro, Apr, 4. (baptized) Dorcas, wife of Joseph Hall.
P. 18, Lanesboro ... 1775 ...
Feb. 26. (baptized) Joseph Hayley, of Joseph Hall and Dorcas.
P. 19, ... 1779
June 13. (baptized) Mercy, Dorcas, of Joseph Hall and Dorcas.
P. 20, ... 1781
June 24. (baptized) Elisabeth, of Joseph Hall and Dorcas.
P. 20, 1783 ...
June 27. (baptized) Justus, of Joseph Hall and Dorcas.

You'll notice that our Justus Hall, Sr. was baptized on 27 Jun 1783, only a week after he was born on 19 Jun 1783. This 1783 date matches Justus Sr.'s gravestone dates and all census records except for the 1860 census (which was an obvious error) and finally puts to rest the false 1776 birth date that was erroneously handed down in the Hall family legends. I also want to mention that Justus Hall, Sr. died on 22 May 1872, not in October like some have posted. His gravestone is plain to see in the Greenville/Fairfield Union Cemetery in New Bedford, IL.
In addition, we are fortunate that one of his sisters, Dorcas Hall, married an older Rev War veteran, William H. Boyd. When he died, Dorcas applied as a widow for his pension. Because there was not an official record of their marriage in Milton, Chittenden Co., VT, Dorcas had to get many affidavits from friends and family who attended the wedding ceremony. One of them is from her brother, Friend Hall, but the one with the most information comes from her sister, Phebe Hall Bivins. In Phebe's affidavit, she lists the children of their father Joseph Hall! This is confirmation that the baptismal records found in Berkshire Co., MA are of OUR Halls, and not some other Hall family. Here is the listing of the children according to Phebe:

Marcy [aka Mercy]
[Joseph] Hely
Polly [aka Mary]

It is believed the son, Joseph Hely Hall, was probably called Hely to avoid confusion with his father, Joseph, but in census records, he was usually enumerated as Joseph H. Hall.
The wife of Joseph Hall, Dorcas ____, is buried in the Milton Village Cemetery in Milton, Chittenden Co., VT. I The inscription on her gravestone reads:

wife of
Joseph Hall
departed this life
Dec 29 1814
aged 67 years

At this point in time, we believe Joseph Hall was born about 1743. Dorcas, according to her gravestone inscription, was obviously born in 1747. We believe they were married about 1764 because their oldest known child, Edward, was born at least by 1765, according to available census records. We don't know when Joseph Hall died, but it was most likely sometime after 1810 and before 1820, probably in the Franklin County or Chittenden County, VT area.

There is a bit of discrepancy between the baptismal records and the birth order of Joseph Hall’s children given by Phebe Hall Bivins, but she was giving the information at the age of 70, so she may have been confused or had trouble remembering.

For some reason, there is no baptismal record for Mary "Polly" Hall or Ann Hall. We have no record of them living into adulthood.

Here are the birth and death dates we have for the siblings of Justus Hall, Sr. at this time:

Edward Hall - b. about 1768, baptized 5 Jul 1772

Friend Hall - b. 10 Sep 1770, baptized 5 Jul 1772; d. after 1850 in Erie Co., NY

Phebe Hall - b. 13 Oct 1771, baptized 22 Nov 1772; d. 1852 in VT

Joseph Hely Hall - b. 1773, baptized 26 Feb 1775; 2 Oct 1859 in Arcade, Wyoming Co., NY

Dorcas Hall - b. 1774, baptized 13 Jun 1779; d. 2 Jul 1846 in Burlington Co., VT

Mercy "Marcy" Hall - b. 20 Nov 1775, baptized 13 Jun 1779

Mary "Polly" Hall - b. about 1777

Ann Hall - b. about 1779

Elizabeth Hall - b. about 1781, baptized 24 Jun 1781

Justus Hall, Sr. - b. 19 Jun 1783, baptized 27 Jun 1783; 22 May 1872

Henry Hall - b. about 1785; died bef 1800 in VT

Please let me know if you have any questions about this information and PLEASE circulate it around the net and on your family trees! We need to combat 150 years of false information that has stuck around the web like a bad urban myth!

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