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Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

Leslie Hood (View posts)
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Classification: Bible
Surnames: Randolph, Starke, Jones, Searcy, Keeble
Bible record of the Harrison Randolph & Beverly Randolph families (publ. MId. TN Journal of Geb & His, vol XI #1):

Harrison Randolph m. Elizabeth Starke Mar. 15th 1770.
Edw. Randolph b. Jan. 22d 1780.
Lucy Randolph b. Oct. 10, 1783.
Harrison Randolph m. Mary Jones, daughter of Peter Jones, Va., Sept. 8, 1787.
Peter Randolph b. Feb. 13, 1789.
Harrison Randolph b. Nov. 10, 1790.
Beverly Randolph b. June 21, 1793.
Joseph Randolph b. Mar. 18, 1795.
Peyton Randolph b. Dec. 15, 1797.
Beverly Randolph married Miss Lucy W. Searcy, Dau. of William W. Searcy, Nov. 25th 1818.
Lucy Searcy, born Apr. 4th 1802.
Mary Elizabeth Randolph born Apr. 27, 1820.
Lucy Anderson Randolph born Feb. 7, 1822.
Sally Randolph born May 8, 1825.
Peyton Randolph, b. Feb. 24, 1828.
Wm. W. Randolph, b. Oct. 1, 1830.
Isham Green Randolph, b. Jan. 2, 1833.
Martha Jane Randolph, b. 5th July 1835.
Beverly Randolph, Jr., b. 5th Sept. 1837.
Charlott Randolph b. Nov. 11, 1840.
Catherine Randolph b. Dec. 1, 1845.
Peyton Randolph was married to Amanda S. Keeble, daughter of Walter Keeble, Sept. 18th, 1822, & left two children: Peter & Sarah.
Lucy Randolph m. to Morton Jett & left 6 children: Edgar Jett, Thomas H. R. Jett, Beverly Jett, Lucy Ann Jett, & Louisa Jett.
Lucy Burwell Randolph m. John A. Bolling (Va.) & left six children: Sam Edw. Bolling, Thomas Elliott Bolling, John Alexander Bolling, Robt. Henderson Bolling, Wm. Elliott Bolling, & Margaret Bolling.
Mary Turnbull Randolph md Jas. Barnett.
Mary Elizabeth Randolph, d. of Beverly & Lucy Randolph was married to Joseph R. Daniel on May 31, 1836, & left one son, Nathaniel Williams Daniel.
Edward Randolph m. Margaret Turnbull & left the following children: Robert Harrison Randolph, Lucy Burwell Randolph, Thomas Crawford Randolph, Richard R. Randolph, & Edward Randolph.

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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My ggGfather was Thomas H.R.Jett, son of Lucy Randolph, dau of Harrison Randolph. Is this info from a copy of the handwritten entries or a transcription? I have Thomas' father as Thornton, not Morton...any clue which is correct? Also, are Lucy Randolph and Lucy Burwell Randolph the same person? If not, where did Lucy Burwell Randolph come from?

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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I will answer your question on the Lucy Randolph daughter of Elizabeth Starke and Harrison Randolph Sr. She was born Oct. 10,1783 and married Morton Thornton Jett in Jan. 1897 and had children 1)Edgar, 2)Thomas H. R., 3)Beverly, 4)Lucy Ann and 5)Louisa.

Lucy Burwell Randolph who married on Dec. 31,1829 to Eleager Carter Huthchenson. She was born Dec. 31, 1809 and died July 27, 1877 and was the daughter of Lucy Nelson Burwell and Archiebald Cary Randolph. She had several children.

If you should be interested in exchanging information on your line from Lucy Harrison Randolph I have a great amount of information on this group and will gladly exchange information.

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Bolling
I have a biographical page for Thomas Elliott Bolling at

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Bolling
Do you have any information on the Bolling line?

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

L. Anderson McLaney (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Bolling, Bolin, Bowling, Alexander, Randolph, Anderson
That Lucy was pretty spry, getting married and having children after 104 years of age! Numbers don't work out here.

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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Classification: Query
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In reply to the spry old lady who you said married and had children at age 104.

Which Lucy do you make this statement about.

Do you speak of the Lucy Randolph who was the daughter of Harrison Randolph and his first wife Elizabeth Starke that was born Oct. 10, 1783 and married Morton Jett?

Do you speak of Lucy Ann Jett daughter of Lucy Randolph and Morton Jett?

Do you speak of the Lucy Burwell Randolph daughter of Edward Randolph and Granddaughter of Harrison Randolph who married John A. Bolling?

Do you speek of theLucy Wade Searcy the daughter of William W. Searcy who on Nov. 25, 1818 married Beverly Randolph?

Do you speak of Lucy Anderson Randolph who was born Feb. 7, 1822 and was the daughter of Lucy Wade Searcy and Beverly Randolph?

As there was 5 Lucy Randolphs in the Harrison Randolph Bible it would help for you to use full names or identify the Lucy Randolph you speak of for one to answer your question or at least identify the husband of the said person.

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

Kandi McLaney (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Follow the thread, darlin, there's only one Lucy given where her age would be 104.....but thanks for asking

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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Well she must have been a younger sister of Sarah for Sarah was much older when she birthed her child.

Sorry I don't have time to play with you I have more serious matters to lookin to so go ahead and have your childish fun.

Re: Harrison Randolph Bible (VA & TN)

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Hi Leslie

I am interested in the bible records for Harrison Randolph. Did the records, list any slaves, born while living with him? I have traced my family, African American Randolphs, to the slave farm of Beverly Randolph, Sr. and later Jr both living in Rutherford County Murfreesboro TN. The descendents still own the farm, and live there. My gggreat grandfather, James Randolph was living with Beverly Jr in the 1870 census. My ggggrandfather James Randolph was born in Virginia, I am assuming while on Turkey Island, or in Tuckahoe Virginia. I have access to a bible page from Mary Randolph, where she list the birth and death of slaves, however I am looking for a record from Harrison which probably willed his slaves to Beverly. Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Yvette Smith - Dayton, OH
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