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Best way to learn FTM

Best way to learn FTM

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As with many of you, you have many hours of work building your family's history in FTM. If you get hit by a bus,so to speak, what is the best way to leave instructions for your children to figure out how to get to the treasure you've built?

Re: Best way to learn FTM

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That is a good question. I have told my daughters and have started on my grandson (11 yrs), that they need to know the basic of what I have learned about our families. When they say that that is a long time a way I frequently show them some of the post that after received no response for 10 years will get several responses in a couple of days. When they say: "How will they find me" I respond: "They are genealogist, they are good at finding people"

As for getting my family into my computer files, I have two methods.

First I have minimal icons on my desktop and all of my most-use icons are in the Quick Launch toolbar. Two of them are to the directory where my genealogy data is stored in subdirectories by family. The other icon is to the FTM database. (Click on it, and FTM opens the database and the program.)

To assist them in finding the data. I have written an HTML file. From this HTML there are Hotlinks to PDF books for each of their grandparents. These PDF files have all of the subfamilies in each grandparents family. They also contain all of the source references, facts, and such that I can put into them.

The HTML file also contains Hotlinks to each of the family subdirectories on the hard drive. So when they open the HTML file, they can open the PDF, or open the subdirectories on the harddrive.

As I said earlier, I have minimal icons on my desk top. One is the recycle bin and the other is a short cut to the Family HTML file above. Since my daughters are both college educated I hope they can find the data. ;-)

The only problem is to insure they are interested enough to try.

To cover this I will provide any of my cousins a CD with all of my work on our common family, and I try to keep them current with emails when I make either major or minor break throughs.
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