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DICKEY, Charles 1812-1902

DICKEY, Charles 1812-1902

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Surnames: Dickey, Eblan, Eblin, Lamgford, Nelson, Johnston, Taylor, Adams, Smith, McPhersom, Riesner
I am trying to find the Dickey family that connects with my Eliza Eblan or Eblin (who later married to Horn, Langford, Geer, and Nelson).

In an attempt to find a connection, I have researched the family of Charles Dickey (1812-1902).

The below is a list of his descendants. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 preceding a name indicate the generation number.

Please contact me if you see a connection or needed correction/updates. Thank you.

1. Charles DICKEY (Justice of Peace)-7341 (b.24 Sep 1812-,,,New Jersey;d.26 Mar 1902-of,Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
sp: Louisa JOHNSTON-7342 (b.24 Dec 1824-,,,Illinois;m.14 Jul 1844;d.28 Sep 1907-of,Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
2. Mary E DICKEY-7344 (b.6 Mar 1845-,,,Illinois;d.29 Nov 1900-Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
sp: Thomas Jefferson TAYLOR-7358 (b.1 Apr 1847-Jamestown Township,Grant,Wisconsin;m.7 Nov 1869;d.27 Nov 1915)
3. Byron TAYLOR-7391 (b.10 Sep 1870-,Grant,Wisconsin;d.13 Sep 1889-Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
3. Manona A. TAYLOR-7392 (b.Abt 1876-,,,Iowa)
sp: Frank ADAMS-7399 (m.17 Feb 1894)
3. Zilpha or Zelpha TAYLOR-7393 (b.Abt 1879-,,,Kansas)
sp: Wayne R SMITH-7400 (m.5 Sep 1896)
3. Child TAYLOR-7401
2. Monteray "Montie" DICKEY-7361 (b.31 Oct 1846-,,,Illinois;d.14 Sep 1936-of,Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
sp: Robert P. MCPHERSON-7345 (b.27 Oct 1843-,,,Pennsylvania;m.30 Aug 1866 ;d.2 Jul 1923-of,Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
3. Franklin Elmer MCPHERSON-7394 (b.13 Aug 1867-,,,Wisconsin;d.27 Jun 1969-Phillipsburg,Phillips,Kansas)
3. Estella E. MCPHERSON-7395 (b.Abt 1871-,,,Wisconsin)
3. Margaret M. MCPHERSON-7396 (b.Abt 1876-,,,Kansas;d.after U.S. 1880 census)
2. Samantha C DICKEY-7346 (b.Abt 1848-,,,Illinois;d.after U.S. 1870 census)
2. Charles DICKEY-7390 (b.Abt 1852-,,,Wisconsin;d.after U.S. 1870 census)
2. John W DICKEY-7347 (b.Abt 1855-,,,Wisconsin;d.after U.S. 1880 census)
sp: Flora E. RIESNER-7350 (b.Abt 1856-,,,Illinois;m.21 Sep 1873 )
3. Harrie or Harry DICKEY-7351 (b.Abt 1875-,,,Illinois)
3. Bertha G DICKEY-7352 (b.Abt 1878-,,,Kansas)
3. Cathern DICKEY-7353 (b.Abt 1879-,,,Kansas)
2. Costillas DICKEY-7348 (b.Abt 1857-,,,Wisconsin;d.after U.S. 1880 census)
2. Minnie DICKEY-7349 (b.Abt 1864-,,,Wisconsin;d.after U.S. 1880 census)

DICKEY, Charles & Louisa JOHNSTON

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Dickey, Eblin, Eblan, Rutledge, Patton, Horn, Geer, Langford, Nelson, Rathbun
!MARRIAGE: Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900, searched 17 June 2005 by Ruth Ann Bagley via internet at;
Date: 07/14/1844
Vol./Page: 2 /69
County: MONROE.

!CHILD-COMMENT-ACTION See 1850 census, below, showing household of Charles and Louisa Dickey in Eastern District, Grant, Wisconsin
(1) Appears that two older children, Chas. M Dickey (born 1841) and Albert N. Dickey (born 1843), were born prior 1844 marriage of Charles and Louisa Dickey;
(2) Per information at www.familysearch. org (if correct), Charles Marion Dickey (b. 29 Jul 1841
in Illinois) is child of ROBERT S. and Hannah Dickey.
(3) Per information at (if correct), Albert N Dickey (b. 25 Oct 1843 in Illinois) is also the child of ROBERT Stewart and Hannah Dickey;
(4) Why were Robert's children in the household of Charles Dickey in U.S. 1850 census? (Hannah Reed Dickey died in 1849 per Bible).
(5) Were these two older children adopted by Charles and Louisa (Johnston) Dickey?
(6) Was there a biological relationship between Charles Dickey (b. 1812) and Robert Stewart Dickey (b. 1815)? Brothers? Cousins? Other?
(7) Find Robert Stewart Dickey (b. 1815) in 1850 census. Where is he? He is not deceased since he later remarried (twice): Ellen Creek 16 Oct 1851 and Sarah Ruttledge 17 Mar 1853.

!CENSUS: U.S. 1850 census; Eastern District, Grant, Wisconsin; roll M432_998, page 123; researched 17 June 2005 by Ruth Ann Bagley at;
Chas Dicky (sic); age 37; male; surveyor; value of real estate 1500; born N.J.;
Louisa R Dickey (sic); age 26; female; born Ill.;
Chas M _________; age 9; male; born Ill.;
Albert N. _________; age 6; male; born Ill.;
Mary C. __________; age 5; female; born Ill.;
M. B. ____________; age 3; female; born Ill.;
Samantha C. ______; age 2; female; born Ill.;
Melvina Patton; age 50; female; black; born Ky; cannot read or write;
Eliza Eblin Horn Langford Gear, Cornelius Horn and John Langford lived this same location in 1850 census.

!QUESTION: Eliza Eblin Horn Langford Gear was married 14 Jan 1851 in Grant County, Wisconsin, to Benjamin Nelson at the home of Edwin Rathbun by Chas. Dickey, J.P. What relationship exists between Eliza Eblin (her maiden name) and this Dickey family?

Re: DICKEY, Charles 1812-1902

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Surnames: Dickey, Johnston
In the 1880 Phillipsburg, Phillips, Kansas census, Charles DICKEY (66) and Louisa JOHNSTON DICKEY (55) are living with their son John W. DICKEY (25) and his wife Flors E. DICKEY (24).

Re: DICKEY, Charles 1812-1902

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dickey, Eblin, Nelson, Langford
Based on the following information, here's the connection between the Dickey family and Eliza Eblin:

Robert Stewart Dickey (b.1815) was married to Hannah Reed 9-Aug-1840 in St. Louis. They had three children born in Illinois: Charles Marion (b.1841), Albert Newton (b.1843), and Robert Stewart Jr. (b.1847). Hannah died 27-Jun-1849 (according to the Langford Family bible records) of Cholera in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa (according to letter from son Albert Newton). Her son Robert Stewart Jr. died four months later of dysentery in Oct-1849 in Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin (1850 Federal Mortality Census).

The 1850 Federal Census shows Charles Marion and Albert Newton Dickey are living with their uncle and aunt Charles & Louisa Dickey in Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin. We don't know where Charles Marion and Albert Newton's father (Robert S. Dickey) was living at that time. Perhaps, Robert sent his three sons to live with his brother's family after Hannah died in 1849, or Robert was also living with them in Wisconsin but was left off the census for some reason.

In the same 1850 Federal Census, Benjamin Nelson (b.1875) and Ellen Creek (b.1831) are living in the same household near the house of Charles & Louisa Dickey in Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin. Benjamin Nelson marries Eliza Eblin Horne Gear Langford on 14-Jan-1851 in Grant County, Wisconsin. Robert S. Dickey marries Ellen Creek 16-Oct-1851 in Grant County, Wisconsin. Ellen Creek Dickey dies after giving birth to their daughter Ellen Dickey in July-1852 in Grant County, Wisconsin. Daughter Ellen Dickey dies a month later in Aug-1852.

Robert S. Dickey marries for the third time to Sarah Ruttledge (b.1821) on 17-Mar-1853 in Grant County, Wisconsin. They purchase property June-1856 in Elizabeth, Jo Davies County, Illinois (according to a copy of a deed) but they don't have any children. We're not sure when Robert S. Dickey dies, but it must be sometime between June-1856 and August-1860 because his wife Sarah Dickey marries Joseph Nelson (b.1822) on 5-Aug-1860 in Elizabeth, Jo Davies County, Illinois according to county records. We suspect Joseph Nelson is related to Benjamin Nelson and therefore the connection between Robert S. Dickey and Eliza Eblin.

For the longest time we couldn't figure out why Robert S. Dickey, his kids, and his spouse's information were contained in the Langford Family bible. We think the bible was originally owned by Robert S. Dickey and then passed on to his third wife Sarah Dickey after Robert died. Sarah Dickey then marries Joseph Nelson. Sarah Dickey Nelson died 27-Apr-1870 before her husband Joseph Nelson dies and they never had any kids together. The bible then probably passes from Sarah Dickey Nelson to Joseph Nelson, or one of his relatives. Since Benjamin Nelson was married to Eliza Eblin Horne Gear Langford (mother of John W. Langford b. 28-Jan-1841), Robert S. Dickey's bible ended up with the Langford family.......and that is the connection between Eliza Eblin and Robert S. Dickey.

Hope this information is some help to you. The question we are still trying to figure out is, what happened to Albert Newton Dickey between the time when he was shown living with his Uncle Charles in 1850 and when he joined the military in Smelters Grove, Wisconsin 30-Sep-1864. In an 1898 letter to his nephew, Albert Newton said he didn't live with his father, but was living with a Dr. Arnvedia(?). We haven't been able to find any information on Albert Newton or a Dr. Arnvedia during that time. If you have any information about Robert S. or Albert Newton Dickey's whereabouts between 1850 and 1864, we'd sure like to know. Tony and Sheila-Dickey Olenichak
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