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Creating Books

Creating Books

Posted: 1349700723000
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I want to create a book, but I think I'm over thinking it - Can you give me some ideas on the types of reports to include that you think make a "good" book?
I'm using FTM 2012.
The family I'm using has 373 individuals across 12 generations-
Your thoughts will be appreciated.

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349710054000
Classification: Query
First one needs to decide on a "Target" starting person.

Most of the Books I have made were for a younger (current generation) person.
I use the following basic format.

Title Page
Pedigree of target
Ahnentafel of target
Family Group Sheet showing target
FGS for several generations.
Outline Descendant Reports of each oldest of each wanted line

Remember that if you are working from the other end of the chain, then one will want some different reports and charts.

You need to Play with a "Junk" book and see what the different arrangements will give you.

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349712865000
Classification: Query
Thanks that's helpful. My target person will be a current generation person who has gr-grandchildren. I am leaning toward doing the Ahnentafel in two parts - one for his father's family and one for his mother's.
When you create the Ahnentafel's do you include an index or will the book create an index for all reports included?
I was also thinking including some key documents - birth, marriage, death for direct line persons only.

I guess I'm trying to decide at what point does it get too much and the "audience" will lose interest.

Anyone else out there - I'd be glad to hear what has worked for you

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349714471000
Classification: Query
When you do a Ahnentafel report it will do both lines by default, so all you need to do is one.

The index is the last (or near the last) thing I add, as it covers ALL charts and reports that are included in the book. But is get updated if you add other charts and reports.

As for your "Key Documents", I have not messed with them, but you should be able to include them IF they are images of said documents and are in your "Media Collection".

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349730244000
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A different slant on Books.

First I have my wife's and my family in one large file.

I have books for each of the grandparent of my daughters. This is four books for my wife's and my parents. While the fringes may overlap, usually these books are completely independent.

While it is my opinion that all books should have a title page, table of contents, and an index, my books have a slghtly different make up.

I start my books with a text document that introduces each family.

I create my books with genealogical reports that contain all facts and notes in my database. It contains the a genealogy report of the primary family. ie the family with the longest continuous name. I supplement this with genealogy reports for the maternal families.In my books these sub family go until they marry into the primary family. With fairly extensive, formatted notes these parts give a readable report on the family.

I usually include a ancestor chart for the primary individual. This helps orient the subfamilies to the primary family.

When there is major information to support my conclusion, interesting stories about the family, or speculation about the families origin, I I place the information in a text document. These test documents can be several pages.

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349743003000
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Edited: 1349743082000
One thing to be aware of, when in the Title Page, there is a menu and toolbar. This is the only place that you can save a Title page. This should be done as often as you need. One does NOT need to this saving, if they are adding items such as reports and charts.

The Print icon and Print with in the menu, is one that you can select the different printers, BUT, you can NOT select the number of or which pages to be printed. It is ALL or none by canceling out.

You stated "I start my books with a text document that introduces each family."

What method do you use to do this?

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349752077000
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In the FTM Version 16 it was a book module called a Text Item. in FTM 2012 it is called a Smart Story. It is under the category of modules called Other.

In all versions it is basically a word processor, and you can write what you want like all word processors.

The FTM Title page is the FTM word processor document with a macro to put the information into it. I never use the basic FTM title but change it to add the primary family, a list the subfamilies, print date, etc. I also put my name and contact information on the front page.

In FTM 16 I used to write what I wanted in Word Perfect and copy it to the FTM text document, but since the Word processor is greatly improved in FTM 2012, I now write directly into FTM.

I wish FTM would add a macro to add the current date to an FTM title page so when I printed a book it would have he current date the information is being taken from the database.

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349754053000
Classification: Query
Thank you for the 2012 input. I need to look over the section on Smart Story.

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349785473000
Classification: Query
PS I don't use smart stories, just the word processor function. It is my understanding that you can put in fields from the database, for parts of your Stories, in the text document

Re: Creating Books

Posted: 1349793224000
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Thanks for the heads up.
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