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Tree became unlinked

Tree became unlinked

Posted: 1349639818000
Classification: Query
I went to sync today and got an error message:

"It appears that the online tree has been deleted"

and the only choice is to
"Confirm the unlinking of this tree to the online tree"

Of course, the online tree has not been deleted, it is visible. Do I need to, once again, delete my tree and re-upload? I prefer to go from FTM to ATM because I rename the media and downloads use random names. Also, other information gets lost.

I'm using the latest update of FTM 2012.

Anyone else get their tree unlinked? What should I do?

Re: Tree became unlinked

Posted: 1349640612000
Classification: Query
before you do anything else, Close FTM and reboot your PC.
Reconnet to Ancestry and see if it has stopped being "Brain Dead". If the problem persists, call to see if they can help.

Delete and redownload on ly as the last resort.
- My 2 cents worth-


Posted: 1349641660000
Classification: Query
I closed my file and opened another. Then I closed that one and opened my first file. The Sync button was greyed out. Then I closed FTM and it ran a sync. After I re-opened it (first it said that my file was in use by another process, then opened it) and sync was now available. I checked ATM and today's changes were online.

It appears to have recovered. I compacted and backed up my file right away!


Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1349642144000
Classification: Query
Glad to hear that it was only a momentary glitch.

You might want to take a look at Tools/Options/General and make sure that "use caption instead of filename for media display" box is checked. Then, your renamed media files will keep the name, rather than showing with a random assigned name.

Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1349642709000
Classification: Query
You don't need to reboot. Closing FTM 2012 and opening it up again resets the connection that FTM appears to have lost.

Report it to

I've provided them with the Sync Diagnostic file on this one.


Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1349644468000
Classification: Query
Don't panic ... this seems to come up as an alternative to the 'it's getting crowded in here' message. Just back up your work, close the program and try again until the servers get their act together

Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1349780718000
Classification: Query
Hmm. When this happened to me just now, I didn't read this first. So my trees are now unlinked, and I then re-upload from FTM to ATM.

Which means that I now have TWO copies of my tree on ATM, one linked and one not, with all of my invites on the old tree and no invites on the new tree.

Is it safe to delete the old one, so that I only keep the linked tree, or is it only living in one place but with two names? I don't want to lose everything! (Needless to say, I have just backed everything up!)

Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1350296778000
Classification: Query
As you have unlinked the old tree it would be best now to work on the new one and keep that synched with FTM and Ancestry.

You could delete the old one but make sure that all info is on the newly synched one. I lost all the info that I had in my 'notes' sections on FTM for some strange reason the last time I had to resynch but had kept the old tree on FTM and have been gradually restoring the info onto the new one ... (with accompanying moans and mutterings against synching)

You will need to re-invite all of the invites on the old tree to the new one :-0

Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1350297242000
Classification: Query
Thanks - that's what I did in the end


Re: Un-brain-dead

Posted: 1350297662000
Classification: Query
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