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SYNC issues -- data integrity?

SYNC issues -- data integrity?

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I am a long-time genealogist, but a 'newbie' to Family Tree Maker. And like most serious researchers I could probably be described as 'paranoid' about data integrity.

So I was more than a little worried this morning when I saw a note that I THOUGHT I had attached to one individual show up instead on another individual after I had gone through the synching process.

I am human and fallible so it is possible that the problem was due to operator error -- by me!! But I honestly don't think that's the case, and so I thought I would throw the question out to more experienced FTM users ..... Have others of you experienced problems like this?

I think I will enjoy some of the flexibility that FTM supposedly provides, but not if it comes at the cost of corrupting data and documentation that I have worked for years to create.

Thanks in advance for any comments or advice!


Re: SYNC issues -- data integrity?

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I believe there have been some minor bugs in the sync code that has altered some of my data for media files, and I have also noticed some changes to relationships. I honestly have reacted to this by sort of putting my head in the sand and hoping that it doesn't happen again (though I have reported the errors to the FTM crew).

I've noticed errors with my media files the most. The most common one is a failure to sync a change to a caption. The next most common is the description for one media item being written over an existing description for a different media item.

Re: SYNC issues -- data integrity?

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I have stayed away from the sync functionality until a few weeks ago. I actually have never been an online tree fan. But I am helping someone and created a new file and
uploaded to Ancestry so she could see the progress. While I can't positively conclude the problem is through the synching vs. just FTM2012 or user error, I'm very suspicious. My main FTM file which has never been uploaded is just fine and I've been adding to that file for years vs. just a few weeks for the corrupted synced file.

See my series of messages for "Corrupt Source".

Re: SYNC issues -- data integrity?

Posted: 1349357488000
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I am at the hobby level with genealogy but have used FTM since the early days. The tree sync seems to be the area with the most potential for problems but it is getting better all the time and they have addressed many of the problems. I like it because I can invite contribitors that I know to work on my online trees and I can sync and backup. For my peace of mind, I mostly work in FTM on my desktop and and sync down occassionl work on the online trees plus the things contributors may have added. Then I keep good backups from my desktop program. This keeps the volume of work on my desktop which I trust pretty much.

Things I do to keep a healthy environment:
Compacting and closing/restarting FTM before a sync. Maybe overkill but until I am confident treesync is rock solid seems to increase my percentages of trouble free syncs.
Shutting down and restarting computer at least 1 per week.
Cleaning up the hard drive 1-2 times per month.

I have a tree with about 20k persons and really don't have many issues. There could always be some issues that I haven't uncovered but I don't think so. The heavy duty users will certainly have their opinions.

Re: SYNC issues -- data integrity?

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Edited: 1349364400000
I am a long user with 62,000 names - all entered at the keyboard over 40 years (except for one 1,000 file imported about 20 years ago when I learned my lesson).

After seeing the problems that people talk about on this board, I wouldn't come within a ten foot pole of syncing my file.

I still export to a gedcom and upload to WorldConnect every few days. If you want a tree on, you can still upload your ftm file every few days / weeks by just hitting the Share button in the WebSearch page and deleting the old tree. You still have the choice of both options.

One advantage of World Connect is that the urls for people don't change after each upload like they do with the Share button of FTM>Ancestry.
Also, you can make your tree public without letting people just steal your work by merging stuff.
Also, I like the various reports at WorldConnect better than ancestry - peidgree, ahnentafel, descendant outline, descendant register, etc.

Re: SYNC issues -- data integrity?

Posted: 1349374541000
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I agree with silverfox, WorldConnect it the way to go. I have several databases uploaded there. That reminds me, I need to update them.

JUST, remember your password and use the SAME file name for your GEDCOM file and all will work out great.

Re: SYNC issues -- data integrity?

Posted: 1349381678000
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Hmmm, there is a button to browse for the file to replace the tree of choice.

I select that "browse" button.

I guess not changing the file name and always putting it in the same path/directory would eliminate that step, but FTM assigns a unique date identifier with each Gedcom, so I find it just easier to browse to the one with today's date in a folder I setup for uploading my WorldConnect tree.

That said, you may wish to choose to export the file without images, private facts or notes and choose the GEDCOM option, the select 5.5 and proceed.

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