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Batch printing reports

Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349284917000
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I've just downloaded FTM 2012 and have been playing around with it. (Haven't used FTM since v16.) Is there no longer a batch report printing option? In the earlier versions, I was able to pull up a family group sheet for an ancestor and batch print family group sheets for all descendanats, in the correct order. (I was so excited when they introduced this.) I'm not able to figure out if this is possible in FTM12, and if it is, how would I do it. It sure saved me a lot of work before.
(I've had no genealogy training. I started out putting all of my mom's information on the computer-she had researched our family over 25 years-and I've picked up on it from there.)

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349297490000
Classification: Query
You are correct

Batch printing of FGS reports is not supported in versions 2008 on.

I guess it never made it from version 16.

You could Share the FGS reports as PDF files then depending if you have a version of Acrobat or other PDF creator that you to combine PDF files, (Acrobat can do this), you could then batch print them.

Not sure if it is worth the trouble?

You should send an enhancement request into

John D

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349298791000
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JPCarolus Comment

"Is there no longer a batch report printing option?"

Short Answer - No there is no capablity to do this.

I submitted an enhancement request to have this included in FTM 2011. I never received a response.

My suggested is that you send in a request to have this implemented

Although my request was quite long I have included it Below so you can get a feel of what I was suggesting



Though the suggested enhancement is fairly simple in concept [and I think it would be somewhat easy to write the necessary software code] it is most easily explained through the use of an example


As an example, say I wanted to generate a “Timeline Report” for a person named John Jones.

To do this:

1- I would use the Index in the “People” Window to locate John Jones’ name
2- I would then click on John Jones’ name.
3- I would then click on the “Publish Icon” which would take me to the available “Publication Types.”
4- I would then click on the “Person Reports” line which would bring me to the available “Person Reports.”
5- I would then click on the “Timeline Report” Icon and the system would then generate a “Timeline Report” for John Jones

A very simple straight forward process

But, now let’s say I want to generate a Timeline Report for each of John Jones’ Ancestors and let’s say I have previously determined that John Jones has 250 direct ancestors and I know all their names. I can generate a report for each of his ancestors by doing the above process 250 times, but this would be very time consuming and lead to a high frustration


Using the above Timeline Report as an example, my suggestion is to have FTM 2011 [BATCH] Print all of the 250 “Timeline Reports” in “One Fell Swope”, using coding similar to the old Fortran “Do Loop.” [Sorry I stopped writing software at the time of PL 1, so I don’t know the new terminology, but I am sure you know what I mean]

To further delineate the suggestion, I am suggesting that this Batch Print capability be added to FTM 2011 so that the user could Batch print ANY [SET OR SUBSET**] OF CHARTS, REPORTS OR MEDIA that is presently available in the FTM 2011 system OR WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE

I envision it working somewhat along the following lines

1- There would be a filter that the user would use to find [in this example case] all the ancestors of “John Jones’ [As you know that type of filter* presently exists in FTM 2011]
2- Once the filter found all the ancestors for John Jones the system would ask “What do you want to do next?” and the user would indicate that they wanted to generate a “Timeline Report” for each of the people shown in the filter
3- The system would request the user to tell it what the user wanted to do with the Reports
4- The response could take many variations
A- Batch Print the Reports
B- Share the Reports
C- Create a new Book of the Reports and add a Table Of Contents
D- Add the Reports to a Book the user previously created and give it a “Section” Table Of Contents
D- Etc.


To ensure ease of implementation of further future enhancements along the lines discussed here the filter being suggested here, should be just as sophisticated as the filters presently used in FTM 2011

Alternatively, rather than creating a new FTM 2011 filter the existing filter* could be expanded to include the features necessary to implement this suggestion

Also, it might be beneficial if the software team/group did a little brainstorming on this suggestion before implementing it. I am sure they will be able to find a lot more uses than I have described here

As usual, I suggest this be implemented with a strong eye towards “Options.” I know you are using options in many many places in the system, but the more options you use for something such as this will improve customer satisfaction and hopefully hold down/minimize the comments such as “This is good, but I just wish they would have done it this way instead”

By implementing this, I know you will make someone happy – An 88 year old Aunt living in Provo who has been working on the family Genealogy for over 50 years, and has turned it over to me to complete it. It will also make me very happy since I won’t have to print 285 Timeline Reports of her ancestor’s one at a time

* NOTE BENE: The filter concept built into FTM 2011 is an excellent tool. My thought is that this suggestion would best be implemented through the use of a filter. Though there are various places in the FTM 2011 system where filters are used they all appear to have the same exact capabilities – which is good. Hence, my thought is the enhancement suggested here would best be served by adding the new required features to the existing Standard Filter. There are other features that can and should be added to the Standard Filter. I am sure the software team/group has a list of them. I am also trying to gather my thoughts in this area and hopefully in the near future will be suggesting other features to be added to the filter

** ANOTHER NOTE BENE: To ensure understandability of the suggestion following are some examples of use of the filter [and assume we are talking about any and all kinds of reports, charts and media.]

Have the System create a batch of Reports or Charts or Media which could include:
1-A batch of Timeline Reports that contain any person on a Timeline Report whose Residence at any time was Ashland, Aroostook County, Maine
2-A batch of Relationship Charts that contain any person on a Relationship Chart who was born in Prove, Provo County, Utah
3- A batch of Outline Descendant Reports that contain any person on an Outline Descendant Report that was married in Mountain City, Elko County, Nevada
4-A batch of Individual Reports that contain any person on an Individual Report that has the surname Jones
5-A batch of Individual Reports that contains all the ancestors of John Jones
6-A batch of Reports of Type X that contains all the descendants of John Jones
7-A batch of Reports of Type Y for each individual shown in the filter [regardless of the process used to place the individuals in the filter]
8-A copy of each media item image shown in the Media Category “Photographs.”
7-A copy of each media item image shown in the filter [regardless of the process used to place the media item title in the filter and regardless of the type of media – MS Word, JPEG, BMP, PDF, etc.]

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349302442000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1349313100000
Next question, then, is how do I submit that type of request?
And I have to say I am bummed. I used this A LOT in v16 because I would take a notebook with everyone's fgs to our reunions so people could update them.
It is one of the few things I was looking forward to getting back when I switched back to FTM this week. I can't do this in my current software, either.

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349308206000
Classification: Query
For a somewhat limited purpose like this, can't you put the separate FGSs in a book?

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349313073000
Classification: Query
Yes, that is what I do in my current software, but it is a time consuming process and I have to confess, that it's the putting them in the correct order that was so convenient about the batch printing. It was much more convenient, as I didn't have to think to do that.

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1349336935000
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Edited: 1349338326000
JPCarolus comment

"Next question, then, is how do I submit that type of request?"

It appears as if just recently revised this process, but here is how you do it

In FTM 2012 Plan View go to the small window pane on the right

Click on Links

Click on Family Tree Maker - This last step will take you to a Family Tree Maker Advertisement

At the top of the Advertisement click on "Technical Support"

This will take you to a new form

On the right side of that new form There is a header saying "Give Feedback"

Click on the underline portion "Please let us Know"

This will take you to a form that will let you provide them your suggestion

Note: Since that form is somewhat diffiult to deal with when entering your text for the suggestion I always create my suggestion in MS Word and then when I feel I have it say what I want it to say I copy and paste the suggestion into the form

PS- The above process [although cumbersome] wil allow you to send in your enhncement

Re: Batch printing reports

Posted: 1350151669000
Classification: Query
Although I agree we should all send in enhancement requests, I question the effectiveness of the process as I now doubt the commitment of the FTM organisation to deal with issues that users raise.

Their initial response is always upbeat but once you get them past the "Frequently Asked Questions" stage they soon abandon any semblance of actual action.

I would stand to be corrected but would be interested in hearing of the experience of other users.
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