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President William Henry Harrison

President William Henry Harrison

Owieta (View posts)
Posted: 954942877000
Looking for anyone who is related to President Harrison. Story goes that so how William H Payne was related to him. Anyone with information on him I would greatly appericate it. you can e-amil me at

Harrison cousins of 1st US president Harrison

jean (View posts)
Posted: 955021271000
I am looking for info. regarding my great-great grandfather, Robert Monroe Harrison, US consul general in Jamaica circa 1800, reputedly a cousin of US president ....Harrison ( the first one, sorry I don't know his name off hand).Also connections to Fairfax family

US President Harrison

Owieta (View posts)
Posted: 955042808000
Do you know if there are any Payne's in your family tree. According to family history and the name Williams Henry Harrison, thoughtout our family those 3 names are used. My Father was James Clayborne Payne Jr. He told me some how we were related to the President but he did not know by whom. His Grandfather was William Harrison Payne. I cannot ask him any question I lost him in Feb to cancer. So now I have to go on memories of what I've been told. If you could help me I would greatly appericate.
Thank you

Harry Henry Hooker Harrison b.Oct. 5, 1880

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I am Mary Frances Cross, my mom is Shirley Tilley, her mom was Willa Frances Mary Harrison -Tilley who I was named after.Grandma (a very sweet lovely person I`m told),bore 2 sweet daughters,Shirley Ann Tilley Cross Joan Roberta Tilley Chambers, with her husband my Grandpa Norman Wendell Tilley.My mom Aunt Joan were born in St.Lewis, Missouri.In 1935 they moved to Swissvale ,Pa. My Grandma her sister Helen were born to Marie Hinee Harrison her husband Harry Henry Hooker Harrison. I remember my Gr. Grandpa Harrison, he nicnamed me "Smiley" it must have pained him to much to call me Mary, as his daughter I was named after had just died of cancer in June of `55, I was born in Feb.of`56.My Great Grandpa Harrison was the youngest of his family was born on Oct 5,1880 lived until the summer of 1973.His dad was Albert C. Harrison b.Jan.3,1834 d.Feb.17,1916, his wife was Angeline Driver(Wyandot tribe)Harrison b.Sept.7,1842 d. Oct.5,1926 together they had Albert A.Harrison who married Jeness B.Davis(descendant of Chief Powhatan-Wahunsonacock)There was a Fannie Harrison that died very young -age 5 I believe.There was Lilian Harrison/?/ married Wm. McLeod they didn`t have any children,she gave my Gr. Grandpa Harrison the land deeds to give to my mom her great niece.I`m checking out the Oklahoma Texas deeds.

Reply to Jean Wm H, Harrison (1st Harrison President)

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Benjamin Harrison was a Statesman he was the Signer of the Declaration of Independence.Benjamin`s son Wm. H. Harrison was the one credited with having Col. Johnson ride his white horse on the fateful day Oct. 5, 1813 have the mighty Shawnee Kispokothe Sept`s Tecumseh murdered.I read in a book entitled West to Ohio by Alta Heister where Harrison admits to breaking rules of war to have Tecumseh murdered, but justifies it by stating that everyone who truely understands his profession must break a few rules along the way.Wm. H. Harrison is the President of the USA-Born 1773-1841-9th pres. died one month in office March to April 1841- that you are inquiring about.Since Wm. Henry Harrison died there has been a 20 year curse on the USA President Elect.Every 20 years following him now there is the year 2000 curse hanging over the next President Elect.Wm. Henry Harrison`s son was John Scott Harrison his son was Benjamin Harrison the other President of the USA-Born 1833 died 1901,was 23rd Pres.of USA from 1889 to 1893. [Wm. H. Harrison on my mom`s side had Johnson murder Tecumseh on my dad`s side stole the land from all the indiginous tribal people of this land.Once Ohio was stolen the English the French desided to call a truce split the land straight across to the Pacific Ocean.The French stole the north the English stole the land south of the imaginary line. It breaks my heart, as God`s word states,(Tecumseh could quote fluently from the Bible that Rebecca Galloway taught him from),says Thou shalt not steal, kill, or covet thy neighbor or his goods. I hold the Harrison land deeds in one hand in the other I hold our Shawandasse Kispokotha Sacred Peacepipe-warclub that Tecumseh in anger could have crushed Wm. H.`s head, but Tecumseh stayed his hand on the following day when Tecumseh Harrison met they smoked the Ancient Stone peacepipe-warclub, then after they smoked in peace Harrison said to Tecumseh to willingly leave our Ohio land. Tecumseh gave his famous speech," Where today are the Naragansett, the Mohican, the Pokanoket, and many other once powerful tribes of our people? They have vanished before the avarice and the oppression of the white man, as snow before a summer sun.Will we let ourselves be destroyed in our turn without a struggle, give up our homes,our Country bequeathed to us by the Great spirit, the graves of our dead and everything that is dear and sacred to us? I know you will cry with me,Never, Never!-Tecumseh of the Algonkian nation/Shawnee Tribe/Kispoko Sept --Isaiah 58:12 Those from among you Shall build up the old waste places;You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,the Restorer of Streets to Dwell In. Tecumseh`s Great great Granddaughter was my Grandma Zania Belle Barker Cross- my dad`s mom.My mom`s mom was Willa Frances Mary Harrison descendant of the Harrison that murdreed him stole the land Tecumseh`s life. I never had the privelege of knowing either one of my Grandma`s but our bloodlines are now joined. Tecumseh predicted that his 7th generation would be regathering the tribes, working on restoration of land. I say yea amen, I am of his 7th generation.


jim (View posts)
Posted: 955173932000
att: jean message#907 my grandmother cyrina harrison was born 1/28/1865-died 1/1905. not sure who her parents were, but the name robert elizabeth have been mentioned. somewhere she was a descendent of pres. wm henry harrison. john [father of pres. benjamin harrison] had several brothers who may have been cyrinas father, but i havn't been able to trace their children. any info. you or anyone may have are willing to share will be appreciated.

reply to jean-- cyrina harrison cousin of Pres.ben. harrison

jim (View posts)
Posted: 955174422000
check message #918

connections to 1st harrison president

Jean (View posts)
Posted: 955357330000
to Jim , I hope this reaches you ,Jim, I'm a novice with this system . According to a Jamaica cousin member of the British Genealogical Society, My greatgrandmother, Virginia Fairfax Harrison was born in the Caribbean, prob. at Jamaica, 28/8/1821,only daughter of Robert Munroe Harrison ( died at KIngston, 1858, aged 90 yrs), Consul General for the US in Jamaica. Virginia was married to Peter Alexander Espeut , of Jamaica Haiti in 1837, and died in childbirth in 1841 ( our cousin Peter is descended from the 2nd wife). I have confirmed Robert Munroe's relationship with Pres. Harrison through, giving details of entries from the American Biographical Library . There are "for pay" links that might take you further. I'd love to know more, whenever you find . I will not have this e-mail hookup after April 12 but will forward a hotmail address as soon as I get it organized. Yours, Jean

Harrison presidents

Jean (View posts)
Posted: 955358254000
Dear Ms Cross, Thank-you so much for bringing me up to date on the which Harrison is which . also on your facinating connections. It seems that history will even things out in the end. Yours truly, Jean

Albert C. Harrison-St.Louis Harrison

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My maternal grandma (my mom`s mom) was Willa Frances Mary Harrison-(she married Norman W. Tilley),she was the second daughter of Marie Hinee Harrison and Harry Henry H. Harrison she had a sister Helen Harrison-Bohn.Harry H.H.Harrison was born Oct 5, 1880 the youngest of his family, he remained in St.Louis until his passing in 1973,at age 93.He was the son of Albert Charles Harrison died Feb.17,1916-his wife was Angeline Driver(Wyandot)Harrison she was born Sept.1842 and died Oct.5,1926. Yes it is true that Benjamin Harrison`s cousin John Rolfe married Pocohontas-Lady Rebecca daughter of Chief Wahunsonacock that the history books call Chief Powhatan -name of the Algonkian Nations Powhatan tribe also on my Harrison side Jeness B. Davis is a descendant of Chief Wahunsonacock through one of Powhatan`s sons through John "Powdermaker" Davis- intermarried with Shawnee Delewares,Cherokee, Seneca tribes,seeIndian Blood-Finding your native American Ancestor Vol 1 by Richard Pangburn)(Yes we are related to Statesman Benjamin Harrison-Signer of The Declaration of Independence,his son [Wm.H. Harrison that was in many Indian battles had Col. Johnson murder the mighty Shawnee leader Tecumseh- so the USA could claim-covet all the land] even was 9th President of USA for a month-March to April 1841,then his son John Scott Harrison bore the other Benjamin Harrison (b.Aug.20,1833 d.March 13,1901) that became 23rd President of the USA-his wife was (Caroline Lavina Scott b.1832 d.1892-she was the daughter of Mary Scott Lord Dimnock (Dimmick) 1858-1948)
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