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Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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I am looking for information on the descendants of my grandfather's sister, Elizabeth Suchocki, who came from the area of Poznan, Poland in the 1880's and married Michael Lukaszak and had at least eight children.. They lived in Fayette Co. PA and in the early 1900's moved near Chicatgo, IL. Any help appreciated.

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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I never thought I'd see this.. I just tried to google my dad and look what I found! My great-grandfather is Michael Lukaszak. My grandfather is Alexander Resney, youngest son of Michael.

But I really don't know much about my great grandfather. My grandfather past away in 1993 and he didn't really talk much about his Polish ancestry. I'm curious to know more about Elizabeth..

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Surnames: Suchocki Lukaszak/Resney Kaminski Koslowski Skonieczny
I just found a notice of this response in my computer while looking for my son's new e-mail addy!

I was vacationing for two weeks in May and this is dated about the time I returned so it got lost in the shuffle and I never got around to reading it. Sorry!

As I stated in my original message, I am attempting to write a history of my grandfather's family. I do not know the maiden name of his mother which would be greatly appreciated. I do know his father's name was Anthony Suchocki and they had one son and four daughters. My grandfather's obit gives the name, Mary Iwasczkiewicz, for his mother, but my aunt said that is the married name of one of their cousins, and didn't know how it got into the obit as her grandmother's maiden name. Grandfather died in October 1939 of a heart attack at the age of 70.

I have been told that the parents never left Poland, but one by one all of their children came to America in the mid-1880's and early 1890's.

I believe my grandfather, John Suchocki, was the first to make the journey. He arrived in Baltimore, MD in April 1884 at the age of 14. Family legend says he traveled with a Martinosky Family disguised as a girl and was passed off as their daughter. The Martinosky Family remained in Baltimore and my grandfather was put on the B&O train to Connellsville, PA where he was met by former neighbors from Poland. He lived with them and worked in the coal mines and later the coke ovens. He then met and married a young lady who attended the same church. This was the first Polish-Catholic church in the Greensburg dioscese and my grandfather was the first treasurer.

Using the US Census records, I have pieced together the birth order and years of birth for all five of these children whose names were given to me by my father's older sister who kept in touch with some of her cousins in Chicago until she passed away in 1983. I wrote to the cousins back in 1979 and got one reply with a little information and promises of more to come later. Never heard from her again. When I renewed my search in 2005, I was able to contact a relative who said she had died shortly after writing me the only letter I received.

Here's what I have: 1) Antonia Suchocki b. 1863 m. Kazmier Koslowski (found 4 children in the 1900 Census); 2) Agnes Suchocki b. 1864 m. Joseph Skonieczny (found 6 children); 3) Elizabeth Suchocki b. 1865 m. Michael Lukaszak/Resney b. 1862 (found 6 names of children); 4) John Suchocki b. 1869 m. Agnes Rogalinski b. 1875 (these are my grandparents and they had 11 children); 5) Frances Suchocki b. 1873 m. first John Kaminski 2nd Michael Kozlowski (found 10 children named Kaminski and 2 named Kozlowski).

If you furnish the names of the descendants of Elizabeth and Michael Lukaszak, I will be one step closer to getting my history completed.

Will gladly share the names of the descendants of John and Agnes Suchocki. It appears the name will die out with the generation below me. Only two of my father's brothers had sons and one only had two daughters; one had two sons, but they are now in their 40's and have never married; and my oldest boy cousin passed away in 2004 without marrying. They have all remained in the Fay-West area of Southwestern, PA (Fayette & Westmoreland Counties) where my grandfather landed back in April 1884.

All of the sisters originally lived in Fayette County also, but only one remained. The others relocated to Chicago, IL and near Detroit, MI in the early 1900's. This is all of the information I was able to gather so far.

I was told there was some legality that forced the family to change their name from Lukaszak to Resney when they came to America, but I didn't understand it.

Looking for assistence from anyone who may be a relative or friend of these families.

Bonisue -- been living near Baltimore, MD for last 51 years.

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Surnames: Resney Lucaszak
sorry it took so long but I wanted to thank you for all of this. I was completely blown away when I read your response. You knew everything from Poland to the coal mines my grandfather worked in... absolutely fascinating. If you ever put out a book or something, it'd be really interested to take a look.

So as far as what I can offer to help put the pieces together, here's what I have:

My grandmother Rema Hazel Thompson, was from Cainsville, MO and met Alexander Resney (born 11/3/1900; son of Micheal Lucaszak & Elizabeth) in Chicago around 1938 and they were married in 1942. By then, some of Alex's siblings had already past away and my grandma only knew his living sibilings.

She was able to confirm two brothers, Walter (went by Watt) and Louis; Two sisters, Louise and Nelly but she wasn't certain of the 3rd (possibly named Florence because Alex looked after his niece, Florence, and she may have been named after her mother-Alex's sister).

I wasn't sure if you wanted info about my grandma but the siblings I know of were her sisters Nella and Blanchet (or Blanche) and her brother Buck but she had 2 more sisters and 3 more brothers (her parents were Daisy and Manford by the way).

Alex and Rema had 4 boys (all in order of age); Thomas, Michael and my dad, James. Tom had 2 kids, Russell and Romney (and I forget her married name). Mike had just a son, Jeff, and my dad (Jim) had 4 kids: Dawn, Kevin (me), Darren and Brian.

Alex and Rema moved to California after Tom graduate from Cal Tech and by then my dad was a sophomore in high school and always wanted to see the ocean. Oh, Mike, by the way, dies in a tragic gyrocopter (it's like a helicopter) accident in Indiana around 1999 (I think).

There are so many ways I can go with this story so I'll stop and see what questions you may have that you would prefer I elaborate on. However I do have a question I was hoping you knew: Why did they pick Resney? I mean, I understand why they changed their name from Lucaszak by where the heck did they get Resney? Why not Lucas or Cass or something? Resney is just so far in left field and no one can tell me where it came from.

Well I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you. .

my personal email is by the way..

San Diego, CA

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Hi Kevin and thanks for replying!
My older daughter is Dawn and her first husband was Kevin so you got my attention right there! My older son was Michael and he died in a tragic auto accident at the age of 22 -- his 45th birthday is coming up in two days.

I do have a question: You said your grandparents had four sons and then you listed three. Did you miss one or write the wrong number?

I have never met or spoken to anyone from this family so have no idea where Resney came from. My only contact was that one letter back in 1979 and apparently the lady died before she got around to sending me the additional info she said she would send.

I am only interested in the descendants of the Lukasak/Resney families as they are the ones I am related to. Your grandmother's Thompson family is not related.

Will contact you later.

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Yeah, I goofed. They only had 3 boys-not four.

I wonder who that woman was that died in 1979. It's one of those things I've always wondered: where "Resney" came from. If you ever come across that answer, please don't be bashful...let me know! :)

I also wish I had more history from my grandfather's side. My grandfather and his father tried so hard to assimilate that they shy'd from their past. I know my grandfather didn't like to talk about his past, nor did he like to acknowledge that he was Polish. He always said he was American and not Polish.

And yeah, I had a feeling you didn't need to know the Thompson family history.

Hope I helped fill in at least a few gaps.

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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This is Romney Resney, Granddaughter of Alex Resney, Daughter of Tom Resney. IT was fun to stumble across this posting online. Alex worked in the coal mines in PA, then moved to Chicago and worked as a postman (where he met our grandmother Rema). He passed in 1996, at the age of 96. (and, as kevin correctly pointed out, it was very difficult to get him to talk about his Polish roots.)

Alex has 10 great grandchildren (so far). My brother Russ Resney, (alex's grandson, Tom's son) has 4 kids-- Katiya Resney, Elizabeth Resney, Alexandra Resney (named after grandpa) and Walker Resney. I have 3 kids (AnnaLise Sandrich, Jackson Sandrich and Cole Sandrich) , and Geoff Resney(Mike's Son, Alex's Grandson) also has 3 kids ( Michael Resney, Thomas Resney, and Geoffrey Resney)

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Hi Romney and thanks for the response!

If I am interpreting correctly: Your grandfather, Alex, is a 1st cousin of my father, Raymond Suchocki. Your father, Tom, is my 2nd cousin and you are my children's 3rd cousin.

My children: Michael 1962-1985 never married; Dawn 1966 has 6 children; 1 grandchild; Starr 1970 has three children; Steven 1972 has two sons. So I have 11 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. I was an only child.
If you go to and type in "Anthony Suchocki" you should find my brief history of that side of my family.

I did publish a family history of what I was able to gather in 2007, but I will add your info to my family records.

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Hi, this is a fascinating thread. I'm Thom (Thomas) Resney, and I live just outside of Toronto. My father, Nicholas Resney, emigrated from western Ukraine in the 1920's from the village of Tarnopol (sp?).

My dad worked in the lumber camps in Northern Ontario, as well as other odd jobs before settling in Toronto.

I have two brothers Jim (passed away in 2001) and Ron.

If anyone has a connection to us in any way, it would be wonderful to hear from you.

Re: Suchocki - Lukaszak/Resney Marriage

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Surnames: Suchocki Lukaszak Resney
Hi Romney--

Do you possibly have a photo of Elizabeth and Michael and/or Alex and Rema? I would like to add them to my family history. It could even be a group photo of their family or families.

Also, do you have any idea where the name Alexander came from in the family? Just wondering since I have an uncle Alexander who was a 1st cousin to your Alexander. Named for the same relative or just a coincidence??? I now know that Elizabeth's father was Anthony and her grandfather was Thomas and her brother was John so no Alexanders are showing up in her line unless he was an uncle. Very possible!

My personal e-mail addy is I can get jpeg photo attachments. Thanks!!!
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