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Elizabeth STONEBRAKER, b. 1808

Elizabeth STONEBRAKER, b. 1808

Jeanne Hamblin (View posts)
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Any knowledge of the marriage of Elizabeth STONEBRAKER, 1824 in Butler Co., OH of Elizabeth to Joseph JACKSON. Did they have children or was she perhaps widowed shortly after marriage.

Elizabeth Stonebraker

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I show Elizabeth and Joseph Jackson had 11 children, only one of which I've found a family.

Record of Elizabeth Stonebraker Jackson

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Hi Jeanne Hamblin,

I am a descendant of the Stonebraker family. Last week I received a book named, “The Stonebrakers in America”, authored by Dr. Charles L. Eater, Jr. , Mabel B. Eater, and Charles W. Morgan. I would suggest that you contact Charles W. Morgan at his e-mail of . He has the books to sell and he also has included the Elizabeth Stonebraker Jackson, whom you were inquiring of. “The Stonebrakers in America”, traces four of the five known immigrant families. Elizabeth Stonebraker Jackson was a descendant of a Johann Valentin Steinbrecher. The book however does not give the names of their children.
A paragraph quoted from page 177 of their book:

4)6 Elizabeth Stonebraker Elizabeth Stonebraker was the sixth child of Samuel and Ann E. (Altfather) Stonebraker. She was born 18 December 1812 in Ohio. She married Joseph Jackson 27 September 1826 in Ohio, Joseph was born ___ ___ ___. Elizabeth died 19 February 1879 in Ohio.

I do live in the state of Iowa and can be contacted by e-mail at I am a descendant of Johann Dietrich Steinbrecher Sr.


SUSIE MARTIN (View posts)
Posted: 945904959000

Info on Johann Dietrich Steinbrecher Sr.

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Cousin Susan,
I have been thinking how I may be of any help to you. First my book, “The Stonebrakers in America”, does not describe Johann Dietrich Steinbrecher’s life in Germany. He arrived on the ship, “Patience”, Captain Hugh Steels, master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, England, at Philadephia 15 September 1753. A person by the name of Terry Morby, has corresponded with me and has earlier information about Johann/Joannes Dietrich Steinbrecher/Stonebraker. You may contact him at Information I received from Terry, indicates Joannes Dietrich Stonebraker was christened at Sankt Achatius Roemisch-katholische, Atteln County, Westfalen State, Preussen, on December 23, 1728. Terry shows Henrici Steinbecher and Margrethae Lakenmeyr Steinbecher as Joannes’s parents. If you conatact me at , I could provide film numbers to the Family History Center of the Church of Later-day Saints. I need to research these films myself.

Johann Deitrich Stonebraker

Naomi J Houseright (View posts)
Posted: 965994630000
I have a Johann Deitrich Stonebraker listed as one of the children of Sebastian Stonebraker Susannah Yeakley...I don't have his B.D., but his brother, George (Jorg), is my g-grandfather's grandfather, he was born march 22, 1783, in northumberland Co., PA. Could there possibly be a connection? I have traced them back on Susannah's side to the 1660's, they were from Switzerland. Would appreciate any information. Thanks! N.H.:

George Stonebraker

Posted: 966066461000
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Naomi, we communicated on Bunker mess. board few days ago. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I descend from George Stonebraker and 1st wife Betty Balser, through oldest child Elizabeth. I have found another researcher who has done far more research on his line than myself. She is going to share documents,wills, etc. Will be glad to share. Not much known about Betty Balzer/Balser, but have found some Balsers who were in same area of Butler CO OH in early 1800s and same given names show up in Ripley Twp. Montgomery Co. IN in 1850s. Could be her family. Will post what new information I find or am given.

George Stonebraker

Naomi Houseright (View posts)
Posted: 966075938000
Karen, I tried to reply, but it doesn't seem to have gone through, so here goes again. If you get two, I'm sorry.

Thanks so much for your information. I will look forward to hearing more.

I have since learned that Sebastian Stonebraker, George's father, was born on the 29th of Novembe, 1755, in Berks County, PA. He married Susannah Yeakle (some sources spell it Yeakley) on June 14, 1778, at Lancaster, PA. He, Sebastian, died on July 5, 1836 in Ripley Toownship, Montgomery Co., Indiana.

George was baptized in the Stone Valley Church on March 17, 1783. His sponsors were George Zong his wife. He, George, was the third child of Sebastian Susannah Stonebraker.

Sebastian's father, George's grandfather, was Johann Dietrich Steinbrecher, Sr. He was married to Christina ________, Catherine Kruten. Their children were: Christina Stonebraker; Anna Maria Stonebraker; John Dietrich Stonebraker, Jr.; Sebastian (George's dad)Stonebraker; Catherine Stonebraker; Adam Stonebraker; George Stonebraker; Elizabeth Stonebraker. (They were listed as Johann's Christina's children.) Sebastian's Susannah's 9George's parents) children were: Anna Elizabeth Stonebraker b.April 27, 1779;John Dietrich Stonebraker b.April 26, 1781; John George Stonebraker b. March 22, 1783; Johannes Stonebraker b. Sept. 28, 1785; Christina Stonebraker b. Oct. 20, 1787; Catherine Stonebraker b.May 6, 1790; Jaacob Stonebraker b. July 21, 1792; Infant son born died Jan. 6, 1795; David Stonebraker b. June 4, 1796; Joseph Stonebraker b. Oct. 30, 1798; Anna Maria Stonebraker b. June 12, 1802; William Stonebraker b. Aug. 28, 1805.

Thanks again. I will look forward to hearing about Betty Balzer /or Harriet.

Naomi Houseright

Sebastian and Susanna Stonebraker

Gail Mikesell (View posts)
Posted: 968582398000
These people are my 4x gr-grandparents thru their son John Deitrich and his wife Jane Williams. Their son Joseph my grgr grandfather came to Utah with the Morman Pioneers. I would love to hear from you. I'm at Thankyou - Gail Mikesell

Elizabeth STONEBRAKER (b. 1807--OHIO)

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Your refer. to the STONEBRAKERS IN AMERICA by Charles L. EATER, jr., Mabel B. EATER, and Charles W. MORGAN: You say the book traces four of five known immigrant families--(could you list the five) If it is correct on p. 177 of their book that 4(6) Elizabeth STONEBRAKER was born in 1812 and 6th child of Samuel Ann E. (ALTFATHER) STONEBRAKER, she cannot be my ancesstress, Elizabeth. Mine married a George MC KINSEY in July, 1826 (same year as Ann Elizbeth) in Montgomery Co., OH. Writers of published publications of both the MC KINSEY's and STONEBRAKERS in the Montgomery Co., area deny her a place in their records. I know they have to be related because STONEBRAKERS of that clan (in Montgomery County) and the FRUITS (in-laws to the Montgomery Co. STONEBRAKERS) came to IA in 1847 as did my Elizabeth. She had divorced her husband George MC KINSEY in 1834 (per recorded filing in a newspaper of the time and was granted said divorce later in year when Sheriff's return reported he unable to locate the husband. She then remarried to recently widowed John LINEBAUGH, and they and STONEBRAKER relatives came to UT, Elizabeth with her three daughters by MC KINSEY, Mary Jane, 21 (1850 Page Co., IA census)with 3 infants exact same age (9 mos?) who all would believe to be hers if they did not know the family story (disgrace?), Becky (Rebecca) age 17 1850 census, with one female babe under a year old, and Hepsy MC KINSEY, age 17 (indicating she and Hepsy were likely twins). Two of the children listed as Mary Jane's were really Hepsy's and I have no idea and nothing handed down in family knowledge as to the third and male child. Had infants been twins or perhaps actually tripletts? Hepsy was (we have been told) the mother of the female (twins) Cynthia and Sarah, and the male child (who was listed with given name Henry-no clues as to where to search. The children were fathered by James R. CAMPBELL, and there followed more children, including my maternal grandmother, Amanda Dardine CAMPBELL. (Campbell was married to a Susanna JOHNSON and were divorced some years later and she two bore him about 5 children. After the divorce he married Hepsy. In the interem they lived in circumstances like unto the polygamous conditions of the Mormons who were there at that time, yet they were not Mormons. I know this is quite lengthy, but you might be able to give me some clues from your knowledge. I believe Elizabeth MC KINSEY STONEBRAKER was daughter or at least niece of the John STONEBRAKER who partnered an operation of a mill in the area and died ca. 1850 when his will was filed in Nodaway Co., MO. I believe the two STONEBRAKER boys who married PHELPS sisters in Nodaway Co. and were on Page Co. census for year were nephews or cousins to Elizabeth and sons of another John STONEBRAKER ( who died in a hospital in IL at about same time)and were perhaps visiting on their way west. There was a male STONEBRAKER recorded as having died in the Missouri at the time while "visiting relatives". Sorry this is so long, but you can see why we are having such a problem--everything was kept from my mother until the 1950s as she had been estranged from her mothers relatives since she herself was a child.Per the 1850 Census, Page Co., IA my Elizabeth was born in 1807 as she was listed as 43 years of age. Also never learned what became of female infant, Martha, who was listed with Rebecca. She had a marriage recorded to a Joshua BUCKINGHAM later in Nodaway Co., MO. Don't know what became of Mary JaneSTONEBRAKER .Regards, Jeanne Jeanne
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