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Harvey Austin Stennett

Harvey Austin Stennett

Beverly (Stennett) Evans (View posts)
Posted: 963837621000
Just trying to see if I am related to any of you posting. My grandfather was Harvey Austin Stennett. Don't know much about him.

Harvey Austin Stennett

Michelle (View posts)
Posted: 963881620000
Hi Beverley,

Do you have any info on your grandfather at all e.g where was he from or what country did he live in? age etc.

If you have, either e mail me direct or post it on the message board. Then maybe we can find out something for you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Harvey Austin Stennett

Beverly Stennett (View posts)
Posted: 963906021000
My grandfather
Harvey Austin Stennett
Born Decater, TX
Sept. 10 , 1891

My great grandfather
Jefferson Davis Stennett
Born 1861

My great great grandfather
Benjamine Marrian Stennett
Born 1829

My great great great grandfather
Benjamine M. Stennett
Born 1792

Thanks for your help

Re: Harvey Austin Stennett

Posted: 1019425480000
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Surnames: Stennett, Finch
I would like to find out further information you might have on the Benjamin M. Stennett b.1792 and the Benjamin Marrian Stennett b. 1829. Could the Benjamin Marrian possibly be Benjamin Merritt who died 1884 in Prentiss County, MS? The birthdates correspond with my husband's ancestors.

Re: Harvey Austin Stennett

William Mitchell Stennett (View posts)
Posted: 1019433316000
Classification: Query
I'm not sure I can answer your inquiry, but will tell you what I know and what I can surmise. First, I have several Benjamin M. Stennetts as ancestors. The one that comes closest to your inquiry is the Benjamin M. that was 77 years old as shown in the Mississippi Agricultural Census of 1870. At that time he was a farmer with 400 acres in Prentiss County, but was born in Virginia. He had a son named George L. Stennett, who had a son he named Benjamin M.

Another Benjamin M. Stennett lived in Prentiss County from 1877-1927 and married Nancy Jane Miller on 1-22-1861.

Another Ben M. Stennett married Rebecca Jane Pate on 10-8-1857 and enlisted in Company K, Mississippi Calvary in Corinth, MS on 4-30-1862. This Ben M. is buried in the Old Massey Cemetary in Prentiss County, with a Confederate tomb stone. I suspect this Ben, who is a direct ancestor of my late Grandfather (Gordon Merritt Stennett, 1900-1983) had the middle name Merritt, but others could, too.

Re: Benjamin Merritt Stennett, Sr.

Posted: 1020227620000
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Thank you for your reply. I believe the Ben M. Stennett who is the ancestor of your late Grandfather (Gordon Merritt Stennett, 1900-1983) is possibly my husband's great-grandfather.

Here is what information I have: There are three Benjamin Merritt Stennett's in my husband's ancestry. His g-g-grandfather was born 1792 in VA, m. 1820 in TN to Elizabeth
Ann Matthews, b. 1801 in VA. I do not have any of this one's siblings or parents' information.

The second, his g-grandfather, was Benjamin Merritt Stennett b. 1828 in Tennessee, d. 9 May 1884, Prentiss County, MS, m. 5 May 1870 to Sarah Finch, b. 19 January 1841 in Hickory Plains, Tishimingo County, MS, d. 7 March 1935 in Idalou, Lubbock County, TX. Sarah Finch was his second wife. I have his first wife listed as unknown, b. abt. 1858. It is my understanding that he had children with his first wife, but I do not have any information on that.

The third Benjamin Merritt Stennett, his grandfather, was born 22 January 1871, in Marietta, MS, d. 20 August 1937 in Round Timber, Baylor County, TX, m. 2 February 1899 in Throckmorton County, TX, to Lucy Bell Rouswell, b.10 May 1881 in San Saba, TX d. 5 Sept. 1968 in Seymour, Baylor County, TX

Here is some information taken from Widow's Pension Application #23694 filed by Mrs. Sarah (Finch) Stennett in Baylor County, Seymour, Texas on August 15, 1913 and approved on September 1, 1913.

Sarah Stennett stated: she was the widow of Benjamin Merrett Stennett, Sr., who died 9 May 1884 in Prentiss County, Mississippi. They were married on 5 May 1870 in the county of Prentiss, Mississippi. She said Benjamin Merrett Stennett, Sr. enlisted and served in the military service of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. He
served with Capt. Tyre in the Infantry. (NOTE: In typed application, Merrett was spelled with an "e", in handwritten affidavit, it was spelled with an "i").

Sarah stated she was born in Hickory Plaines, Tishimingo Co., Mississippi and resided in Texas since 1894; in Baylor County, Seymour, Texas since September 1912.

Witnesses to the Affidavit (application for pension): W. T. Wheeler and Benjamin M. Stennett, Jr.

Affidavit of Witnesses certifying military service: J.K.P.
Vandervender (?) and H.D. McCollum stated: Before me, C. R. Lacy, Clerk of Chansery Court of Prentiss County, Mississippi on this day personally appeared J.K.P. Vandervender(?) and H. D. McCollum, who are personally known to me to be credible citizens and Confederate
Soldiers who, being by me sworn, on oath state that they are
personally acquainted with the foregoing applicant, and that the facts set forth and statements made in her application are correct and true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and that they have no interest in this claim. And further make oath to the following facts touching the service of the applicant's husband in the Confederate Army: "We know that Benjamin Merritt Stennett was the husband of applicant at the time of his death, that he was a Confederate Soldier in the late Civil War - that he enlisted and served in Company K,
Lowry's Brigade - Cleyburn's Division, Hardie's Corps, Army of
Tennessee, 32 Mississippi, from May 1862 to the surrender, that he was a good soldier, was always at his post, never shunned a duty and surrendered with Johnson's Army in N.C. (Was with Tyre but a short time.) These affiants were with the husband of applicant through his war career, and know the facts as above declared. Dated 2 August 1913.

Do you have additional information on Ben M. Stennett and Rebecca Jane Pate, such as children's names? Do you have Rebecca's death date? Does it seem possible to you that this is the same Ben M. Stennett that later married Sarah Finch and that the children from both the first and second marriages continued using the name Benjamin Merritt to name their children?

Betty Welch

Re: Harvey Austin Stennett

Posted: 1143514685000
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Hello, I see in one message that there is a question about Benjamin Merritt Stennett and his first wife - Rebecca Pace - and their children. The ones I believe to be their children are Mary W. (11) and Jefferson Davis (9) in the 1870 census as Stinnett. Sarah Elizabeth Finch was a Civil War widow of Joseph Crabb from Mississippi. The marriage to Benjamin Merritt Stennett was a second marriage for both of them. Sarah E. had no children by Joseph Crabb. She and Benjamin Merritt S. had two children Rebecca and Benjamin Merritt Stennett. Sarah Elizabeth is a sister to my Ggf - George Washington Finch. I hope this will help you!

Re: Benjamin Merritt Stennett, Sr.

Posted: 1143514881000
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Betty, I may have erred in my posting about this family. It will show in response to someone else, Harvey Austin Stennett, I believe. My response was really intended for you - hope it is helpful.
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