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Odom Family

Odom Family

Linda Odom Cope Kunstler (View posts)
Posted: 930692395000
I am looking for information about the Odom family from the Orangeburg area. My grandmother was Leila Bolen Odom and my father was Murray David Odom. Please let me know where the "old" Odoms are buried. I have heard some are buried in Springfield and around that area. I would appreciate knowing the name of the cemetaries where they are buried.

Also, does anyone in the Springfield area know the exact burial place of EDWARD BOLEN from the Revolutionary War. He is buried in a corn field on someone's property out in the country. I went there as a girl, but have forgotten how to get there now. He is one of our first relatives on my grandmother's side of the family.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Edward Bolin''s burial place

Lillian Thompson (View posts)
Posted: 930760707000
I will be sending you some information on where
he is buried- I need to look it up at home
first. I'll message you in a few days. If you
don't hear from me you can contact me at


Linda Odom Cope Kunstler (View posts)
Posted: 930784917000

Linda Odom Kunstler


Ed Brabham (View posts)
Posted: 931783064000
I'm looking for information on my grandmother who was Rebecca Odom. She married Joe Brabham and later married Frank Fields, all of Bamberg and Orangeburg counties, South Carolina. She had four brothers, Noble, George, James and Bryant.
She had four sisters, Lucia, Carrie, Sue and Mary.
My Great-grandmother was Liza and great-grandfather was named Noble.

Any info this family will appreciated.

Odom Burial Place

Susan A. Williams (View posts)
Posted: 950463268000
To Linda Odom Kunstler
I found an old burial ground for the Odom Family off of Highway #3 in Springfield, SC. I wrote down the names in the cemetery. If you would like for me to email you a copy, let me know. There are also McCollum's buried there which go into the line I am tracing. The oldest Odom's in this cemetery are Chas. M. Odom 4-18-1858 to 4-13-1907, who married Anna Milhous, 6-7-1855 to 1-11-1934 and Nena Odom, 12-20-1855 to 9-14-1883, who married Dr. J.A. McCreary, 10-19-1853 to 8-9-1912. Also, Nena's parents, George I. Odom, 4-26-1829 to 1-20-1894 who married Narcissus H.(?), 10-29-1828 to 2-19-1905.
I am from the Edward Bolin line of Descention also and would love to get with you on your family line. I have traced each of the children of Edward Bolin as far as I could, your help in finishing a line would be greatly appreciated.

Odom Burial Place

Posted: 951299372000
Edited: 1120419970000
I just read your post and would love the lsit of names in the cemetery. It has been some time since I researched my family tree but I do know that my family had their roots in the Carolinas....I am a decended from J.B or Jacob Bryant Odom...Any assistance you coudl give me would be wonderful and greatly appreiated!

Odom Burial List, Springfield, SC

Susan A. Williams (View posts)
Posted: 951413007000
To Debbie Odom LaGone
I need your email address to send you the list. Please email me at
Thanks, Susan

Odom Family Cemetery, Hwy.# 3, Springfield, SC

Susan A. Williams (View posts)
Posted: 951414704000
Jennie Rogers Odom b. 8-29-1895 d. 1-20-1990
George I. Odom Sr b. 1-1-1892 d. 5-14-1936
husband of Jennie
Henry A. Jumper b. 4-22-1885 d. 7-7-1940
Agnes O.(Odom) Jumper b. 1-7-1887 d. 3-10-1952 wife of Henry
Robert W. Jumper b. 1-29-1923 d. 8-23-1955
Henry Arthur Jumper b. 11-10-1910 d. 10-23-1972
Julian Percival McCreary b. 9-14-1877 d. 8-23-1915 Woodmen of the World
Chas. M. Odom b. 4-18-1858 d. 4-13-1907
Woodmen of the World
Anna Milhous Odom b. 6-7-1855 d. 1-11-1934
wife of Chas.
Lizzie Milhous Odom b. 11-24-1895 d. 9-8-1897 dau. of Chas Anna
Sarah H. Odom b. 3-5-1881 d. 8-12-1905
dau. of Chas Anna
Anna Cornelia Odom b. 12-11-1883 d. 12-15-1883 dau. of Chas. Anna
Gladys Louise Odom b. 1-22-1884 d. 3-15-1884 dau. of Chas. Anna
Benson E. Odom b. 11-22-1878 d. 1-17-1897
son of Chas. Anna
Nena McCreary b. 9-10-1883 d. 9-12-1883
dau. of Nena J.A McCreary
George I.O. McCreary b. 5-6-1882 d. 8-4-1882 son of Nena JA
Willie G. McCreary b. 12-9-1879 d. 6-21-1881 son of Nena JA
Nena Odom McCreary b. 12-20-1855 d. 9-14-1883 wife of J.A. McCreary
J.A. McCreary, MD b. 10-19-1853 d. 8-9-1912 Patriotic, generous and unselfish as a man citizen
George I. Odom Sr b. 4-26-1829 d. 1-20-1894
Narcissus H. Odom b. 10-29-1828 d. 2-19-1905 wife of George Odom, above
Zelma Margaret Odom b. 1918 d. 1946
Ernest G. Tillery husband of Zelma Odom
George I. Odom Jr b. 1-4-1922 d. 3-1-1988
son of George Narcissus, US Navy, WW II, Korea
J.F. Odom b. 8-5-1860 d. 12-6-1861
D R Odom b. 3-18-1865 d. 6-5-1866

This cemetery located in a field of pines on Highway #3, Springfield, SC just passed Springfield Cemetery.

Susan Williams, date of visit 2-6-1999

Frank Odom married to Idella Parker

Posted: 953075726000
Edited: 1009909493000
I am researching my mother's father's lineage. My grandfather was George Robert Odom born 1909 died 1987...married to Ruth Virginia Meares. They lived in Whiteville, NC. My grandfather's parents were Frank Odom Idella Parker. They had 6 other children: Maggie Odom, Johnnie Odom, Tom Odom, Mary Odom, Katie Odom, Francis/Frances Odom. I am interested in finding out who Frank Odom's parents were and who his siblings were. Any ALL help will be greatly appreciated. Frank Idella lived in the Bladen County, Columbus County or Wilmington areas of NC. Thanks, Odessa Allen

OOOPS!!! Idella Piner...not Parker

Posted: 953134830000
Edited: 1009909493000
Hi everyone! The posting before this one stated my great grandmother was Idella Parker. It was Idella Piner. I have just recently started working on my family tree have gotten so involved that I am staying up until the wee hours of the night reading message boards. It was close to 3am when I posted the above obviously my brain had long since gone to sleep. So if anyone has any information on Frank Odom who married Idella Piner probably lived in the Bladen County, Columbus County or Wilmington, NC areas...I would really appreciate hearing from you. My grandfather George Robert Odom was born in 1909 so I'm guessing that Frank Idella got married sometime between 1900 1908. I would like any information on their parents and/or siblings. My e-mail address is
Odessa Allen
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