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pat (View posts)
Posted: 946220430000
looking for info on lydays from texas.
virgil lyday was my grandfather.


Lydays In Texas

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Hi Pat,

I have a pretty extensive database on Lydays to
Tx. As an initial search I do not come up with a Virgil
that comes up as a match. Can you give me a bit more
info such as dates, wife, children places lived?


Steven Lyday


pat (View posts)
Posted: 951675621000
hi steve,

virgil green lyday born 7-14-97 in leonard, fanon county, texas. parents names
henry lyday and julia abner. he moved to
kansas city, mo and was a fire knocker, roundhouse.

thank you,
Posted: 951694043000
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Hi Pat,

I do have some census records of the Lyday family that you

I would like to move the discussion to private e-mail.
Could you please contact me directly at

In general, 99.99 percent of Lyda/Lydays in Texas are descendants
of Andrew Lyda/Lyday b. Abt.1739 d. Brevard, Buncombe Co, NC. About 2/3
of his descendants took the "Lyda" spelling and about 1/3 took the "Lyday" spelling.

Lyday/Lydas were among the first settlers to NE Tx. There is a Ft Lyday and Lyday Crossing
in Fannin Co.

Most of the lines that emigrated from NC went to Tn first, Mo second, Tx third and Ok fourth.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Steven Lyday

Lyday family

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Iam a colateral decendent of Andrew Lyday, brother of Jacob and Isaac Lyday who founded Fort Lyday. I have been to the site several times trying to find the exact location, but so far no luck. I am trying to find out who A.A. Lyday was. He was probably born in the 1860's. Two wives of his ,one of which is buried in the Lane plot(also family) are buried in the Dial, Texas cemetary. I have some information on the Lyday boys (Isaac et al, born early 1800's), but I can't find A.A. or Milford Lyday. If you have any information or need any of mine, please email. Thanks, Lyn

Lyday family

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Hi Lyn,
I am also a descentdant of Andrew Lyda. My father, before his death in 1999, was trying to find information about Ft. Lyday in TX. He was unable to find much of anything except an old nespaper clipping that referred to it and the brothers, Jacob and Isaac. Since his family came from Bonham, Fannin Co., TX, he wanted to know if there was a connection to us.
My line (abreviated) goes like this:
Andrew Lyda b. 1739 not sure where
Henry Lyday b.1783 Henderson Co., NC
Henry Washington Lyday b. 1821 White Co. TN
Edward Frederick Lyday b. 1850 Grundy Co, MO
Earl Wynn Lyday b. 1893 Cannon City, TX
Ralph Edgar Lyday b. 1929 Tehama Co, CA
Teresa Mary Lyday b. 1956 Tehama Co, CA

How does this fit with your line? I am very interested in hearing anything you have about FT. Lyday and Isaac and Jacob.

I have corresponded with Steven Lyday, and he has lots of info. but he is taking a break from geneology work right now. I have some of his info on my line.

I would be interested in trading info.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Lyday family

Posted: 989781753000
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Hello Teresa,
Very glad to hear from you...
Thanks for the information . Ihave been working on the Lyday connection for some time and lots of notes which I am translating into chart form. It contains other branches of my family, but it does contain all of the information I have on the Lyday branch. A lot of the Lydays are buried in the Dial, Tx cemetary. If you are a Lyday then you must be related to the Lanes and Dials which are my relatives too and there are lots of those buried there too. The Dials, Lanes and Lydays had thing about marrying each other...
I do have some info on the brothers as to wives and children.
I also have copies of a couple of old newspaper articles and biographical sketches of the Lydays.
Now about Ft. Lyday...a couple of friends and I have been researching the old fort and have made trips to the area and using metal detectors have located some artifacts and other signs of habitation.We know within approx one Square mile of where the site is due to written accounts of its proximity to an abandoned cemetary where we believe at least Andrew is buried. We have three theories (very unscientific)as to where the exact site is since there is no physical evidence existing nor exact written location described in any Fannin Co. records that I have researched so far (I'm still digging). Two theories involve possible locations. The other one is that the entire grounds have been graded over and the site has been scattered about filling holes and roadbeds (I hope not). We are continuing our research and would be glad to keep you informed of any progress we may make...we are still hopeful we won't come to a deadend...
If you would like I could email you a copy of the above chart and other info I have on the Lydays..
You can email me at
I think we could communicate faster by plain old email...
In case you want to call for any reason our phone number is 972-227-7928
Almost forgot...I was born in Bonham, too.

mail me back,

Re: Lyday family

Posted: 993871579000
Lyn, I have, from census records an A.A. born 1870, as being the son of James H. (Jas)Lyday. James was the son of Isaac Lyday, born 1812. I believe him to be Alford A., and his wife as Mattie, he could have been married more then once, if this is who you or searching for, I just haven't tried to trace him past the 1900 census.

Re: Lyday family

Posted: 994174351000
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Found graves of two of A. A. Lyday's wives in Dial (Texas) cemetary. One is indeed Mattie 11-17-76 to 9-1-01, the other is Lucy D. Lane. Do you have Mattie's maiden name? Do you have when A.A. was born and died? Where he was born, lived, died and is buried? Do you have info on marriage dates?
thank you,

Re: Lyday family

Posted: 994193790000
Lyn, sorry the only info I have on him is from the 1900 census records it gives his birthdate as May 1870 and Mattie's as Nov 1876. I do have them as being married about 1889, which means the census record must have shown them being married 11 years, there are no children listed.
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