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Betsy Mummer-Hawpe Jacob Muma

Betsy Mummer-Hawpe Jacob Muma

Toni Muma-Garza c/o Val Muma-Feston (View posts)
Posted: 963949685000
Hello Hawpe family. I have been researching my family for the past year. We have an extensive Muma family tree which ends with our gggggrandfather Jacob Mumma who married a German lady named Betsy (last name unknown) probably around 1774 as their first child was born around 1775. We have a family Bible naming them as the parents of several children born around Lancaster, Pennsylvania (except for a son Jacob who was born in Frederick County, VA in 1776). (Jacob Mumma b. @ 1756 may be the son of Jacob Mumma and Ann Kreider). They moved with their children to New York and eventually to Ontario, Canada around 1800. They resided in Canada since then, but certain ones of the family have moved back to the states since then. Namely my grandparents, Wesley Muma and his wife Violet Ross moved to Hood River, Oregon, and had a large family. I have found many Jacob Mummas and wives named Elizabeth. None have been the right ages to be our Betsy or have children named differently from our family. There seems to be a connection to VA, as son Jacob was born there, and dau. Betsy married a man named Fortney from VA or W VA. I was excited to find a new Betsy and her father's will, Rudolph Hawpe. She is yet unaccounted for in my research, and I am wondering if she could be our Betsy. There are many spellings of the name Muma, so that is not a problem. However, I do note that in the LDS records Betsy is listed as being born around 1785, which is a problem for me. My Betsy would have to have been born around 1756 to 1760 to have been married around 1774, so this may not be my Betsy, but I think it is worth exploring. If anyone has more info about Betsy's family and would like to share that with me, please e-mail me at my sister's e-mail address above. Thanks.

Hawpe Family

Helen Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 969296850000
Toni - Was excited to see someone interested in researching the Hawpe Family. Yes, we do have a Betsy Mummers in our "Tree" so it's likely that there is a connection. I still am away from home and my collected information but am eager to correspond with you in case you have information on Betsy. I should be home in a couple of weeks so please let me hear from you. Will check when I get home. Helen Richardson


Helen Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 972072014000
Toni - I am finally home and have access to my records. Recently I found a Hawpe listing which has Rudolph Haupt (Hawpe)and Catherine Heilman as parents of several children. One being a Betsy Hawpe who married a Christian Moomaw. It list her brother and sisters. Adam (Her Brother)is my ancestor, married Catherine Koiner. Their son, George claimed a Land Grant in Georgia. He is listed on the 1820 Census. His family moved to Kentucky and his son, Tresevant came to Texas as a member of the Peters Colony in 1846 with one son, John Rollen who was a small child. We don't know if his wife came to Texas with him. Several Hawpes are listed buried in a cemetary in a small place on the Ken. and Tenn. line.
Tresevant married a widow, Her husband and father were killed by Indians on the trip to Texas. They claimed her headright in the Dallas area instead of his over in Tarrant Co. Tresevant was the third elected Sheriff of Dallas Co. Served in this position around 1850. When Texas seceded from the Union, Tresevant served as the Secretary at the Convention. He formed his own unit and rose from Corp. to Col. overnight. He served in the TransMississippi area, I have records of his service if anyone is interested. He was injured in battle, resigned, came home and was stabbed to death by a friend in 1862.
His son John Rollen married and had 11 children, Only 3 survived, apparently from an epidemic, because my uncle tells me that my grandfather was raised by an old colored lady so his mother must have died than also. The children were Edgar Henry Hawpe, Willie York Hawpe and Nannie Hawpe.
Edgar married and had Richard Hawpe who had one son, He had three girls.
Edgar had Boyce Hawpe, Myrtle Johnson, (my mother) and Opal Reed.
Boyce had one Son, Charles who lives in Duncanville, Tex. He has two girls.
Willie had a son, Lloyd who had one son, Lloyd Douglas who died without children.
This means that the Hawpe family name dies out with my generation as far as this branch of the family goes.
I know this is more than you asked for but it seems likely to me that your Betsy is our Betsy and it might be of interest to someone else who is working on the Hawpe Family.
I lost my mother when I was 11 so even though I remained close to her family, the connection with the rest of the family was lost.
If anyone has any more information. PLEASE SHARE!
Helen Richardson

Betsey Hawpe Christian Moomaw

Toni Muma-Garza (View posts)
Posted: 972390725000
Dear Helen,

It was nice to hear from you and get all the family history. I was hoping it was my Jacob Mumma she had married, but suspected it was Christian, which you confirmed. Our Jacob moved to Canada around1800 with his wife Betsey, but we don't know her maiden name. Their son Jacob was born i Frederick Co., Virginia, and the other children in PA. So when I came across Betsey Hawpe, I thought maybe she was our Betsey, but no such luck.

Thanks anyway for the info, and I will still make a note of the marriage to Christian and see how they fit in the family tree.

Sincerely, Toni

Jacob Betsey

Posted: 984098037000
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I found that Jacob& Betsey were married around 1774 in Germany where they reared and wed they immigrated from the fatherland to the USA locating in Pennsylvania later moving to Canada where they died.

Re: Betsy Mummer-Hawpe Jacob Muma

Jane Doughty (View posts)
Posted: 995919644000
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Surnames: Mummer

I have talked to you before from a different e-mail. This Betsy, I have just discovered, is my ggggrandmother. She was married to Christian Mummer in 1790 in Augusta, Co. I think Christian was either the son of George Anthony Mumma or of Frederick, son of Jacob Mumma.


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