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Gurney-England to Australia

Gurney-England to Australia

Judy Evans (View posts)
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Hi, I am looking for any connections to my gggrandfather Frederick R Gurney bc 1820 possibly in Kent, parents unknown at this stage. Frederick came to Aus with the 96th Regiment of Foot. Any connections greatly appreciated. TIA Judy

Cryil Gurney

Tanya (View posts)
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Hi Judy,
To be honest i dont know a thing about my families history, All i know is that my Grand parents names are Audrey Cryill Gurney and the lived on a remote station on the border of western australia and south australia. this station is called Koonalda.
The name Fredrick sounds very famiular. I hope to find out more from my father.


Judy Evans (View posts)
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Hi Tanya, I have so many bookmarks it takes me a time to get around them so have only just read your reply to my Gurney. When you do find out anything please email me direct.

Regards, Judy
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Tanya, can you email me at please
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Surnames: Gurney
Tanya, can you email me at please

Re: Cryil Gurney

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Hi tanya.

Cyril Gurney is a decenant of Benjamin Gurney and Eliza Lamb.

Benjamin and Eliza both Arived in Australia on the Samuel Boddington.

Cyril is my Granpa's Brother.

Fredrick Gurney comes from another line of Gurneys to Arive later in Australia.

Re: Cryil Gurney

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I forgot to say this part.

Cyrils Father and Granfather Where both Called Frederick.

I also have infomation on the Frederick that the starter of this thread was asking about.

Here is the infomation on him.

In 1852 after several years as a convict guard in the 96th Manchester Regiment of Foot, Frederick Gurney (born in Sturry/Westbere in Kent, England) got his discharge in 1850 in Adelaide and then married an Irish lass called Lucy Knaggs from Mullingar in Westmeath. The marriage took place in Gawler in 1851 and by the time they had their first child Mary Ann in 1852 (married Samuel John Hall) they were living in Kilkenny. The family then moved to and settled in Burra where the rest of the children were born – Frederick (bc 1854), Alfred (bc 1856, gold miner and bachelor in Cue/Day Dawn Goldfields in WA), George (bc 1858, married Jane Roberts and settled in WA (Arthur Stanley Gurney VC (WWII) was one of this couple’s children.

George died in 1948), Robert (bc 1861, married Louisa Wilhelmina Kernchen and moved to Broken Hill and died in 1950), William (bc 1865 died in 1868, Burra), Emma (bc 1868 died aged 18 in 1885 in Burra), and Arthur William (bc 1871, married Lily Rawlins they lived in Broken Hill where he died 2 weeks after the marriage in 1911).

Frederick, a mail coach driver died on 1 January 1872 when the coach he was driving (Frederick jnr was sitting beside him) hit a rock and he fell to the ground. Frederick is mentioned in the book ‘The Monster Mine’. Lucy died in 1890.

Re: Cryil Gurney

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Surnames: Gurney
The late Cyril Gurney was my uncle, a brother of my father, the late Frederick Edwin Benjamin (Roy) Gurney (& six other siblings). Their father was Frederick Edgar Beltram Gurney and his father, Frederick Lamb Gurney. Fred.L. Gurney was second (living) son of Benjamin Gurney & Eliza (nee Lamb).

Tanya: Would your dad be Neville? If so he would have a copy of the 378 page book I wrote in 1999 titled "The Gurney-tree and History"

caggt: My dad would also have been a brother to your Grandpa...who is your Grandpa?
And Tanya would be your second cousin.
Please e-mail me on

Re: Cryil Gurney

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My Grand Father is Donald Hudson Gurney.
He is the only sibling still alive today.

Where can i find a copy of you're book?
There is also Another book with the details of our family and the tree, Although i forget its name.

Ps. i was formally called caggt

Re: Cryil Gurney

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Interested to read the background to this line
I think this is Frederick's direct Ancestory

1. Frederick GURNEY: born in 1819 in Kent, England; died on 1 Jan 1872 in Kooringa, Burra Burra, South Australia
# Lucy Knaggs

2. Robert GURNEY: born in 1790; married on 17 Feb 1810 in Canterbury? England; died on 3 Jan 1848 in Kent, England
3. Mary Ann SHRUBSOLE: born in 1785 in St.Andrews, Canterbury, Kent; died on 7 Dec 1861 in Kent, England

4. William GURNEY: born on 11 Jun 1758; married on 27 Nov 1781 in Sturry, Kent; died in 1829
5. Martha TRITTON: born in 1757 in Sturry, Kent, England; died

10. John TRITTON: born in 1702; married on 10 Nov 1736 in Sturry, Kent; died in 1798
11. Elizabeth BEAL: died in 1781

20. Thomas TRITTON: born in 1670; married on 29 Aug 1697 in St.Alphage, Canterbury, Kent; died in 1740
21. Mary MOCKETT: born in 1679; died in 1753

40. Thomas TRITTON: born in 1625; married on 19 Nov 1654 in Wickhambreux, Kent; died in 1674
41. Mary CULLING: died in 1675

80. Robert TRITTON: born in 1596; married on 5 Oct 1618 in Wickhambreux, Kent; died in 1670
81. Joane BAKER: died in 1664

160. Henry TRITTON: born UNKNOWN; married on 11 Feb 1592 in Ickham, Kent; died in 1618
161. Margaret STERLYNGE: born UNKNOWN; died UNKNOWN in Wickhambreaux

Richard Gurney
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