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James T. Gould-Utica, NY

James T. Gould-Utica, NY

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I am looking for any info. on James T. Gould.
He was married to Sarah A. Lahre. Utica, NY
was listed as his birthplace on my grandfather, Jay J. Gould's, birth certificate. I believe James Gould was born around 1826. Any info. would be appreciated.

Gould Family

Julia (View posts)
Posted: 924878973000
I saw your message on family history re: Goulds around
Utica. I am from Camden, NY originally. My lineage includes
Ebenezer B. Gould born in Delta, and his father, Capt. Abraham
Gold (Gould) born in Florence. I am trying to make the connection to
the infamous Jay Gould. My dad, who is deceased, was approached
by someone in the Gould family to work on the railroads out west, but
do not know who. I can do the Jay Gould tree fairly completely,
but cannot connect to my Goulds. Can you help? Whether you can or not,
can you reply, so that I am sure this message reached you. Thank you.

Jay Gould

Carol Newnum (View posts)
Posted: 924988883000
Julia, My greatgrandmother was told by Jay Gould that if she would name a son after him, he would see to it that his namesake would get a good education. Greatgrandmother Laura M. Black/Gould named the next son Jay Lafyette Gould. When Jay Gould (the millionair died) his daughter? said that she would make good the promise but that in order for Jay to get that education she wanted the child to come to New York and stay with her in the Gould mansion. She said no that her child was not about to leave an so he never received any Gould money for an education. My Uncle Phil went to New York during WW2 and toured the Gould Mansion. He approached the caretaker and said that he was related to Jay and the caretaker (a relative) showed Uncle Phil the family tree and just how we are related to Jay. Then he offered Unle Phil a job since he was related. Years later Aunt Veeda wrote to a surviving Gould and asked to have a family tree. The "Gould" wrote back and said "there is no way that you are related to us".
So the mystery thickens. I have a Gould family tree going back to a Thomas Gould in England about 1400 or so. Let me know if we can help each other. Email me

Jay Gould

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I received your reply on Jay Gould. I have found out recently my great-grandfather, James Theodore Gould, was born in Utica, NY in 1828 to Samuel Augustus Gould and Katy Willard Porter. How close is Camden, NY to Utica? We are still trying to go back further than Samuel Augustus now.

James T. Gould

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I have found out James T. Gould, the father of Jay J. Gould, was born in Utica, NY to Samuel Augustus Gould and Katy Willard Gould. We found where he was born on Mar. 6, 1782, and married Katy Willard Porter, but we also found one born on the same date, but married to Esther Parker. We can trace back the one listed there, but not the one married to Katy. We are wondering if they are one and the same person. Do you have any info. on this man? Please email me at Thanks,

Ebenezer B. Gould

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Who is the wife of your Ebenzer B. Gould?
Is she a Bancroft perchance?

Goulds in New York

jane stevens (View posts)
Posted: 927031406000
I have read your e mail to someone else who is researching
Goulds in Upstate NY. My g-g-grandmother was
Mary Alice Gould, born in Rome, NY 1813 and married Alfred
Stevens. They are both buried in Camden, NY. Her father was Ebenezer Burr Gould
who was born abt. 1874, place unknown and died 23 July 1865. I too am supposed
to be related to Jay Gould. Someone came to our family farm in Camden, NY when
I was very young, asking my father to come work for the railroad. He turned them
down. Can you help me make the connection between the Goulds you have on file a
and Mary Alice or Ebenezer Burr Gould? Thank you.


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I am sorry, but I don't have any connections to Ebenezer Gould. My gggrandfather was Samuel A. Gould who was married to Katy Willard Porter. My grandfather was Jay J. Gould, but haven't been able to trace him back to the famous Jay Gould.

Abner Gould

Sandra Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 930988238000
Do you have an Abner Gould in your family tree? NY. Married to Lydia M.


family tree

marjory mawhir gould (View posts)
Posted: 932041138000
I am related to J.Gould. the rail road gould. we have gone back to Henry Gould b3/13 1841 Our family had reunions in Gould N Y when I was a child. my grandfather was Edgar Gould married to Ida Strain If you have any information please get in touch m.m.
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