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Classification: Query
Surnames: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger
I am a decendant of Francis/Frantz Adelsberger and would be interested in any information that anyone might have available. My direct like is: Francis, George, William, Caleb, William, Martin, Vane, Thomas. They migrated MD, VA, PA, MO, IL. I would be happy to exchange the information that I have with anyone that I can help.

Hoping to meet new cousins!
Vicki Adlesperger Nixon

Re: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Adlesperger, Baxley
OK- I am a cousin. Is Peggy your mom? My mom was Elizabeth Joan Baxley. She was daughter of William Roy Baxley and Gillian Oriole Adlesperger. My family wasn't as close to the relatives as the cousins in California were. I never got all of the stories, just bits and pieces from my mom who has been gone for a long time now. I would love to correspond with you.
Oriole Olsen Inkster

Re: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger

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So sorry I didnt answer you for so long. I havent been on the boards for a long time as you can see.

My parents are Tom and Judy Adlesperger. Peggy is my aunt. She was married to my father's brother.......William.

Very nice to meet you and I would love to help in any way I can,

Re: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Adlesperger, Baxley
Fabulous to hear from you- I hadn't been on myself for 9 months or so. To tell you what I know, so you can get it from my view- My mother was Elizabeth Joan Baxley. She was sister to Jack, Maicle, William, Thelma & Jerry. Their mother was Gillian Oriole Adlesperger (married to William Roy Baxley). Gillian's parents were William & Joan Adlesperger, William's parents were Caleb & Ellen. Now going down another branch of this tree- R.Martin Adlesperger was Gillian's brother. My mom called him "Uncle Mart." I think he was the father of Darrold Vane who was called "Vane" and he was the father of William J. who Peggy Sue Baxley (Uncle Jack's daughter)married. Peggy kinda intertwined a couple of branches on our tree!

I have kinda lost touch with my mom's (Baxley) family since she died in the 70's so I have a lot of catch up to do. I know Uncle Jack & Aunt Mary are gone, but do you know how to contact Peggy or her siblings?

I didn't know about your father or any of his other siblings. Probably lots more I don't know about. I'd love to be filled in.

Oriole Olsen Inkster

Re: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger

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Classification: Query
Nice to meet you too! I'm always happy to meet a new cousin.
Here is the info that I have:

Frantz(Frances)Adelsperger and Elizabeth (unknown)
Children: Thomas, Peter, John, George, Catherine

Frances was born 1725 in Maryland and died 1800 in Frederick county Maryland

George Adelsperger and Susanna Frankforter
Children: William and Catherine

George had a second wife: Elizabeth Feddern and a son, Jacob
I dont have dates for this family

William Adlespeger and Lydia Kimball
Children: Margaret, Lewis, Thomas, Caleb Susanna,Rebecca, Benjamin, Mary Ann,Francis
William was born October 19, 1796 in Manchester, Baltimore County, Maryland.

William was married the first time to Caroline Frankfetter/Frankforter and had two sons: William and John. Caroline died giving birth in Virginia/West Virginia. William married Lydia in Wheeling and they moved to Green county PA where Caleb (our line) was born. The moved on to Morrow county Ohio. I spoke several years ago with some of the family in Ohio and at that time, the old home place was still standing and had the Adlesperger name on the corner stone. William was a coopersmith and very verse in German. He also was an excellant musician.

Caleb Adlesperger and Ellen Augusta Cochran
Children: William Jackson, John E, Olive Ann, George O

Caleb was born August 16, 1833 in Green County, Pennsylvania
He married Ellen on May 11, 1858 in Sullivan County, Missouri. He died on March 3, 1904 in Sullivan County, MO
It's my understanding that Caleb left Ohio when he was 15. He was a self taught school teacher and taught in Sullivan County, MO Caleb enlisted in the Civil War in Wintersville, MO on August 9, 1864. 44th Regement. He was mustered out in Rolla, MO on June 19, 1865. If I'm not mistaken, he was in the medical corp. Caleb and Ellen are buried at Brackett Cemetary in Newtown.

William Jackson Adlesperger and Joan Neal
Children: Martin Caleb (Mart is the only one I had so I'm happy to be able to add Gillian, are there others that you know of?)

I don't have the dates for this family except for marriage on Feb.17, 1878 in Sullivan county, MO. I may have them written down but not into the data base.

Martin Caleb Adlesperger and Iris Izora Wertz
Children: Vane Darrell Adlesperger (only child)

Grandpa Mart and Grandma Zoe. These were my great-grandparents and Zoe was living when I was born. I vaguely remeber her. Their farm was in Newtown and has since been torn down. I do have some pictures of us kids at the farm.
Martin and Zoe are buried at Brackett Cemetary in Newtown.

Vane Darrell Adlesperger and Anabeth Ellen Swearengen
Children: Thomas Martin, Sallie Zoe, and William James

Vane was born May 30, 1919 in Newtown, Sullivan County, MO
He died November 1971 in Unionville, MO He and Anabeth are both buried at Brackett Cemetary in Newtown, MO.

My grandparents lived in MO and IL their entire lives. Grandpa Vane retired from Catapillar in IL. They moved back to the family farm and had dairy cows until he was unable to work. He had several heart attacks. They sold the farm and moved to Unionville, where Vane passed away. Anabeth later moved to Pollock, MO where Sallie lived. The other children all lived in Pollock for a time as well. Sallie still lives there.

Thomas Martin Adlesperger and Judith Mae McLin
Children: Vicki Lynn, Michael Thomas and Gregory Allen

This is my family. My father passed away, Mother is still living. All of my siblings are still living.

Peggy and Bill had 3 children: Vane, William and Ellen
Peggy and Bill divorced and both remarried. Bill passed away after my father. Peggy still lives in MO and Sallie knows how to get in touch with her. I have not seen or talked to her for several years. I do talk to her son William from time to time. He lives in Washington State.

I know this is a lot of information and I know I have more but need to organize it a little better! If I can help in any way, please let me know and if you can add for your line that would be great!


Re: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger

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Classification: Query
I was reading my post back and saw a couple of errors I made.

Vane Adlesperger was born in 1910 not 1919.....typo

Bill and Peggy had 4 children not 3. Caleb was the youngest. So sorry Caleb, your cousin Vicki must be getting old.

Re: Adelsberger/Addlesperger/Adlesperger

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Adlesperger
Helo My Name is Tarril Adlesperger
I am Dean Adlesperger's son and nephew of Edwen Adlesperger both son's of Otis Lee Adlesperger who is the son of George O. Adlesperger one of the children of Caleb Adlesperger. I have a family tree on too if you want to see it you are welcom I just have been doing my family history there for just a couple years it is good to meet another adlesperger.
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