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Asaua Puni family

Asaua Puni family

Hellene A (View posts)
Posted: 949105087000
I have just created a website for the Asaua family..
If there is anyone out there that is related to us or just
heard of us then please contact me I would like to invite you to
join our family website....
[Asaua Tumuafiloilefua Te'o Leiataua Puni of Samatau, Samoa.

Please reply
I would love to hear from you...

Responding to Message of Asaua Puni:

Posted: 961330711000
Edited: 996200128000
Talofa Asaua! I saw your posted message, and wanted to find out, how you are related the Te'o's. I reside in California, as do many other Te'o's. I am trying to track as many family member's, to add to our Family Tree. If you are related somehow,or have any information of Te'o's, worldwide, i would appreciate any light of information that you can shine on this endeavor. If so, Please send me an E-mail, at your convenience! Faa'fetai tele lava! E-mail: Perry M. Te'o; P.S. Looking forward to hearing from you! Tofa Soifua.

family web site

Carmen Liaga (View posts)
Posted: 990897239000
I read on your message board that you had a family web site. I was wondering if I could view your web site. I am doing research on my husbands family. we have a web site also it is on, LIAGA,BONILLA OHANA. We have about 900 family members on the site. Samoa's two islands are small so alot of Samoans are somehow related. Please check my family site and if you recognise anyone or name please let me know ok. I live in California and we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and we belong to the Inland Empire Samoan Ward here, so maybe i'll recognise a name or two and get information for you . Alofa, Carmen

Re: Asaua Puni family

Posted: 1262077831000
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hi Hellen, I don't know if you still remember me from the last time when we talked when me and my family were in California, I am the son of Pele Asaua Luau, and my grandmother was Ne'etia Malaga Luau from the village of Samatau..most of my father's immediate family as of his brothers and sisters had all passed, God rest their souls..I just want to keep in toucn with the rest of my family on my father's I am also still trying to find out my other cousins in New Zealand and Australia, so keep me inform and thank you for making this site so we can still learn and know about our from Texas, USA....Kiona and family

Re: Asaua Puni family

Posted: 1266890850000
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hello is this the Nanai Uele family from Pata and matautu Falelatai??
i used to live there but i knew a old lady name Asaua and was married to nanai Uele and they had the twin girls name Kauaikia and i dont remember the other sisters name and yeah in Samoa nmy house is like right next to there house and shes got a son name Nanai Euta and he is married to a girl name Moana from Samai..
Ia thank you for your time and i hope i've helped enough and hopefully im on the right track and it will really mean a lot if you guys reply back to my message!

Re: Asaua Puni family

Posted: 1391159607000
Classification: Query
Hi there,

I was scrolling through the threads and saw the last name '....Te'o Leiataua Puni of Samatau' at the end of your thread and it got my attention, because my FAMILY is from SAMATAU and our SURNAME is TE'O. I was just curious to know.. Could we by any chance be related??

If you wana know more feel free to email me at

Would be great to hear from you.

Re: Asaua Puni family

Posted: 1432752628000
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Hi this page still active...I am Kitiona Asaua Luau's wife, Alofa Luau.
Please email me so I can know that your family are keeping in touch cause my children would love to contact their father's families, please!
Email is

Thank you & God bless
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