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the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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Surnames: murphy
Found my Murphy Family first in the 1901 Census
Residents of a House in 172 Leeson Park Avenue ( Rathmines & Rathgar East Dublin
Kelly Mary Age 6 Female Grandchild Roman Catholic Born Dublin Scholar not Married
Gregg Maria Age 49 Female Head of Family Church of Ireland Born Co,Monaghan Widow
Murphy Anne Age 50 Female Servant Roman Catholic Born Co Wicklow Married
Murphy John Age 51 Male Stableman Roman Catholic Born Dublin Married
Murphy Michael Age 14 Male Son Roman Catholic Born Dublin Scolar not Married
Murphy Thomas Age 11 Male Son Roman Catholic Born Dublin Scolar not Married
Murphy Patrick Age 19 Male Son Roman Catholic Born Dublin Van Driver not Married
now in 1904 Maria Gregg Died Leaving Everthing to her Son William Burough Gregg
now the Story to all this Lines up with this Census,
Before 1870 the Reverand Church of Ireland William Kerr from Co Monaghan wanted a Women
Servant ,A young Lady Name of Anne Born 1851 Applied for the Work and got it.
Now the Reverand William Kerr had a Daughter Maria Elizabeth Kerr Born 1852
Now Maria Kerr Married another Reverand Church of Ireland William Burough Gregg from Co ,Kildare
They soon where off to Live in 29 Leeson Park Avenue Dublin
Taking there Servant Anne with them
In 1871 Maria and William Gregg had a Son Born to them Named him William Burough Gregg the
Same Name as the Father
Iin the same Year Anne Met John Murphy and Married Him,John Murphy was a Stableman to Trinity College.Dublin
In 1872 Peter Murphy was Born
In 1876 John Murphy was Born
In 1882 Patrick Murphy was Born
In 1887 Michael Murphy was Born
In 1890 Thomas Murphy was Born
they all Lived together in 29 Leeson Park Ave,The Family Believe there family was Bigger More Sons and a Daughter some Where,
In the Late 1890 William Gregg Died Leaving Maria Gregg a Widow
So when Maria Gregg Died in 1904 .Leaving the House and Money to her Only Son William Gregg
The Murphy Family had to find a New Home
Then we find the Murphy Family in the 1911 Dublin Census
Residents of a House in 1 Westmoreland Park ( Ratrhmines & Rathgar East Dublin
Anne Murphy Age 60 Head of Family, Widow So John Murphy had Died
With Her Children and Grand Children
Now it Seems the Murphys Family use to know the Massey Family, when they Owned the Butcher Shop,Beef and Lamb in Emmet Road,Inchecore, Dublin,And had a Funeral Parlor, ..
Now they are well known in Dublin,THE MASSEY FUNERAL DIRECTORS William Murphy who Now owns the Family Grave,Ask them do they keep any Records of Burials .They said they keep The Lot.So he ask could he have a Copy of the People Buried in the Family Grave.Which they Gave to him,Now thinking about this i wonder if they Buried John and Anne Murphy.Perhaps you Could ask for Us.
Well this is what we Have
Mount Jerome Cemetry
Grave Number A85 -613-22730
Thomas Murphy Born 1890 ,Died 13th Dec 1837 at Sir Patrick Dunns Hosp Attestant Mary Murphy Wife of 28 Monsterbolce Road Dublin
Peter Murphy Born 1872, Died 8th Jan 1943 at Dublin Union Hosp Attestant Michael Murphy Brother Living at 1 Westmoreland Park
Thomas Murphy,Born 1923,Died 1956, At St Kevins Hosp Attestant Mr P.F.Murphy 122 Keogh Sq Inchicore
Mary Murphy Born 1900 ,Died 1982, At St James Hosp ,Wife of Thomas Murphy Born 1890
Mary Murphy Born 1927, Died 1999,At St James Hosp ,Daughter of the Above
Patrick Murphy Born 1925, Died 2003, At St James Hosp
Christina Murphy Born 1929, Died 2008 ,At Glencarraig Nursing Home
Jane Rosaleen Brayne Murphy,Ashes Born 1931, Died 2011, At Bradford England
So one of John and Anne Murphy Children Michael Murphy was still living at 1 Westmoreland Park,Dublin in 1943( We believe he married a lady called Margaret
so hoping you can now add to all this information we have found.
John and Anne Murphy Death and Grave.Where did they get Married, What is Anne Murphy Maiden Name,Where were all there Children Baptized
please we are all holding our breadth here in Dublin and in Spain,i have tried and tried to find the parish.they all would have been baptized in ,then in a Bible of Thomas Murphy found Baptized in Leeson Street Parish,Street not Park Ave.Could this be right,
Who knows when we know this we might even be able to find the grand father and mother.ancestry we believe in you you can do it

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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The numbers on the 1901 census for Leeson Park Avenue are enumerators references, not street numbers, so the family may not have actually moved.. Leeson Park Avenue and Westmoreland Park are both in Ranelagh and at that time would probably have been in the RC parish of Rathmines. The other RC parish that's close to Leeson Park Ave. would be Donnybrook in Co. Dublin

Possible match for son Thomas shows in the records Rathmines parish on the free IrishGenealogy website, with address as Chelmsford lane, also in Ranelagh and very close to the other locations. see google map :

Year for the baptism is 1888 so quite close to the ages given, parents first names are John and Anne and Anne maiden surname is Walshe. See :

also a baptism to the same parents in 1885 for a son Michael, also with a Chelmsford lane address - see :

The Christian names and surnames, particularly Murphy, are very common, so there could be other potential matches, but the location for these is very close to the addresses mentioned, so I think worth considering..

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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if that couple match up with your Murphy family, then there's another baptism - this time a girl named Sophia in 1883. Address is Leinster Road, which is in Rathmines, and even closer to the parish church.

see :

Godparents are a John and Mary Walsh - maybe relations of Anne ?

Sophia/Sophie is not a common firstname, and there's just one likely civil birth registration in the correct district and year for her :

Name : Sophia Murphy
Event Type : Birth
Registration Quarter and Year : Jan - Mar 1883
Registration District : Dublin South
Volume : 2 / Page 664

unfortunately it seems she died soon after birth, as there's registration the same quarter for her :

Name : Sophia Murphy
Event Type : Death
Registration Quarter and Year : Jan - Mar 1883
Registration District : Dublin South
Age : 0 (i.e. less than one year)
Volume 2 / Page 628

A research cert for the birth from the GRO should show father's occupation, which might help prove, or rule out, a connection to this couple...

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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first i must thank you for helping me.if you were close at hand i would have taken you out for a pint of beer,you came out of the blue ,my heart jumped into my mouth,
but sorry to say Thomas was born in 1890 by the 1901 census.and died in 1937, 47 years old ,he worked just before he died,at trinity college
and michael Murphy was born 1887 by the 1911 census and was still living at number 1 westmoreland park in 1943,when his brother peter died
going back to john Murphy born Dublin 1850 the father, he worked as stableman to trinity college,as we have been told
and Ann Murphy his wife born in wicklow in 1851,
it seems a reverend William Kerr from monagahan, applied for a servant ,and Anne answered and went to work in co monaghan ,William Kerr had a daughter maria Elizabeth Kerr.
now she married another reverend William boroughs Gregg in 1870
and moved to Dublin,not sure where he lived but they took anne ,with them as a servant
in 1871 maria and William had a baby boy named henry Burroughs Gregg
in the same year Anne met and married john Murphy
in 1872 peter Murphy was born
in 1876 john Murphy was born
in 1882 pa trick Murphy was born
in 1887 michael Murphy was born
in 1890 Thomas Murphy was born
William Burroughs Gregg died in 81 Grosvenor Sq Dublin in 1898 leaving all his possessions to his wife .maria Elizabeth Gregg at 29 leeson park avenue
where we found the Murphy family living in the 1901, census with maria gregg head of family
Anne Murphy age 50 servant,john Murphy age 51 stableman ( Anne still her servant)
maria Gregg died in dec 1904 leaving everything to her son Henry Burroughs Gregg
leeson park ave was sold off in 1905 ,
so the Murphy family had to find a new home
now i don.t know when they moved into 1 westmoreland park
but they were there in 1911 census .
residents of a house 1 westmoreland park rathmines and rathgar,east Dublin
but now john Murphy is dead,Ann Murphy a widow
that's how far i have got wanting more information ,please
when did john die,when did Anne die.were was there marraige in 1871,
if you can help in any way

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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Ages on census returns, death certs etc are often inaccurate, so you need to allow at least a few years either way when searching for records. One or Two years is nothing, I've seen much bigger discrepancies ..., so certainly would not discount that possible baptism without further checking....

Murphy is a very common surname, so you need establish Anne's maiden surname to have any hope of locating a possible marriage.

You could try a search of the BMD Index for John's death, but with as common a name as he has there could be a number of possible matches and certs to choose from. You can narrow down the search a little using his estimated year of birth and whatever clues you have as to when he died. Assuming he died in the Ranelagh (Leeson Park Ave., or Westmoreland), the the registration district to check for would be 'Dublin South'.. assuming of course he died in the area he lived and worked

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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thank you i will .with your help we will get there

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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re John's death - three possible matches that might be worth checking out for the death of a John Murphy born abt 1850 in the Dublin South district between 1901 and 1911 - see :

Death certs usually include the occupation of the deceased, so could possibly help confirm of one of these is 'your' John... assuming of course he died in the area he lived and worked

p.s. just realized one of those deaths can be ruled out, as it took place in the last quarter of 1911, so was after the census..

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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peter murphy by 1901 census was born 1872
thomas murphy born 1890

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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can you tell me please,what roman catholic church was in the parish of leeson park ave and westmoreland park ave in 1901 ,as this is what i am asks each time i try to find information out

Re: the Murphy Family from 1901 and 1811 Dublin Census

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I think I answered that on a previous post - to search for records it's the name of the parish you need to know. For Leeson Park. Avenue during the late 1800s and early 1900s RC parish would be Rathmines, Donnybrook or possibly St. Mary's Haddington Rd. - it''s located right on the boundary of these parishes. I think Rathmines is the most likely, but the other two are also possible, and RC parish boundaries are not as static as those for civil parishes and may have moved slightly over time.

Records were kept by the parish churches, and for these three parishes the main churches were, located at the Mary Immaculate, Refuge of Sinners Rathmines village, Sacred Heart Donnybrook village and at St. Mary's Haddington Rd. just south of the canal. All three are still parish churches.

Records for Rathmines and Haddington Rd. parishes are included on the IrishGenealogy website, and cover baptisms and marriages up to the very early 1900s. Records for Donnybrook parish are not online at the moment (**correction - see later post**).

RC parish registers for this timeframe for the city area do not usually include details of death/burials.
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