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Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

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Surnames: Herman, Barnhardt
I am trying to get some additional information on my Great Grandmother, Emma Herman Barnhardt. How do I found out more information on the names of her parents and where in Germany they lived, where Emma was born, and why she traveled to the United States without them.
What I do know:
Emma Herman-born 1892 in Germany (not sure where)
She arrived here in 1908 or 1909. I found a passenger list that might be for her, and she traveled here with an Uncle or a Great Uncle by the name of “Carotens Terlefs”-I don’t come up with anything on him when I try and search for him.
Arrival Date: 8 Mar 1909
Birth Date: abt 1843
Birth Location Other: seid bermang
Age: 66
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: German
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
When she came to the United States they must have went to Minnesota (I say this because that is where she was married and my Great-Grandfather lived in Iowa)
I found a 1910 Minnesota census that might be for her but I am not sure. It shows that she was a servant and her birth year was listed as 1893 and immigration year 1908. Home in 1910: Staples Ward 2, Todd, Minnesota-what is says on census.
She married Frederick Barnhardt April 1911 in Verndale, MN. I ordered a copy of their marriage certificate hoping that it would have her parents listed-no such luck.
I found a census for Jan 1, 1925 that lists Emma’s parents’ last names. For her father it is listed as Herman and for her mother it is listed as Delaffaf-both born in Germany. How do I trace her parents? Did they not travel here with her because they had already passed or were they sick?
Emma moved with Fred after they married to Iowa and they lived there until 1925, when they moved to Roberts County, SD in March 1925
Emma passed away in April 30, 1925-I found her obit from April 30, 1925 from the Wilmot, SD paper. I did order a copy of her death certificate hoping there might be some info on there for me.
I would appreciate any ideas or tips to point me in the right direction.

Re: Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

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I don't know if you viewed the emmigration records as (a free site) but it has the actual ship manifest, which includes more information than Ancestry. Unfortunately the page for her ship is not the right one, they apparently transposed two different ships that arrived on the same day. I have informed the website so they will fix it. You can view her passenger record transcript, and it says she was from Lunden Germany.
(Also, her name is mistranscribed as Herrnian, or Hermian) I only found it by searching for all Emma's who arrived in 1909 and were born 1891-1892. I searched first at another site, Pick the Ellisisland gold search. You can put in as few or as many parameters as you want. Once you find the right person and click on the link, it takes you to the Ellis Island site - it is free, but you have to register.

Re: Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

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Here is her uncle - notice the different spelling.

What do you think of this guy in the 1910 census, same county Emma was in

I found an article that suggested the son, Edwin Detlefs changed his name to Edwin C. Douglas. When I searched at Ancestry, I came up with this family tree for Edwin Carsten Detlef

I do not subscribe to Ancestry, so I can't view the actual tree.

I believe this is the death of Emma Herman's uncle, based on the fact that his wife and son were in Cass County in 1915

Here he is in the Fargo Forum obit index

Re: Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

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You have given me alot of information to research. No wonder I was not finding the name "Carotens Terlefs" because they had the name listed wrong. I am going to guess that Colstan Detleff is a relation somehow to Emma's mother because that is the last name of her mother that was listed on the 1925 census that I found. At least this is going to give me some info to start researching.

Do you know what parish I would write to for the Lunden, Germany area?

I tried to pull of the record of the death of Calstan from the NDSU library link that you send but there is some kind of error so I will have to try that tomorrow.

I will have to look at that family tree more tomorrow. I tried to pull it up but I wasnt having much luck-tired eyes.

I have heard that Emma had a small child before she married my great grandfather and he made her give this child up for adoption. When I look at the 1910 census for Colstan there is a 1 year old child living with them with a different last name listed as boarder. Is that common to have 1 year old boarders back then, or could it possibly a child of Emma-something worth researching. Not sure how I would go about finding records of a child that she would have had from the time that she got here until she was marrried.

I thank you so much for your help. You are very kind.


Re: Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

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Try searching for Edwin C. Douglas born 1902 - that is how I found Edwin Carsten Detlef on Ancestry.
In the obit index, look under Karsten Detlefs.
Re: Emma's child -is it possible she was pregnant before she left Sweden and perhaps that is why she came here?

Re: Emma Herman Barnhardt-born 1892

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I found searching that way.
Thank you so much.
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