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Rospigliosi family coat of arms

Rospigliosi family coat of arms

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Surnames: Rospigliosi
Hi everybody,

I have a question about a specific coat of arms.

On this link (about some alleged prophecies of the popes) I read the following about Giulio Rospigliosi, Pope Clement IX:

"The Pope's family came originally from Lombardy where its ancient history is well recorded. The <Teatro Araldico>, a work which gives the armorial bearings of the most ancient and noble families of Italy, describes the Pope's family coat of arms as a shield on which was emblazoned a swan with stars overhead."

Now I looked on the internet for the coat of arms for the name "Rospigliosi", but could only find the coat of arms he used as pope. You can see it here:

So, apparently also some of his decendents have used his papal coat of arms, but no other design is listed.

Does anyone here know the origin of this coat of arms? Was it designed especially for Clement IX, when he became pope? Did he have a different family coat of arms before?

According to the website cited above a work called the "Teatro Araldico" describes such a family coat of arms with a swan with stars overhead on it. Does anyone know this work?
I think maybe it could be the case that the coat of arms shown there isn't even genuine, but was only designed by the author of the "Teatro Araldico", with the prophecy in mind - is that thinkable? How probable is this from an expert's point of view?

Any ideas how one could research all of this?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
an interested visitor

Re: Rospigliosi family coat of arms

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The entry (one only) in Rietstap's Armorial General are as follows:
Écartelé d'or et d'azur, à quatre losanges de l'un à l'autre.

The arms shown there are exactly the same as those shown at , with the exception of :
Felix Rospigliosi (+1688)
Cardinal de Sainte Marie en Portico Campitelli, puis de Saint Ange, puis de Saint Eustache, puis de Sainte Marie en Cosmedin, puis de Sainte Agathe des Goths

who has his personal arms impaled with those of his Ecclesiastical office.

Popes use their own personal arms and not any official arms of the pope as there are none, I think, maybe, that the mention of Swans and Stars is in someone's imagination as if he had any other arms, or any of his ancestors had anything different, they would have been listed in Rietstaps AG. In Rietstaps there was even mention of a chap with the surname of Pallavicini-Rospigliosi and he is listed as bearing the same Rospigliosi arms [Les armes de Rospigliosi]. The B&W entry for the graphic of the Rospigliosi entry is attached herewith. I'm sorry, but I can find no authentication for the mysterious Swan and Stars arms at all.
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