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Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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Surnames: Pihajlic, Poljk, Rajkovich
I am searching for info on my great-grandfather Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) and my grandmother, Rose (Roza) Poljak's families.I know they were Roman Catholic and were from Starcevo (Tarcso) near the Danube River. In 1907, Jacob (a widower) brought his sons, John (my grandfather) and Steven (Stefan) to the US. He returned to Croatia and married Lena Fischer. I don't know how long they stayed, but in 1912, he brought Rose and her father (name?)to the US. Rose married John in 1913, but her father returned to Croatia. Rose had a sister Agnes, who married Joseph Rajkovich and had 2 sons in Croatia, before migrating to the US. There was a brother and possibly 2 more sisters.

Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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Surnames: Pihajlics
Here is a ship manifest you did not mention

SS Franconia arrived at the Port of NY 6 June 1913
Pihajlics, Jakab M 46y M Hungary, Servian Tarcso, Hungary
Pihajlics, Magdolna F 29y M Hungary, Servian Tarcso, Hungary
Pihajlics, Mihaly M 20y S Hungary, Servian Tarcso, Hungary
Pihajlics, Maria F 8y S Hungary, Servian Tarcso, Hungary
Pihajlics, Katalin F 4y S U.S.A. Tarcso, Hungary

PIHAJLICS would be a Hungarianized spelling in that language CS has the sound of CH

Another manifest shows him arriving as follows
First Name: Jakab
Last Name: Pihajlics
Ethnicity: Hungary Servian
Last Place of Residence: Solaresova, Hungary
Date of Arrival: May 11, 1910
Age at Arrival: 42y Gender: M Marital Status: W
Ship of Travel: Carpathia
Port of Departure: Fiume

Steve's Naturalization record
Name: Steven Pihajlich
Birth Date: 19 Aug 1890
State: Michigan
Locality, Court: Detroit, District Court
Title: Index Cards to Naturalization Petitions for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, Detroit, 1907-1995
Description: P-225 Piaseczny, Thomas-P-251 Piesenberger, Klara
Series: M1917

1920 census Detroit Ward 9
Name Age
Jacob Pahajlie 52
Lena Pahajlie 37
Michael Fisher 18 step son
Mary Pihajlie 14
Catherine Pihajlie 11

John was living next door with his family

In the census they list themselves as Croatian. The place they came from was part of the old Hungarian Torontal County and after WW I became part of Serbia, but was never part of Croatia. The Croatians (Roman Catholic) who live in this area may be refered to as Bunjevci Croats.

It would appear that Rose (Roza) arrived Jan 06, 1913 and her father Gyorgy (Hungarian for George Croatian would be Juro, Djuro, Jure, Gyuro) aboard the SS Franconia Destination to son in law Stef RAJKOVIC (root is the male given name Rajko, from the word raj, meaning heaven, KO means little on... IC endings mean son of) at Caro MI Note they are transcribed as POLYAK... J in Croatian has a sound like English Y... POLJAK is from the word polje, meaning field or from the word poljak which means pole.

Polyak, Gyorgy M 50y M Hungary, Servian Tarcso, Hungary
Polyak, Roza F 18y S Hungary, Servian Tarcso, Hungary

And Roza and John married 12 days later !

Groom's name: John Pihajlic
Groom's race or color (on document):
Groom's age: 19 years
Groom's birth year: 1894
Groom's birthplace: Austria Hungary
Bride's name: Rosa Poljak
Bride's race or color (on document):
Bride's age: 18 years
Bride's birth year: 1895
Bride's birthplace: Austria Hungary
Marriage type:
Marriage date: 18 Jan 1913
Marriage place: Caro, Tuscola, Michigan
Groom's father's name: Jacob Pi...Jlic
Groom's mother's name: Anna Druskivic
Father of bride's name: George Poljak
Mother of bride's name: Annie Bolina
Marital status:
Groom's previous wife's name:
Bride's marital status:
Bride's previous husband's name:
Additional relatives:
Film number: 2342703
Frame number:
Digital GS number: 4209249
Image number: 84
Reference number: v 5 p 1 rn 12
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925

Joseph and Agnes arrived with the boys as well as Joseph's parents
0018. Rajkovics, Istvan M 55y M Servian Staresova, Hungary
0019. Rajkovics, Maria F 56y M Servian Staresova, Hungary
0020. Rajkovics, Peter M 33y M Servian Staresova, Hungary
0021. Rajkovics, Katalin F 28y M Servian Staresova, Hungary
0022. Rajkovics, Lenka F 10y S Servian Staresova, Hungary
0023. Rajkovics, Roza F 7y S Servian Staresova, Hungary
0024. Rajkovics, Jozsef M 25y M Servian Staresova, Hungary
0025. Rajkovics, Agnes F 22y M Servian Staresova, Hungary
0026. Rajkovics, Mark M 4y S Servian Staresova, Hungary
0027. Rajkovics, Peter M 3m S Servian Staresova, Hungary
Their passage was paid for by Brother in law... Gyorgy PIHAJLIC and their destination was to him a Caro....

The earliest manifest I find for Jakab (Jakov in Croatian) is 1910 and none for the boys... I wonder why!

There are a ton of records for these folks including naturalization records etc.

In case you don't have it the marriage record is attached below


Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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Wow, I can't thank you enough!! It's amazing what you've found! I still don't understand why we can't find anything about my grandfather's family coming to the U.S. in 1907. He told me that he came here in April, 1907, when he was 12. They didn't intend to stay here though. Jacob had a sister in Saskatchewan, Canada. That was their intended destination. Could they have come here thru somewhere other than Ellis Island? Jacob seemed to go back and forth several times. According to the ages of Jacob's daughters on the 1920 census, maybe he had already remarried by 1907, and his second family came here with him too. (I had seen this census, but I had no idea John & Rose lived next door to Jacob in Detroit!)
I am so excited that you found the names of both my grandparents' parents! I never dreamed that I'd learn that!!
You said that the passage for the Rajkovich families was paid by a brother-in-law, Gyorgy Pihajlic. I don't know who he is. Could that be my grandfather John? He was brother-in-law to Joseph & Agnes Rajkovich, and he was living in Caro, MI.
This is just the best Easter present ever!! You said that there is "a ton of records for these folks including naturalization records etc." Can you direct me where to search for this info? I have found more than I ever expected, but it gets really frustrating too. I run into alot of blocked info that I can only get with paid subscriptions.
Thank you a million times!!


Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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Yes I wondered about Jakab as the earliest entry I saw for him was 1910. I was wondering if Gyorgy could have been Jakab?

The info is found at sites I have subscriptions for... if you email me direct we can work out something.... but right now I have some issues with my wife... she just returned home last Friday from surgery and complications... she was in for 2 weeks... and we are waiting for the Dr as to whether or not she needs to go back to the hospital.

my email is


Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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This is to "Ruth" who wrote about her grandfather.

The 'family' you spoke about from the Detroit 1920 census listed "MY" grandmother. She was Catherine, one of Jacob's girls. I would like to know who you are and how you are related to this family.

Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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This is amazing! I was just wondering how I could find out about Catherine & Mary. Jacob was my great-grandfather. His second son, John, was my grandfather. After Jacob's first wife died, he married Lena Fischer and they had Mary and Catherine. I remember hearing my grandfather talk of his 2 (1/2) sisters, but I never knew any more about them. What was Catherine's married name?

This is great...I guess we're related!

Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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I would love to hear from you. Maybe we could exchange info on our families. I know very little about Catherine and Mary.
I also have very limited info on Jacob.


Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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Catherine & Mary were not the daughters of Lena. Lena was his next wife and their stepmother. I believe she was the mother of Michael Fisher when she married Jacob. My mother is Catherine's only child and she tells me that her mother's mother was Rosa who was Jacob's second wife and Lena was his third. Rosa died after giving birth to twins when Catherine was about 3 years old. Catherine married several times but her second husband's last name was Hulber and he was my grandfather. Jacob was my great grandfather too.

Do you know when Jacob came to the United States?

Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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Thank you so much for the info. My aunt told me that Jacob had several wives, but that was all I knew. She told me that Catherine was married several times, but she didn't know that she had any children. She also said that Catherine was a very bubbly, happy-go-lucky, fun person. (just like my Aunt Katherine, John's daughter). Did the twins live or did they pass away with their mother? As to Jacob, my grandfather told me that the family came here in April, 1907 (when he was 12). I can't find anything about that, but I did find where he enteredthe US in both 1910 and 1913. I know the 1913 trip was when he went to bring Rose (my grandmother) here to marry my grandfather. (They were both 18) Do you know anything about a Gyorgy Pihajlic?
I think he traveled with Jacob on these 2 trips. Were they brothers? Do you know much about Jacob?

Re: Jacob (Jakab) Pihajlic(h) & Rose (Roza) Poljak

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The twins died after their mother died. Mary married a man named Plettle. My mother lost contact with her after her mother Catherine died in 1982 so we do not know if she is still alive or not.

I do not know a lot about Jacob. I do know he built two different homes for his family. They lived for a while somewhere near Caro, MI and then moved to the East side of Detroit. The 1920 census that was posted for you to see is where I recognized my grandmother. So John & Rose were your grandparents, which of their children was your parent?

I told my mother who is still alive about talking with you and she is wondering who your parent(s) are. She speaks very fondly of "her Uncle John" and my oldest sister remembers visiting his farm that she thinks was near Rochester, MI. By the way, my mother has 10 children and 22 grand children and 4 great grand children. I would love to hear about John's children, grand children, etc and Steven's offspring too if you know.
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