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John P. FLINN family

John P. FLINN family

Charles E. Flinn b.08/25/1941 (View posts)
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I believe father John P. Flinn was born in Hendricks Co, Indiana in 1884 AND died in Indianapolis in 1942--he is buried near Brownsburg, Hendricks Co, IN. Mother Christine died in or about 1955 in Indianapolis and is buried next to sister Bertha Weintraut in Holy Cross Cemetery in Marion Co, Indiana. John Flinn has been traced through a birth certificate--his parents George W. Flinn and Sarah Jane Patterson were from Hendricks Co, IN and Brownsburg, Hendricks Co, IN. John and Christine Flinn sired two boys, Charles Edward Michael and Bernard Patrick Flinn. This is exciting as this is the first time I have tried to trace my heritage. Thanks to all who can help in any way.


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I have found some information about George W. Flinn & Sarah Jane Patterson--hopefully some of this will help you in your search:

from WPA Index to Marriages in Hendricks County (1824-1920):
--Flinn, George W. to Sarah Patterson Nov 5 1868

from Deaths with Burials in County, 1882-1990, published by County Seat Genealogical Society:
--Flinn, Geo W. b. 1839/06/01 in KY, d.1904/02/26 in Hendricks County, parents Valentine Flinn & Susan Sacre
--Flinn, Sarah J. b. 1845/07/02 in IN, d. 1906/11/26 in Hendricks County, parents John Patterson & Sarah J. Sphere
--Flynn, John R. b. 1830/07/19 in IN, d. 1909/12/04 in Hendricks County, parents Valentine Flynn & -- Tracey
--Flynn, Thomas D. b.1849/03/13 in KY, d.1934/12/28 in Hendricks County, parents Valentine Flynn & Susie Sachry
--Hughes, Emma Jane b. 1882/04/04 in IN, d.1930/04/17 in Hendricks County, parents Geo Flinn & Jennie Patterson

from WPA Index to Deaths in Hendricks County (1882-1920):
--Flinn, Geo W.
male white
age at death: 64
date of death: Feb 26 1904
place of death: Center Township
--Flinn, Sarah
female white
age at death: 58
date of death: Nov 26 1906
place of death: Danville

from WPA Index to Births in Hendricks County (1882-1920):
--Flinn, ??
father: George
mother: Sarah J. Paterson
female white
date of birth: Apr 4 1882
--Flynn, ??
father: George
mother: S.J. Patterson
male white
date of birth: Nov 1 1884

from WPA Index to Marriage Supplements for Hendricks County (1882-1920):
--Flinn, Martha
father: George
mother: Sarah Patterson
female white
age at next birthday: 32
date of marriage: July 17 1907
--Flinn, John P.
father: George
mother: -- Patterson
male white
age at next birthday: 23
date of marriage: Dec 5 1906

They correspond to these entries in the marriage index:
from the WPA Index to Marriages in Hendricks County (1824-1920):
--Flinn, Martha C. to Wm. T. Runion July 17 1907
--Flinn, John P. to Daisy Runion Dec 5 1906

I couldn't find her marriage supplements entry, but did find the marriage index entry for:
--Flinn, Emma J. to Theodore Hughes Aug 18 1904

Also, the two Runions appear not to be siblings:
--Runion, Daisy
father: Marion
mother: -- Hosier
female white
age at next birthday: 19
date of marriage: Dec 5 1906
--Runion, Wm. T.
father: Hiram
mother: Laura Tener
male white
age at next birthday: 27
date of marriage: July 17 1907

from birth index:
--Runion, Belva
father: William T.
mother: Martha C. Flinn
female white
date of birth: Nov 4 1911
--Flinn, Claude R.
father: John
mother: Daisy Runion
male white
date of birth: Feb 5 1911
--Flinn, Walter R.
father: John
mother: Daisy Runion
male white
date of birth: Dec 20 1917
--Flinn, Wm. O.
father: John
mother: Daisy Z
male white
date of birth: Aug 30 1909
--Flinn, ??
father: --
mother: Martha C. Flinn
female white
date of birth: Aug 4 1899
--Hughes, Myrtle I.
father: Theodore
mother: Emma J. Flinn
female white
date of birth: Sept 15 1908
--Hughes, ??
father: Theodore
mother: Emma Flynn
male white
date of birth: Oct 22 1904

from Prairie Farmer's Directory of Reliable Farmers and Breeders, Hendricks County (published 1920)
--Hughes, Theodore
spouse: Emma Flinn
children: Floyd, Myrtle, Elsie
postal address: Danville R.B.
tenant of 80 acres of land owned by J.O. Tinder in Marion Township, Section 1
resident of county since 1877
telephone: Consolidated Telephone Danville

from Lincoln Township Cemetery Index (published 1993 by County Seat Genealogical Society):
White Lick Presbyterian Cemetery
--Flinn, George W. b. 1839/06/01, d. 1904/02/27
--Flinn, John R. b.1830/07/19, d.1909/12/04
--Flinn, Sarah J. b.1845/07/02, d.1906/11/26
--Flinn, Mary E. b.1831/08/05, d.1880/01/01, spouse of John R.
--Flinn, Alonzo b.1868/01/30, d.1887/03/06, son of John R. & Mary E.

1900 census for Hendricks County--Center Township, page 108A:
#6-7 Flinn, G.W. head w m b. June 1839 age 60 married 30 years b. KY father b. KY mother b. KY farmer yes [can read] yes [can write] yes [speaks English] Own Mortgage Farm #5
--S.J. wife w f July 1845 age 54 married 30 years 8 children born 4 children living IN VA IN yes yes yes
--Mattie daughter w f May 1875 age 25 single IN KY IN yes yes yes
--Emma daughter w f Apr 1882 age 18 single IN IN IN attended school 2 months yes yes yes
--John son w m Nov 1884 age 15 single farm hand attended school 1 month yes yes yes

1900 census for Hendricks County--Lincoln Township, town of Brownsburg, page 251B:
East Main Street
#96-99 Flinn, John R. head w m July 1830 age 69 married 47 years IN VA KY landlord yes yes yes Own Free Farm #6
--Sophronia wife w f Dec 1827 age 72 married 47 years 8 children born 4 children living KY KY KY yes yes yes

1880 census for Hendricks County--Brown Township, page 419A:
#82-88 Flinn, Geo. W. w m 41 married farmer b. KY father b. VA mother b. KY
--Gennie w f 34 wife married keeps house IN -- --
--Charles H. w m 7 son single attended school IN KY IN
--Mattie K. w f 5 daughter single IN KY IN
--Omer w m 1 son single IN KY IN
--Viola w f 7/12 b. Oct daughter single IN KY IN

1880 census for Hendricks County--Washington Township, page 554D:
#228-228 Flinn, R. John w m 49 widowed farmer IN KY KY
--A. Rosa w f 21 daughter married [married during the census year] keeping house IN IN KY
--Adda w f 14 daughter single at home IN IN KY attended school
--Alonzo w m 11 son single laborer dislocated hip [illness column] crippled IN IN KY attended school
--E. Cary w f 8 daughter single IN IN KY attended school
Jenkins, Theodore w m 30 son-in-law married laborer IN NC IN

1870 census for Hendricks County--Washington Township, page 508A:
#25-25 Flinn, John 39 m w farmer $6000 $1200 b. IN eligible to vote
--Mary E. 37 f w keeping house KY
--James H. 13 m w at home IN attended school
--Rosa A. 11 f w at home IN attended school
--Ada M. 4 f w IN
--Alonzo 1 m w IN
#26-26 Flinn, George 30 m w farmer -- $200 KY eligible to vote
--Jane 25 f w keeping house VA
--Ira 6/12 m w IN b. Nov
[next door to a Morris Patterson age 43 b. VA]

1860 census for Hendricks County--Washington Township, page 752:
#494-494 Morris Patterson 65 m w mill wright b. VA can't read or write
--Nancy A. 64 f w VA can't read or write
--Lucinda 19 f w VA
--Sarah J. 15 f w VA attended school

I did not attempt to trace the descendants of John R. Flinn, as there are many Flinns in Hendricks County records. Also, I was unable to find George W. Flinn/Flynn in the 1860 Hendricks County census.


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Surnames: Sacra
I read your message but in what state does the info come from? My line is Bettie Sacra b. 1853 in KY or MO , her father I believe to be Edward or Edmund Sacra, from KY, her mother Mary Elizabeth Richards, Her grand father Walker Sacra from Ky. Have you seen anything on them?

re: Hiram RUNION

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You posted that William T. RUNION's mother was a Laura Tener. I think that you will find that it was a TANNER. Hiram was the son of James and Sarah Hines RUNION.

Re: Sacra/Sacre/Sachry

Sakry, Marian (View posts)
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The oldest mention I know is in a will: 1482/83: Sacry/ Kent/ England
It seems that it's not from a English origin, because there are different forms in later mentions: Sacry, Sacree, Sackree, Sacre, Sacrey, Sacray, Sacary, Saccary, Sacra, Sakarie, Sackrie, Sachery, Sachary, Sachreie.
In the area of Belgium/ French are mentions since about 1560 of a name with a pronunciation like this:
Sacris (like in Paris - the end is like in tree - without "s") - Sacry and Sacre (as a synonym)... The most usuall form is Sacre (perhaps it's because it means "holy" in French ;-).
Sacra ( = in Latin also "holy") was very seldom mentioned here in Europe - in the USA it's sudden very much - I think it's a result of the pronunciation of the people coming there...
However - if there are someone who like to research such things - I'll be very happy to meet you!

Re: Sacra/Sacre/Sachry

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Thanks for the info. Do you have an American Sacra(?) family. Mine is from KY for sure, but before that I can only guess the VA group but have no proof. I would love to know more about the origin of the name and when the first ones showed up in America.

Re: Sacra/Sacre/Sachry

Sakry Marian (View posts)
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Hi again,

I'm looking also for my ancestors (but at first for "Sakry"). Please take a look at my homepage:
You'll find there also the first "Sacra" mention in the USA. Go to "begin" on my page and scroll to USA. I have collected many data, but there are only a few of them on my homepage. Please be patient.
Click please on the number behind the information. You'll find the source. Click on the source and you can find more information. (Perhaps there is at first a formula for what you are looking for.)
May be you are interest and like to be public on my page. I collect every information. Perhaps there are some you have?
Really, it's very hart to start, but with the help of other people it could be a wonderful thing.

My direct address is:


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Just read all the wonderful info you posted Jan. 2001, and have a couple of corrections/additions.

The following information is about the Flynn/Flinn line linked to Valentine Flynn, arriving in Maryland, 1708, and settling in VA, then on to other areas.

Regarding the Runions, Daisy Thelma Runion was my grandmother, and her parents were Will Runyon and Alice Ashcroft. Daisy was born Jan. 25, 1888. Her marriage to John P. Flynn/Flinn on Dec. 5, 1906 produced at least 8 children, although I only know of 5 that survived: Frank Orville Flinn (my dad), born Sept. 16, 1914, IA, d. Dec. 14, 1986; Paul B. Flinn, b. Sept. 4, 1916, d. Jan. 16, 2000; Walter Raymond Flinn, b. Dec. 20, 1917, d. 1979; Harold B. Flinn, b. Apr. 29, 1918, d. Dec. 20, 1994, and Gladys Flinn (Rice), b. Apr. 6, 1925, d. Aug. 27, 1996.

Other births were William O. Flinn b. Aug. 30, 1909, d. Feb. 13, 1910; Thelma Flinn, b. Mar. 13, 1913 (who may have been one of a pair of twins), d. Dec. 30, 1913. There's also a Claude R. Flinn but his birth and death dates are unknown. It's possible he could have been one of the twins???

Daisy apparently had a brother named Roy Runion who was married to Augusta, and they lived in Sydney, Nebraska.

After her husband's departure, Daisy Flinn married John Payton of Loveland, CO. She died Jan. 21, 1937 in either Sidney, Nebraska or Loveland, CO.

John P. Flinn's other marriages were to Alice York (date ?) and Christine Lease in 1940. John P. perished from injuries suffered in a fire, Dec. 23, 1942.

Possible children from his marriage to Christine are Bernard Patrick Flinn and Charles Edward Flinn.

re: Hiram RUNION

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Minnie Runion Born January 1890 in Indiana was the daughter of Hiram E. Runion and Laura J. Turner. Minnie married Alva John Huddleson on october 23 1907 in Hendricks Co. Indiana these people are my grandparents.

Hiram E. Runion was the son of James H. Runion and Sarah Anna Hines Hiram married Laura J. Turner August 31, 1880 in Hendricks Co. Indiana.
Hiram and Laura are my great-grandparents
James H. Runion and Sarah Anna Hines are my ggg Grandparents.

Linda Lee (Huddleson)

re: Hiram RUNION

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Well Minnie and Alva are my grandparents and Hiram and Laura Turner are minnies parents and James H. Runion and Sarah Anna Hines are her grandparents.

Hiram and Laura and my great grandparents and James H. Runion and Sarah Anna Hines are my ggg grandparents.

I have the Ancestors of Minnie Runion and all these people are in lineage.. These Runions are from the Hendricks County area.

Linda Lee (Huddleson)
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