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My HAYES.... missing link!!!.....

My HAYES.... missing link!!!.....

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Hi everyone,

My Grandmother was born in Yeppoon, Rockhampton on 28 June 1918, she passed away this Feb aged 93.

Her name on her birth certificate says Moreen Hayes WALLIS. Father: Unknown and her mother was Gladys May WALLIS. The HAYES, has always been thought of as her father's last name.

I know this is a long shot, but that line hasn't got anyone on it and it bugs me everytime I have to look at it. I have given this some serious thought. Gladys's sister Clarice was married to Joseph Bedford on 28 Aug 1915, I am not sure how long before 1915 Gladys started living in Rockhampton, but I know that she was in Brisbane by 1922, as she was married then.

So, either Hayes was an Australian Enlisted Soldier who fort in WWI and he and his family lived in Rockhampton area, either he returned wounded or alive or he died. Then again he may not have been a soldier and just lived in Rockhampton area with his family, (but given the time and the era and also the Area (Rockhampton) I think he was a soldier)). When I say family I mean his mother, father and siblings. He may have married after his little fling with Gladys or he may have just married later anyway and they may not have been suited to one another.

I have attached three photo's, One is of Clarices Wedding Party with Gladys in the Photo, the second one has just Gladys taken from the Original Wedding Photo with her in it. The third is of my nana when she was much younger.

Since this is also a Brickwall in a way, and like I said it is a long shot, but if anyone out their, you may have lived in Yeppoon, Rockhampton and may have known some people with last names as BEDFORD, HAYES & WALLIS. Then again if you are a curious person and wants to take a shot at this, can anyone do a search for me for HAYES in Yeppoon, Rockhampton. I know he would not be alive today, but at sometime he was..... and this man is my Great Grandfather and a man my Grandmother never got to know and it's as curious to me as it was to her. I get the feeling that she wanted to know who her father was. We may never know but I am at least giving it a shot and would like some help if anyone out their is willing to help me. I have never been to Yeppoon, Rockhampton but have passed through it a few times at night.

Would like anyone to help out in anyway if at all possible and this would really be much appreciated. If you know anything at all or if you are wanting to help, please contact me, I would only be to pleased for your reply.

Kind regards,



Re: My HAYES.... missing link!!!.....

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When Clarice marries Joseph BEDFORD, she is using the surname CAMERON, was Clarice married before or is CAMERON the maiden name?
What are the parents names for Clarice and Gladys please.


Re: My HAYES.... missing link!!!.....

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Hello Leanne,

I know about Clarice & Gladys and I know their parents and so on down the line. I am trying to find my Grandmother's father, who is unnamed on her birth certificate that Gladys filled in but gave her the middle name HAYES, which is techniqically a last name, so my relations have gone by that the HAYES must be her father's last name. So, this is what I am trying to find out.

I only mentioned Clarices wedding because it took place in Rockhampton and that is where Gladys was at the time. But I don't know how long she was in Rockhampton for before the wedding and before 1915 but I know that she wasn't in Rockhampton after 1922 because she was married by then. I am looking at a timeframe for her meeting a man named HAYES.
That is the reason I included Clarices wedding for, nothing more. I know that Clarice was born a CAMERON and when her mother married John Charles Walter WALLIS, He raised her as his own, along with his children up until he died. So I am
not trying to find anything more on Clarice or Gladys.

I am concentrating on finding my Grandmother's father, if I can. She didn't know who he was and I know she would have wanted to know. So it's the HAYES...missing link I am trying to find.

Maybe you would know how I would go about this, as that is
what I am after, and many thanks for your reply.

Kind regards,

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