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I'm not sure if i'm posting in the right area, but we've been trying to do our family tree, and while my side has been quite easy to work out and find people, we're having trouble finding my partner's dad.

My partner isn't speaking to his parents at the moment so we can't really ask them, but we are searching for his dad's name and can't find anything at all that could possibly relate to him. We've managed to find his mum, but i can't find any marriage details etc. Is this normal?

I'm guessing that his dad may use a middle name that we don't know? Is it normal that we can't find any details of their marriage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Only just started looking into family trees - its a bit mind blowing!

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What does your partner's birth certificate say about his parents' names?

Re: Help!

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>> We've managed to find his mum, but i can't find any marriage details etc. Is this normal? <<

It depends what time period and location you're searching in.

This sound like a contemporary search, there are privacy laws in most countries to protect data on the living. Your partner can get a copy of their birth certificate, but if the other parties are living, you'll probably not be able to obtain actual documents, as in their marriage cert.

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Sorry, not true. All certificates older than 18 months are obtainable, by anyone, from the GRO.

Re: Help!

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>>Sorry, not true<<

I said "IN MOST", not ALL, which is TRUE.

The OP didn't state what country they're searching in, or was I supposed to assume the UK, because of the mum?

Re: Help!

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Thank you for your replies.

i'll have to find the birth certificate and see what it says on there. We think we have got the name right as we found his dad on the electral roll, and there was no indication on there of middle names.

Yeah it's the UK we're searching for and we think they got married in Derby. We did search for both the surnames in marriage, but there was nothing that came up
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