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Leo Baca's Volume I,V and VIII

Leo Baca's Volume I,V and VIII

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I am trying to find out how my my Ggrandparents came to
Cleveland, Ohio from Bohemia and where in Bohemia they are from.
John Businsky b.1850 Bohemia d.1925 Cleveland, Ohio
Josephine Sebek b.1853 Bohemia d. 1936

they came over in 1871...the three volumes above contain
this date.
Thank you so much if anyone can help!

Re: Leo Baca's Volume I,V and VIII

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You are just starting on your walk down the yellow brick road in the US. Without a birth place, marriage place or place of origin you will find this info in the US. Check passenger lists, censuses, vital, church, naturalization, passports, sexton's records at the cemetery, obits, church records and so forth. Our FamilySearch Wiki has an excellent article to help you: Tracing Immigrants Search Strategies" Brick by brick (document by document) you will build your yellow brick road which will lead you to the Emerald City! Betseylee admin for the Czechoslovaki Genealogy Research Community Facebook

Where Ohio Family Came From

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Betseylee is correct. You need a clue from something, an old letter, a baptismal record, the immigration record of a relative who came much later. Here's a clue: any chance your ancestors did work related to mining? Seems to me that's an industry in Ohio. If so, they could have come from the Kutna Hora area in Bohemia, or the city in northern Moravia which had a lot of mining. I forget the name -- started with an "O", I think. There are some other mining locations, too.

Don't take the "Bohemia" designation too literally; frequently Moravians simply said Bohemia because it was easier than trying to explain Moravia.

Ship's records in 1871 rarely had the home village listed. Now, in the late 1890s forward, yes. That's why I said, if a relative came over later, research them, and you might find a clue. But you also need to find the ship's record manifest and look at all the people listed on the same page with your great grandparents. Chances are, if they are also from "Bohemia", they might have come from the same area. So you check around in Ancestry to see if anyone has a family tree on those folks.

Church records. I know that you can get records from a Catholic archives in Ohio for a modest fee. I don't remember which diocese it was; it's been about 6 years since I did that. They won't make a copy of the exact record, but will issue an official certificate. They do a pretty good job of transcribing the text in the parish books. So it looks like your great grandparents were young enough in 1871 (21 and 18) that they probably had some children over here. If you have birth dates, you can contact the rchives in Ohio. Look on the Web for info.

Good luck. Sometimes it is just that when you stumble on to something. Then you have to wonder if the ancestors had a hand in your "luck". We have a saying: "They want to be found."

Re: Where Ohio Family Came From

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Thank you both for your replies...
I have immigration,marriage,naturalization info on John and Josephine aka Josie... and have all cemetery info on them and all their 11 children, and who they married and their children...all census info on the Cleveland Businsky's show carpenter,painter,machinist, son was a minor league baseball player and one daughter became a silent movie actress...I have newspaper clippings on both and personal photos on the movie acctress!
Most documents I have found stated Bohemia, then changed to Czechoslovakia, and once Austria...
My German grandmother was Catholic, she married John Businsky(their son) who had previously changed his name to Bernhardt(no record found) 1880 he was 2yr old John Businsky in Cleveland, fire destroyed 1890 census, then in 1910-1930 he was John Bernhardt in Chicago...all family stories match exactly from then on...and all their children were raised Catholic...
Finally someone has contacted me thru Ancestry...I am hoping this contact will provide more info...we can hope...
My family thinks I am NUTS to spend so much time on this...but it gives me great pleasure unlocking all this info...I feel such a strong connection to them all...I was able to follow my English and Scotch-Irish side back to the 1400's...the Germans and Bohemian's are a more stubborn bunch...haha...I am sure language has a lot to do with it. "They" who want to be found must know I will not give up...I am a research-o-holic!
I will check the Arch-diocese in Cleveland for Businsky info
Most other Businsky's on Ancestry settled in Maryland
will contact them as well.
Again thank you both so much!

Re: Where Ohio Family Came From

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Well, so you are a fairly experienced genealogist. Sounds like an interesting family. Feel free to pass on some of the early info to me via Ancestry's contacting service or at my e-mail

Do you have any old letters? Could you scan in some of the old documentation? Any Czech funeral cards?

Re: Where Ohio Family Came From

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all this info I have is from, newspaper clippings, Cleveland cemetery index...there i found out cause of death and cemetery names...i did get some obits from the other family, 1 photo and the baseball story...i have searched myself for any clippings...he wasn't famous but it seems a good catcher.
So which info would you like. I do have a lot of movie stills and promo shots of Madlaine Traverse, my great aunt, but have no photos of anyone else. No funeral cards. I am hoping this other person contacts was a friend who put the info in on far I have just messaged with the 3rd party
lemme know what info you would like...

Re: Leo Baca's Volume I,V and VIII

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I did not find any entries in the above volumes which had a Businsky listed, nor a Josephine Sebek. I did find several other entries though under the Sebek surname, and variations of same, in these and other volumes. If you would like this info., please contact me off-list.

czech_too (at)

Re: What papers

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From the sounds of it, none of the items you have would be helpful. They are too new. For example, my father had a really old photocopy of his grandfather's immigration pass. I could barely make anything out on it, just a village in German, Neudorf. But my researcher knew that the Czech version of that was Nova Ves, and the search was on. Likewise, on my grandmother's baptismal certificate, it had the page number, and the researcher was able to go right to the spot where the original was recorded. My father had translated everything, but missed that one item. If I hadn't made a digital image to send my researcher, it would have taken him a lot longer to find things.

Which brings up the question: who in the family has all these old documents? Or did they get cleaned out? We need old stuff that didn't originate here.
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