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John Henry Armit died September 1862

John Henry Armit died September 1862

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I am searching for conclusive birth or marriage information on John Henry Armit. He died September 1862 and had been in the H.M. 24th Regiment (no known dates).
I believe his parents were John Armit & Eliza Giffard, but I need to prove it with documentation.
Nancy Armit

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Hi didn't find John Henry Armit, but there is a possible match for his parents on irishgenealogy, Marriage of John Armit and Eliza Gifford in 1822 Dublin,
Regards bernice

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Hi Bernice,
They are who I suspect are his parents, but I have no proof. Even his death notice in the paper did not state his age at time of death, or any relations!
He's been a very mysterious person and very hard to research.
Thank you for looking into this for me. At least I know I'm not off base in my reasoning.
Regards, Nancy

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Marriage of John Armit Esquire to Eliza Gifford of Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 8 Aug. 1822 - see

no record of John Henry

In Dublin Will and Grant Books Diocese of Dublin
Deputy Keeper of Public Records:

a Marriage Licence for the above 1822

Cantwell Memorials show a death for a John Armit, Church of Ireland, St. Patrick's. I can look this up later. Some gravestone inscriptions have lots of family information but not always.

The 1824 Pigot's Directory under Dublin Nobility:

W.J. Armit Esquire, 36 Blessington Street, Dublin

Was unable to locate the above in the 1846 Slater's Directory.

Have you tried the Registery of Deeds-Ireland? just google its a "freepagesrootsweb page"

MILGENIRE, google - is a military page for Military Genealogy in Ireland, they sometimes have enlistment papers with parents names.

There is a William Armit in the 1871 UK Census which identifies irish born persons, a nephew age 33, Notthingham.

Annette Code

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Hello Annette,

You have given me some great websites to continue my search for him.

I have suspected for awhile that he is the son of John Armit & Eliza Gifford. I just don't have any proof. Since he was in the military, this may be my only source of information to his parentage.

I only glanced at the Cantwell Memorials page and saw a John Armit from Newtown Park. He actually owned the home that is now the nursing home and is the brother to the direct line I am researching. Is this the same person? On the online information for Cantwell Memorials,I did not see the reference to "John Armit, Church of Ireland, St. Patrick's". If you can look this up later, I would be very grateful.

I cannot put the William Armit in the 1871 census in our direct line, but since he was from Dublin Ireland and in the military, he could very well be from a branch. I will hold onto his information for future reference.

Thank you very much for your help and websites to search.

Kindest regards,
Nancy Armit

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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On, there is a JOHN HENRY ARMIT family tree, owner F.P. Barry, which states that John Henry was born in Dublin in 1823, and his parents were John Armit (1797-1836) and Eliza Giffard (1800-1864). It also mentions that he died 4 Sept 1862, aged 39. The Tree goes back quite a few generations on both sides.

On, there are marriages of 2 possible sisters/relations of John Henry - their father's were also John Armit(t).

Happy hunting!

I also came across this record on Ancestry:

Irish Records Index, 1500-1920
about John (Esq) Armit:
Last Name: Armit
Given Name and Status: John (Esq)
Location: Dublin City
Film #: 496379
T, Box & Order #: M6877
Item Order: 85 of 195

and this:

Irish Records Index, 1500-1920
about John (Esq) Armit:
Last Name: Armit
Given Name and Status: John (Esq)
Date: 1833
Location: Dublin City
Film #: 496394
T, Box & Order #: T17819
Item Order: 9 of 77

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Cantwell Memorials:

Monkstown Church of Ireland, St. Patrick's
John To the memory of John Armit, Newton Park County Dublin Esquire obit 8 Jan MDCCCXXXV/aetatLXXV and of Mary his wife
died @ Naples 16 Dec. 184_(3?) and of Diana wife of Richard d 23 Nov 1855 age 52 and Richard Armit 18 March 187_(O?) age 72

Public Records Office, Grant Books Diocese of Dublin

Ann Armitt 1825
Charity Armit 1811
Diana 1823
Elearnor 1824
Eliza 1832
Georgina 1854
Georgina 1836
Mary 1852
John Armit 1822 and Eliza Gifford

Freemen Register -Election Register for Dublin City:

John Armit 1837
Richard Armit 1832

Wills Index 1484-1858

*Eliza Armit, Glasnevin Dublin 26 July 1855
Emily Armit, Naples Italy 5 March 1840

John Armit, Kildare St. Dublin 7 Feb 1835 Will Probate Prerogative Court. National Archives NA T/17819

John Armit Prerogative Court Will Transcript
William Edington executor
National Archives 1WR/18351/F/81
Vol. Name 4/236/25

1871 UK Census:
53 - Corp Oaks, Nottingham
John Armit, 33 Retired Army Officer,born Dublin, nephew of
George Bartle age 39 tailor and Eliza(*maybe)

Directories of Ireland:
John Armit, Esquire 22 Fitzwilliam Street
Mrs. Armit, 5 Merrion Square, N.
Richard Armit, army agent 18 Leinster St. home is at
31 Upper Pembroke St.
George William Armit, Captn. Eglington Park House
Richard Armit, 10 Longford Terrace, Monkstown

I know a website, paid membership which has British Army records. You can contact me or go to the National Archives
at Kew, London and find the link there.

Civil Registrations of birth:

Male Armit born 23 Feb 1874 born Rathmines, Dublin
fa: John Giffard Armit mo: Mary Eyre
LDS FHL Film #255894

(probably John's son John's child, note middle name of father Giffard - his grandmother's maiden name!!)

Marriages Church of Ireland 1845-1862

Mary Armit Monkstown, Dublin married 26 June 1852 to William
Stuckey Wood Fa: William Wood Fa: Richard Armit #101340

Georgina Armit Monkstown, Dublin married 20 Mar 1854 to
William Foster Fa: Sir William Foster Fa: Richard Armit

Emily Armit Monkstown, Dublin married 20 Sept 1862 to
Catesby Paget Fa: Berkely Paget Fa: Rich Armit #101440

Annette Code

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Thank you Annette for the fantastic information. I have spent the time comparing it to the information that I have. It has been spot on to what I had and I was able to build on what I didn't have.

I am very interested in the British Army records. I have been in contact with the National Archives and need to find a researcher to go there. They gave me a list of people, so that will be my next step in finding John Henry Armit. Since I live in Canada, I am not able to go myself.

When I was looking at your information regarding the 1871 census, I could not find a John Armit residing with George Bartle. I tried every way I could think of, even just by searching for George Bartle,and there weren't any matches. I found a William, Emily (who was mentioned at the end of your last email) & Augusta. Could you be more specific to the location for John please?

I see that someone also replied and suggested that I should look at what another ancestry member by the name Barry wrote about John Henry Armit. I have been in touch with him and gave him the information he has in his family profile.

If you can suggest anyone that does research at the archives and their rate, please let me know and I will get in contact with them.

Kindest regards,
Nancy Armit

Re: John Henry Armit died September 1862

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Thank you for your message.

I had been in contact earlier with F.P. Barry and gave him the information on John Henry Armit and some of the other family members. It is through the second marriage of a woman who had origianlly married into the Armit family that we first connected. Does that make sense? It can be so confusing at times!

I checked out the Irish Records Index, 1500-1920 for Armit and the two John entries hold my interest, so I will order them. The other three Armit's listed, I know about them and these are their death years.

I also found the website to be very helpful.

There is so much information out there and we all need a helping hand to locate it and then sort it all out.

Thank you very much for the leads and good luck with all your searches.
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