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Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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Dwelling # 194

Richd. Elkin 80 M Farmer $300 VA 1
Rebecca McGuire 67 F VA 1
Anthelia Elkin 21 F VA
D. K. Elkin 4/12 M VA

Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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Surnames: Elkins, Leslie, McGuire, Buchanan, Stephenson, White, Toney, Harvey, May, Marcum, Adkins, Moore
Notes by Vanessa Stafford Allen,

RICHARD ELKINS (Jr.) was born about 1768 in Henry County, Virginia, and he died March 26, 1854 in Logan County, Virginia. He was the son of Richard Elkins Sr. The name of Richard Sr.'s wife (Richard Jr.'s mother) isn't
known; on any record I've seen (deeds and even in their church membership record), their names were listed as "Richard Elkins and wife".

In 1760 (before Richard Elkins Jr. was born), Richard Elkins Sr. and his brother Ralph Elkins Jr., sons of Ralph and Frances Brown Elkins, both joined the Dan River Baptist Church in Pittsylvania County as charter members. Between 1769 and 1771, Richard and Ralph Jr. moved their families to Montgomery County in southwest Virginia, where Richard Elkins ministered at the New River branch of the Dan River Baptist Church.

Richard Elkins was listed as assistant pastor, under the head pastor of the Dan River Baptist Church, Rev. Dutton Lane, who was still in Pittsylvania/Henry County. This is how I imagine that it happened: Circuit riding preachers had gone out from the Dan River Church. As a result, a group of believers on the New River had started meeting together
and had asked for someone to be sent to them so they would have a pastor, and Pastor Dutton Lane sent out Richard Elkins as his assistant pastor to help them. Richard Elkins was probably never officially ordained because we don't see any records of him officiating over marriages.

Richard Elkins is found on the list of early Baptist ministers persecuted or imprisoned in Virginia, back in colonial days when the Church of England was the established church.

Mr. Bill Simpson of Richmond, Virginia shared with me some information on the Dan River Baptist Church. Here's a GREAT story he shared with me: In 1769, according to Morgan Edwards' 1772 account of Dan River Church,
"James Roberts was going to Col. Gordon for a warrant ... against RICH. ELKINS. As Roberts and another were traveling for the warrant in the night, a strong glare shone about them insomuch that the horses squatted on the ground; [this] was succeeded by such thick darkness that they could not see anything. Roberts concluded it was a warning to him and thenceforth ceased to be an opposer [of the Baptists]." James Roberts later became a Baptist himself. In 1771, Edwards lists Richard Elkins as an assistant minister of Dan River Church, associated with its branch on New River, in Southwest Virginia. Thus, sometime between 1769 and 1771, Richard Elkins moved from Henry County to Southwest Virginia.

Mr. Simpson cited Morgan Edwards' 1772 Virginia Notebook in the Virginia Baptist Register, volume 18 (1979), pages 845-871, edited and published by his friend, John S. Moore.

Richard Elkins Jr. was age 21 before the Feb 1790 tax list of Montgomery Co, Virginia (1789 - 21 = 1768 birth date).

Richard Elkins Jr. had married Nancy Leslie McGuire a couple of years before that time--
December 4, 1787, Montgomery & Fincastle Marriages:
Richard Elkins married Nancy McGuire; Richard Elkins, Sr., Surety.

Nancy Leslie was the daughter of William Robert Leslie and Elizabeth Buchanan. She was a few years older than Richard Elkins Jr. and had been married previously to John McGuire, who had died in June 1786 or 1787.

Tazewell County Order Book 24, Nov 1807, page 270: "It is ordered that it be certified to the Register of the Land Office that John McGuire departed this life about the month of June in the year eighty six or eighty seven, intestate, leaving three heirs (to-wit) William McGuire, Robert McGuire, and one other who died about the age of three years."

So the oldest children raised by Richard and Nancy Leslie McGuire Elkins were the two McGuire boys, William and Robert. William McGuire (1785-1862) was an older teenager when Richard and Nancy moved to the Logan County area in about 1802, and William remained in Tazewell County. William McGuire married Margaret Brown in 1803, daughter of James Brown Sr. and Esther Goff, and they settled in the Cedar Bluff area of Tazewell County. William McGuire became a Methodist minister who married many couples in Tazewell County.

Richard and Nancy's oldest son together, Archibald Elkins, also stayed in Tazewell County for a time after Richard and Nancy moved to the Logan County area. Archibald Elkins married Hannah Stephenson in Tazewell County in 1815, and some time later Archibald and Hannah moved to Logan County. In 1814 Archibald Elkins witnessed the will of James Brown Sr. in Tazewell County.

Richard Elkins Sr. and his sons James and Drury Elkins had property near Cedar Bluff, in Russell (now Tazewell) County, Virginia. In 1792, Richard Sr.'s sons James and Drury Elkins sold their property at Cedar Bluff and moved to Clark County, Kentucky.

Richard Sr. sold part of his property at Cedar Bluff in 1793:
Russell County, Virginia Deed Book #1, page 335, July 1793 - between RICHARD ELKINS & WIFE and Isaac Johnson...129 acres on both sides of the upper fork of Clinch River...Beginning on the north bank of the Clinch River corner to Samuel Rodgers...crossing the creek to the mouth of the same at the bank of the the foot of Kents Ridge and along the same... Signed: Richard Elkins. Witnesses: William McGuyer, Archasbel Prater.

Also in 1793 there was a land grant to Richard Elkins on the Muddy Fork of Wolf Creek. This would be in the Burk's Garden area, east of the town of Tazewell. It's not clear if this land grant was to Richard Elkins Jr. or Sr.

Richard Sr.'s son Zach. also acquired property on Wolf Creek in 1793. Zachariah was sometimes listed as Zaccheus in the later records, and he was listed as Zaccheus in at least one record while still in the Tazewell County area:

September 10, 1793, Wythe County, Virginia -- Wm Coneway and Roda of Washington County to Zaccheus Elkins, 60 acres on Wolf Creek, waters of New River, granted Coneway Dec 26, 1792, corner to Alexander McFarland's land.

WYTHE COUNTY, Virginia Petition October 17, 1793 Richard Elkins signed.
[Was this Richard Elkins the Baptist minister, or his son Richard Jr.?]

Richard Elkins, 15 Jan 1793, Montgomery County, 98 a. On the Muddy fork of Wolf Creek a branch of New river. Grants No. 27, p. 430.

1800 WYTHE COUNTY, VA Pers. Prop. Tax List (would be Tazewell Co. starting 1801 Tax List):
2 Richard Elkinses (separately) ;
William Elkins ;
Zachariah Elkins - all the same day, May 3rd.

In 1801, Richard Elkins, Sr., in Tazewell County, Virginia, was exempted from paying taxes, due to "bodily infirmy and old age".

Richard Elkins in TAZEWELL COUNTY 1801 and 1802. [son Richard Jr.]

Sons Wm. and Zach. on Tazewell lists 1801 through 1805.

Sons Richard Jr., William, and Zachariah Elkins in Cabell County, Virginia before 1810 census (before it was Logan County).

1815 Cabell County, Virginia:
Richard 3 tithes, Daniel, James, Wm, and Zach, 1 each.

The following is about Richard Jr., who moved to Logan County, West Virginia. Richard Jr.’s two brothers, Zach and William Elkins, are also mentioned--

History Of Logan County By Henry Clay Ragland:
"Richard Elkins, of Montgomery, also came with William Dingess and settled near the big island on Island Creek. The island was covered with a heavy growth of cane, and Elkins leased it from Dingess and cleared it out, and the first year that he cultivated it in corn he raised three thousand bushels, or about one hundred bushels to the acre. (a few acres of the Island had been cleared before that time by the Workman brothers heretofore mentioned, and cultivated in corn.) He was also the father of a large family his wife being a Miss Maguire, of Montgomery. His sons were Archibald, who married a Miss Gillaspie [sic, Stephenson], of Tazewell, James, who married his cousin - a daughter of Zach Elkins, of Hewett; Robert, who married the widow of Edward McDonald and who was formerly a Miss Harvey; Israel, who married a daughter of William Browning; Richard, Jr., who married a Miss May, and Eddie and Harvey, whose wives are unknown. His daughters were Lucretia, who married James White; Martha, who married Elijah Elkins (son of Wm. Elkins, of Hewett); Nancy, who married William Walls; Susannah, who married John White (son of Jack), and Hannah, who married William Moore, of Tazewell. This last mentioned couple joined the Mormons and were with Joe Smith at Nauvoo. Zach and William Elkins, brothers of Richard Elkins, settled on Hewett and, like Richard, had numerous descendants, but we are unable to give their names. From these three brothers, however, are descended the Elkins family of Logan and adjoining counties."

[Note on the last sentence: Mr. Ragland forgot about Absalom Elkins. Absalom's father Archibald Elkins was the first cousin of Richard Elkins Jr.]

Richard Elkins was on the following Logan County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists: 1824, 1827, 1833, 1835, 1837, 1843.

1820 census, Cabell County, Virginia, p. 83:
Richard Elkins -
3 males 10-16 yrs, 1 male 16-18 yrs, 1 male 45+ yrs,
1 female 0-10 yrs, 1 female 10-16 yrs, 1 female 26-45 yrs.

1830 census, Logan Co, Virginia, p. 274:
Richard Elkins -
2 males 20-30 yrs, [2 unmarried sons]
1 male 60-70 yrs, [Richard in his 60's]
1 female 0-5 yrs, [Anthelia, baby]
1 female 15-20 yrs, [1 unmarried daughter]
1 female 40-50 yrs, [Rebecca McGuire?]
1 female 60-70 yrs. [Nancy in her 60's]

1840 census, Logan Co, Virginia, p. 88:
Rich'd Elkins -
1 male 70-80 yrs, [Richard in his 70's]
1 female 10-15 yrs, [Anthelia]
1 female 50-60 yrs, [Rebecca McGuire?]
1 female 60-70 yrs. [Nancy, should be 70's]

1850 census, Logan Co, Virginia:
Richard Elkin, 80, Farmer, born VA,
Rebecca McGuire, 67,
Anthelia Elkin, 21,
D.K., age 4/12.

Wife Nancy died in 1841. I think that Rebecca McGuire was probably Nancy's daughter-in-law, widow of Nancy's son Robert McGuire. Anthelia Elkins, age 21 in 1850, was possibly a granddaughter or adopted daughter who was raised as the daughter of Richard and Nancy. Anthelia seems to have been with the family in the 1830 and 1840 censuses, but Nancy was in her 60's in 1830 when Anthelia was a baby. In 1850, the baby D.K. is Anthelia's son Darby.

1855, Oct 6 - Richard to Darby K. Elkins, Book C, Page 437, Logan County,
VA. Richard in contemplation in death gives Darby K, son of Athely Elkins,
18 acres on Pigeon Roost Creek on Guyandot River. Witnesses: Josephus
Workman, John Tomblain, and Mary Workman.

The children of Richard and Nancy Leslie McGuire Elkins:
(any corrections appreciated)
1) Archibald Elkins b. Abt. 1788 Montgomery or Russell Co, Va
m. Hannah Stephenson m. 5 Jan 1815 Tazewell Co
b. 12 Mar 1791 Virginia
d. 23 Jul 1853 Cabell Co, VA
[dau of John Stephenson and Phoebe]
2) James Elkins b. Abt. 1792 Montgomery or Russell Co, Va
m. Lavina Elkins b. Abt. 1793
[dau of Zachariah Elkins and Rachel Smith]
3) Lucretia Elkins b. 1795 Wythe (now Tazewell) Co, VA;
d. Aft. 1850 Logan Co, WV
m. James White m. 14 Jul 1814 Cabell Co, VA/WV
b. Abt. 1786, d. 4 Nov 1856 Logan Co, WV
[son of James White, Sr. and Biddie]
4) Edley Elkins b. Abt. 1796 Wythe Co, Va
m. Frances Toney, b. Abt. 1797
5) Robert Elkins b. Abt. 1796? Wythe Co, Va
m. Sarah "Sally" Harvey m. 27 May 1823 Giles Co, Va
6) Martha Elkins b. Abt. 1801 Tazewell Co, Va
m. Elijah Elkins b. Abt. 1800, d. 1861
[son of William Elkins and Ann]
7) Harvey Elkins b. Abt. 1802 Tazewell Co, Va
m. Elizabeth May b. 1800, d. Lincoln Co, WVa
8) Susannah Elkins b. Abt. 1805 in Kanawha Co, Va
{in the part of Kanawha which became Cabell
Co in 1809, then Logan Co, VA/WV in 1824}
m. John White m. Abt. 1820, b. Abt. 1797
[son of John White and Susannah Marcum]
9) Darby Kelly Elkins b. 1 Jun 1810 in Cabell Co, Va
d. 9 Sep 1856 Vernon Co, MO
m. Lydia E. Adkins m. 8 Oct 1829 Cabell Co, Va
b. 15 Mar 1810 Cabell Co, Va
d. 20 Feb 1895 Crawford Co, AR

Ragland also mentioned daughters Nancy who married William Walls and Hannah who married William Moore, and he mentioned sons Israel who married a daughter of William Browning (??) and Richard Jr. who married a Miss May.

Would Nancy have been the unmarried teenage daughter in the 1830 census?
Here's a Tazewell County marriage record for Hannah:
Joseph Moore and Hannah Elkins on Oct. 4, 1825 by David Young.


Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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My family cuts in this lineage. My decendant, John Wesley White (born 1795) married Susannah Elkins (born 1804). You are correct, he is the son of John 'Jack' White and Susannah Marcum. I have the marriage between White/Elkins taking place about 1819. I also have Susannah Elkins being married to a Thomas Taylor (born 1795 in England). This marriage is supposed to have taken place prior to 1846.


Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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Oh my gosh! This is more information than I have found! I have some just after this! I am the decendant of Harvey Elkins and his wife Elizabeth May. I have been looking for this!! Thank you so much!!!

Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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You're sure welcome, I'm glad this helped! :o)

Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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Surnames: Elkins
I only have one more question. Do you know if anyone has traced the family any further back from this? I am trying to find out when the family came to the US, and apparently we have been here a lot longer than I thought... Any help in this area would be very helpful.

Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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Yes, this family is easily traced back to our immigrant ancestor Ralph Elkins (born 1630's), who came to Virginia from England in 1657, and settled in Stafford County, Virginia not many years later. Ralph Elkins is considered the father of the Elkins family in Virginia. He became a planter of tobacco, which was the staple of the day and the currency used by the colonists. Ralph died in Stafford County, Virginia in 1690. He had three sons - Richard, John, and Nathaniel Elkins. Richard (our ancestor) married Elizabeth Bryant, and they were the parents of the Ralph Elkins who married Frances Brown. Ralph and Frances Brown Elkins were the parents of Richard Elkins, the Baptist minister mentioned above, and Richard was the father of Richard Elkins Jr. who married Nancy Leslie and settled in Logan County, (West) Virginia.

Our immigrant ancestor Ralph Elkins settled in the part of Stafford County, Virginia that became King George County. His grandson Ralph Elkins (born about 1700) moved with his family to southern Virginia, Lunenburg/Halifax County, in the mid-1740's. This is west and south of King George County, in the southernmost part of the state. We see records for Ralph and his family in Lunenburg, Halifax, Pittsylvania, or Henry counties because of new counties being formed. They lived in the same general area during that time, only the name of the county changed. That land was just being opened up for settlement in the 1740's. They were among the very first white people to settle in that part of Virginia.

Later, about 1769 to 1771, one part of the family (our part) moved still further west - to southWEST Virginia - to the New River area of Botetourt County, which shortly became Montgomery County.

Here is a basic descendancy tree with some dates:

1 Ralph Elkins b. 1630's England,
d. 1690 Stafford Co, VA; married Mary.

2 Richard (#1) Elkins b. 1669 Stafford Co, VA
d. Abt. 1733 [Bet 1732-1737] King George Co, VA
m2. Elizabeth Bryant m. Abt 1697 Richmond Co, VA
b. Abt. 1675 VA d. Bef. 1757
[daughter of Richard Bryant and Anne]

3 Ralph Elkins b. Abt 1700 Stafford Co, VA
d. (in probably) Henry Co, VA
m. Frances Brown b. Stafford or Richmond Co, VA
d. Henry Co, VA
[daughter of Maxfield Brown and Sarah Newman]

4 Richard Elkins b. Abt 1730 King George Co, VA
d. Aft 1801 Tazewell Co, VA.

5 Richard Elkins Jr. b. 1768 Henry Co, VA
d. 1854 Logan Co, WV
m. Nancy Leslie m. 1787 Montgomery Co, VA
d. 1841 Logan Co, WV
[daughter of William Robert Leslie and Elizabeth Buchanan, and young widow of John McGuire].

I'm a descendant of Ralph and Frances Brown Elkins' son Ralph Jr., and you're a descendant of their son Richard. Ralph Jr. and Richard both settled in southwest Virginia about 1770, and we're both descended from parts of these families who settled in Logan County, West Virginia.

I'll send some additional info later.


Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin

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Surnames: Elkins
Thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for! I'll add this to what I have now!


Re: Dwelling # 194 1850 Census Richd. Elkin [his ancestors]

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Hi, Here are some notes on Ralph Elkins, our earliest Elkins ancestor in America (by Vanessa Stafford Allen).

Several years ago, I noticed that more research needed to be done on our early Elkins family, especially regarding the connections from our immigrant ancestor Ralph Elkins, down a few generations to our part of the family in southwest Virginia, then on to West Virginia. So I started gathering all the records I could find, then analyzing the names, locations, dates, and other supporting information from official documents. Much of the info included here was copied from the original records by various other generous folks and shared through places like the Elkins Genealogy Data web site, and I visited Virginia and West Virginia in 2002 and gathered more information. I only compiled the info and tried to analyze everything, lining up all of the dates and generations and locations and examining all of the available records.

Many of the earliest records (below) were abstracted and compiled into helpful books, by Sam and Ruth Sparacio, and by George H. A. King.

Ralph Elkins, born after 1600 (probably in the 1630’s?), is considered the immigrant ancestor of the Elkins family in Virginia. Ralph came to Virginia from England in 1657, and he settled in Stafford County, Virginia not many years later, where he and his wife raised their family. Ralph died in 1690, in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, between May 26, 1690, when he made his will, and July 9, 1690, when a court record stated Richard Elkin’s father Ralph Elkin “being lately dead”.

Going back further, to England, researchers speculate that Ralph Elkins may have been of the family of John Elkin, a London merchant, who in 1609 subscribed seventy-five pounds, or about twice the usual subscription, to the second charter of the London Company, to "the Treasurer and Company of Adventurers and Planters of the City of London for the First Colony in Virginia."

In the book Pioneers and Cavaliers, a Ralph Elkins is listed more than once as being transported to Virginia – in 1657, 1661, and 1665. Since only one Ralph Elkins is known to have settled in Virginia around that time, are these records all referring to the same Ralph? If so, it appears that Ralph may have traveled back and forth to England a few times as a young man, before he settled down with a wife and children. Or – researcher Geri Cook noted that a person could be transported for headright more than once without having returned to England. Also, another researcher, Rush Elkins, speculated that Ralph could have been transported from another colony (such as Maryland); he said that headrights were granted if the transportee came from another colony.

Pioneers and Cavaliers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants, by Nell Marion Nugent, Volume I, 1623 – 1666,

Page 364: February 10, 1657, Ralph Elkins was transported to James City County, Virginia by Darcy Oatly.

Page 402: January 13, 1661, Ralph Elkins came to Virginia with a patent to 30 acres in Yorke County for transporting Peter Nichols. These 30 acres of land were bounded by the Greate Horse Path, and the lands of Goodman Jones, Stephan Garner, George Wyatt, and Old Farr.

Page 462: June 20, 1665, Richard Young Sr. received 1700 acres in Gloucester County, Virginia, for transporting 34 persons, including Ralph Elkins.

[James City County, York County, and Gloucester County were next to each other, south of Stafford County where our Ralph is known to have settled. Stafford County was formed in 1664.]

Elkins, Ralph, Grantee, Land grant, 13 January 1661.
Location: York County.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 4, 1655-1664, p. 437 (Reel 4):

To all ye whereas ye now know ye that I the said Frances Moryson, Esq, Governor, ye give and grant unto Ralph Elkins thirty Acres of Land Lying and being in York County Bounded Nigh Southwest on the Great Horse Path. Southeast on Goodman Jones's Land. Northeast On Stephen Garners Land and northwest on George Watt & Old Store including the said Quantity bounded with marked Trees and the aforesaid Horse Path. The said Land being due unto the said Elkins by and for the Transportation of one Person ye to have and to Hold ye to be Held ye yielding and paying ye provided ye.
Dated the 13th of January 1661.

Some think that the immigrant Ralph Elkins may have married a daughter of Major James Ashton, partly because James Ashton willed a heifer with a calf by side and 100 acres of land to his "Godchild" Richard Elkins in 1686.

Others point out that there’s not enough evidence to determine who Ralph's wife was. There was a court record in 1666 of a MARY ELKING giving testimony regarding a horse, indicating that Ralph's wife's name was probably Mary.

October 28, 1666, Mary Elking and Thomas Nethaway gave depositions in a court case involving a horse belonging to Robert Osburne.

Will dated August 18, 1686, James Ashton of Stafford County, Virginia, willed his Godchild Richard Elkin a heifer with a calf by side and 100 acres of land adjoining John Grigsby.

1668, Stafford County, Virginia, witnessed May 28, 1668, recorded 1671.
To Ralph Elkin from Gerrard Fowke by Ralph Elkin of the county of Stafford, Planter, land in Stafford County, N John Mathewes, NW Jona Mottershead, Thos Humfrys … Elkin paying yearly one ear of Indian Corne.
1671, Stafford County, Virginia, Ralph Elkins sold to Enoch Kirby.
Witnesses: William Scarlett and William Lovam.
1681, Stafford County, Virginia, on November 8, 1681, Ralph Elkin purchased from Major James Ashton, 150 acres of land in the Parish of St. Pauls, Stafford County, Virginia, the plantation on which William Burton now lives.
1689, Ralph Elkins, Stafford County, Virginia, old and sick, is relieved from paying to court and from bond of security for estate of John Hobart.

Court held Xber 12th Anno 1689: RALPH ELKIN petition that he be released from paying levys or public duties as he is now "sick and weak and past his labours". Granted.
1690, Stafford County, Virginia, Ralph Elkin’s will. The will was dated May 26, 1690, and probated September 6, 1690. Ralph’s son Richard was executor.
The original will was lost, but this information was included in court records.
1690. Stafford County court record, July 9, 1690. RICHARD ELKIN was summoned by sheriff to this Court to bring security and enter into bond concerning the Estate of David Thomas dcsd, his father, RALPH ELKIN being lately dead...
…purchased by deed 150 acres of land from Major James Ashton. The said RALPH ELKINS by his "last will and testament dated the 26th day of May, 1690" (now lost) gave this land to his sons, RICHARD and NATHANIEL ELKIN.
1690, court record September 9, 1690: RICHARD ELKIN, the son of RALPH ELKIN, late of this County dcsd made petition for a Probate of the last Will & Testament of his Father, he being executor. Petition granted. Ordered that George Lodge, Joseph Sumner, and John Grigsby shall appraise the estate of Ralph Elkin decd.
1690, court record November 14, 1690: RICHARD BRYANT complained that RALPH ELKIN, dcsd, did order his son RICHARD ELKIN to pay one good steer for his care, medicines and attention of him in his last illness which Richard Elkins refuses to pay...prays judgement; ordered that Richard Elkin shall pay the steer or five hundred pounds of tobacco.

Richard and Nathaniel Elkin were named above as sons of Ralph (those two were given the 150 acres that Ralph had purchased from James Ashton). The following land record names John Elkin as another son; it states that Samuel Boll had given John Elkin, son of Ralph Elkin, 100 acres, and John Elkin had sold that land in 1698.

In Indenture 7 June 1726 it is stated that Samuel Bolt who by his last will and Testament bequeath'd the said land (100 ac) to JOHN ELKIN, SON OF RALPH ELKIN, the said John Elkin the 4th of June 1698 conveyed the same to John Waugh who on the 11 day of May, 1702 sells the same to George Procter Senr. . . . George Procter Junr and William Procter of St Paul's Parish, Stafford, lease this 100 acres to John Fitzhugh. (Virginia Land Records, page 422).

There are three known sons of the immigrant Ralph Elkins: Richard (#1), Nathaniel, and John Elkins. The original will of the immigrant Ralph Elkins has been lost, but we can piece much together with existing court records. We know that Ralph's will named sons Richard and Nathaniel - and gave them land with houses, horses, barns, etc. - because of a land transaction made at a later date involving that property which gave the date of the will and quoted part of it. Son John Elkins is also seen in the early records, and John is named as Ralph's son in a separate land transaction. There are no records of other Elkins boys besides Richard, Nathaniel, and John before the grandchildren started coming along.

At the time I started my research, most family files also showed a son named Ralph, but there’s no evidence in any official record of a son named Ralph. The earliest court record of a Ralph Elkins after the death of the immigrant Ralph Elkins is in 1724. There is nothing in that record to indicate that this Ralph Elkins was a son of the Ralph who died in 1690. Considering the later date and the absence of any document showing the immigrant Ralph with a son having the same name, this Ralph who first showed up in the records in 1724 would have been a grandson.

This grandson Ralph, born about 1700, married Frances Brown, moved to southern Virginia, and was the father of the Elkins descendants who moved to southwest Virginia and from there to Logan County, West Virginia.

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