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Adair in Ireland census 1659

Adair in Ireland census 1659

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Surnames: Adair, Adaire, Adare, Adayre, Adire
From FHL film # 0924648, Pender's census of Ireland 1659. (an excellent film for finding persons and where they lived in Ireland 1659 as it gives names, townland, parish and county).

Adaire, James, page 3. co. Antrim, barony Antrim, parish Molmey. There were 7 by name of Adire at this location.
Adaire, William, page 7. co. Antrim, barony Toome, parish (?) Ballymena.

Adaire, Andrew, p.459, co. Longford, Town & Corporation of St. Johns towne, where there were 7 Scots and 40 Irish residents.
Adare, Andrew, p.622 & p.641, co. Longford, (collector for Borough of St. Johnstown)

Adare, Archibald, p.644, (collector for co. Tipperary)
Adare, William, p.627 & p.646, (collector for co. Antrim)

The above Andrew Adaire / Adare may have been the son of Bishop Archibald Adair of Lismore and Waterford who d. Bristol 1647. Perhaps at Bristol, co. Waterford ?

St. Johnstown is also known as BALLINALEE, co. Longford, a village (formerly a parliamentary borough) in that part of the parish of CLONBRONEY which is in the barony of Granard, co. Longford, province of Leinster, 6 miles west from Granard. It was written (c.1836) that "this place owes it's origin to a grant of 86 acres of land in the townlands of Cone-longford and CLONBRENY by King Charles I, in the 3rd year of his reign (c.1628) to Walter Lecky and others."

Would anyone have any information on this Andrew Adair of Ballinalee, co. Longford, please ?

James Adaire, parish Moylmey, Barony Antrim 1659

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Surnames: Adair, Adaire, Boyd, Shane, Crawford, Shaw
James Adaire was in Parish of MOYLMEY, Barony of Antrim, not Molmey, sorry my bad typing again.
The parishes in Barony of Antrim, co. Antrim in the 1659 census were :
Moylmey, 459 people
Antrim, 301
Kert, 176
Kells & Conyer, 245
Braid, 280

Some others listed in Moylmey Parish, Barony of Antrim, were John Boyd, Francis Shane, John Crawford and William Shaw.

Where was the Parish of Moylmey and who was this James Adaire ? Would the name Moylmey have been changed or would it have merged with another parish ? Any help from our Irish friends would be appreciated. Thankyou.

Rev. Pat. Adair, Ireland, Cal. State Papers, 1679-1680

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Surnames: Adair, Adare
Volume 21. Jan 1, 1679 – Aug 31, 1680.

Index: pages 245, 255. Adair, declaration from, mentioned.
Sep 30. 1670. Castle Forbes. Lord Granard to Lord Conway.
These three months past I have been constantly here save once I was commanded to Kilkenny, where the Lord Lieutenant appointed the Council to meet.
The enclosed came to me from some of the Presbyterian preachers in and about Londonderry and the adjacent counties. The like I had from MR. ADARE, and those near your concerns.
(Conway papers. State Papers Ireland, Car. II. 339, No.39.) Enclosed,
St. Johnstown, (Ballinalee, Parish Clonbroney, Grandard, co. Longford, Ireland)
17th Sept., 1679.
John Heart, Robert Rule, John Hamilton, Robert Craighead, W. Traile, W. Hamptone, Philip Liston, and M. Alexander to Lord Granard.
As we judge ourselves bound to bless God for the peace we have enjoyed and to acknowledge his Majesty’s clemency, so we cannot but make application to you on emergent difficulties.
We, being but lately informed and now persuaded of the hazard we are in through various misrepresentations and aspersions, judge that a new and joint address to his Majesty at this time were very convenient, that we might again declare our loyalty and faithfulness but, finding that through the great distance at which we lie scattered such a joint and unanimous address, though most desirable and seriously aimed at by us and the rest of our brethren in the North of Ireland, cannot be speedily effectuated, we judge it our duty at present to declare to you our constant serious purpose and endeavour to remain steadfast in our loyalty and obedience to our sovereign, and that we do and will, according to our known principles, continue to pray for his person and government and pay tribute and other dues and to obey his lawful commands, and, wherein we cannot in conscience actively obey his Majesty’s laws, yet peaceably to submit to his undoubted authority over us, exhorting the people among whom we labour to beware of all seditious disturbances, and finally whatsoever is contained in or may be drawn from our Confession of Faith, asserting our duty to the Magistrate, we are willing to own. But, if it be thought necessary that at present a joint unanimous address be made, we shall forthwith set about it. In the meantime we humbly entreat that, as you have formerly adventured to testify good for us to his Majesty, so you would, as you find opportunity, again represent us to our dread Sovereign as his loyal and obedient subjects.
(Conway papers. Ibid. No. 39 I)

pages 576,577. Adair / Adare, Patrick, Scotch Minister, letter of.
July 27. Armagh.
Archibald Hamilton, Pa. Adair, John Abernethy and Alexander Hutchesone to Viscount Granard.
We being called here by Sir Hans Hamilton find that the ministers of our persuasion in these parts are again represented to those in authority as unstedfast in our loyalty to the King and as abettors of these people in Scotland, who have of late issued absurd and rebellious papers tending to the subversion of the King and his government and the fundamental laws of these nations..... etc.
If we, who are ministers, were together, we doubt not a more full declaring our minds would be transmitted to you that, if you found it convenient, you might acquaint his Majesty therewith. However, we, being together and having such aspersions cast on us, judged it our duty to signify this to you, that, as you have been all along instrumental in preserving a good opinion in the King of his sincere and faithful subject in these parts, which has more and more established them in their loyalty, so in this juncture you being at Court may on the same grounds as formerly be instrumental to continue that gracious disposition towards us which his Majesty has so long and so much evidenced, whereof we hope all of us are in some measure sensible, and we also resolve to acquaint the rest of the ministers with what we have written to you, and, if possible, during your stay at Court to transmit a paper to this same purpose subscribed by other ministers as representing the whole.
Endorsed, “A letter of four Scottish ministers against taking up arms against his Majesty, delivered by Viscount Granard to his Majesty.”
(State Papers Ireland, Car. II. 339, No. 113)

July 28. (at) Windsor. The Earl of Sunderland to the Lord President of the Council.
Lord Granard being come out of Ireland, and having acquainted his Majesty with many things important to that government, the King would have yourself, Lord Essex, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Godolphin and myself meet to receive the same information from him and to report our opinion on it to his Majesty, which occasions my writing to know when and where you desire we should wait on you.

Rev. Pat. Adair, Ireland, Cal. State Papers, 1681-1691

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Surnames: Adair, Adaire, Conway
Volume 22. Sep 1, 1680 – Dec 31, 1681.

Index: pages 193, 194. Mr. Adare, Irish preacher.
March 2 1681. (at) Lisburn. Sir George Rawdon to Lord Conway.
Last post I had a letter from Lord GRANARD that he had met with a very fit person that lives in Edinburgh and was returning home from Dublin and that he would call on me here and receive my directions in keeping a constant correspondence with you.
As I was on the walk to the church Sunday sennight, Capt. Eustace’s sergeant told me many people were passing in the street together towards the end of BOW LANE to a preaching there, as he believed, so I sent a file of men to see what was doing and the ensign, who found a preacher in his sermon and did not disturb him but heard it, and afterwards brought him to me and four or five of the townsmen and, after inquiry of his name and if he had any orders or was ordained by any lawful or pretended power and of the reason of his attempt to preach in another man’s parish or to assemble such a number even in the time of public worship appointed by authority and several other questions and he promising not hereafter to attempt the like, after a civil admonition and reprimand we parted, but I am not satisfied with three or four of the town, under-tenants that are traders in butter etc., ---- that invited this minister, who came from LONGFORD (Granard ??) and has a congregation of his lordship’s tenants (Lord GRANARD’s tenants ??) thereabouts and has the name of Lady Granard’s chaplain, for besides this they persuaded Mr. ADARE and Mr. Hutchinson, two chief preachers, to come to me, ------ who have been very importunate for connivance of a Scots preacher and to build a meeting-house on the DOWN side of the River, but I desired to be excused, and had a very long discourse on that point, and at last they desired me to recommend a petition that will be sent you....etc.God direct you and preserve my lady sister in health and prosper the birth of her womb.
(3 pages. Conway papers. State Papers Ireland, Car. II. 342, No.25)
(n.b. I will have to check dates for Parishes of Rev. Patrick Adair).

WILLIAM & MARY - 1690-1691.
page 481. Aug. 10 1691 (at) Whitehall (London).
The Queen to the Lords-Justices of Ireland.
Whereas the King by a warrant, dated at Hillsborough, the 19th of June, in the second year of our reign – taking notice of the loyalty and good affections of the presbyterian ministers in the northern parts of Ireland and of the losses they had sustained, as also of their constant labour to unite the hearts of others in zeal and loyalty towards us – was pleased to grant them the yearly pension of 1,200 L. to be paid quarterly by the Collector of Customs in the Port of Belfast, the first quarterly payment to be made upon 24th June then instant to PATRICK ADAIRE, Alexander Hutcheson, Archibald Hamilton, Robert Craighead, Hugh Wilson, Robert Henery, and WILLIAM ADAIRE.
(State Papers, Domestic. Signet Office 12, p.387)

(n.b. my Capt. Andrew Adaire of St. Johnstown / Ballinalle, co. Longford, near Granard was reported to have married a Miss Conway. Andrew was 2nd cousin of Patrick)

Rev. Pat. Adair, Ireland

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Surnames: Adair
Adair, the first minister of Belfast and the first historian of the Irish Presbyterian Church, wrote :
"There was at Antrim Mr. John Ridge, a judicious and gracious minister, who, perceiving many people on both sides of the Six-mile Water awakened out of their security, and willing to take pains for their salvation, made an overture that a monthly lecture might be set up at Antrim, and invited to bear burden therein, Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Hamilton with Mr. Blair; who were all glad at the motion, and complied at the first, and came prepared to preach. This monthly meeting, thus beginning, continued many years.

Sir Hugh Clotworthy was very hospitable to the ministers that came there to preach. His worthy son, now Lord Viscount Massareene, together with his mother and lady, being both of them very religious and virtuous women, did greatly countenance this work."

Volume 21. Jan 1, 1679 – Aug 31, 1680 :

Index: pages 245, 255. Adair, declaration from, mentioned.
Sep 30. 1670. Castle Forbes. Lord Granard to Lord Conway.
These three months past I have been constantly here save once I was commanded to Kilkenny, where the Lord Lieutenant appointed the Council to meet.
The enclosed came to me from some of the Presbyterian preachers in and about Londonderry and the adjacent counties. The like I had from MR. ADARE, and those near your concerns.
(Conway papers. State Papers Ireland, Car. II. 339, No.39.) Enclosed, St. Johnstown, (Ballinalee, Parish Clonbroney, Grandard, co. Longford, Ireland)

Rev. Pat. Adair, Ireland, Cal. State Papers, 1681-1691

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Surnames: Adair, Forbes, Cooke
Charles Adaire in 1684 was granted lands in Granard
and about 20 years earlier his father was of St. Johnstown (Ballinalee, 6 miles west of Granard), Parish of Clonbroney, Barony of Granard, co. Longford. Andrew Adaire (m. Miss Conway ?) may have been granted these from Walter Lecky (Treasurer of Ireland ?) who was granted Conelongford and Clonbreny by King Chas. I in the 3rd year of his reign c.1628.

The Royal Irish Regiment is the oldest of the Irish regiments;
the original Regiment to bear the name traced its history back to 1684 and the raising of a body of troops by the Earl of Granard (Forbes) to fight for King William. The Regiment fought at the battles of the Boyne and Aughrim.
Would there be an army list for King William's Army c.1684+ , possibly Forbes Regiment ? Thankyou.

Rev. Pat. Adair / Adare, Rawdon & Colville c.1681

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Surnames: Adair, Adare, Rawdon, Colville
Sir Robert Colville, Master of the Household to James IV, died at Flodden, AD1513 with Adair of Dunskey.

His grandson m. Margaret, dau of Sir Robert Douglas of Loch Leven, issue:
1. James Colville, heir.
2. Alexander Colville, Commendator of Culross.

Alexander Colville, the Commendator, had a son, also named Alexander.
This Rev. Dr. Alexander Colville emigrated to Ireland c. 1630.

Rev. Dr. Alexander Colville m. ? and had issue a son,
Sir Robert Colville.

Sir Robert Colville m. Penelope Rawdon,
dau of Major ..................Rawdon,
(was he related to Sir George Rawdon who wrote c.1681 about Rev. Patrick Adair d.1694 ?)
and Sir Robert & Penelope Colville had children:

Penelope Colville m. Sir Robert Adair.
Francis Colville m. 1682 Dorothy Temple,
(dau of Sir John Temple and sister of 1st Viscount Palmerson). There may have been Adairs renting land on Templeton estate ?

Rev. Pat. Adair, Ireland, Sep. 1662

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Surnames: Adair, Ormond
30 September 1662, Memorial of Patrick Adair,
and other Ministers of the Scottish Presbyterian Communion, in Ireland,
to the Duke of Ormond
Shelfmark: MS. Carte 45, fol(s). 462
Document type: Original; endorsed by Ormond, as presented to him by Lord Massareene (on 30 September 1662)
Memorial of Patrick Adair, and other Ministers of the Scottish Presbyterian Communion, in Ireland, to the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant, praying to be admitted to the benefit of the King's Declaration of Indulgence.

(Carte Calendar Volume 34, September-December 1662
Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Edward Edwards, 2005.
Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford )

Arch Adair, Litter, Ireland, May 1667

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Surnames: Adair, Hamilton, Baldwin, Parsons, Chateneuf, Dwane
Archibald Adaire (2nd son of Sir Robert Adair ?), of Litter, Kings Co, Offaly, will admin. dated 1692, to son William.
William Adair of Litter, will 1712.

BIRR or PARSONTOWN, county Offaly, Ireland.
William Parsons died in 1653, and was succeeded by his son Laurence Parsons, who was created a Baronet in 1677.
In 1688 Sir Laurence Parsons surrendered at the castle, and he and some of his tenants, John Phillips, Philip Moore, Randal Knight, James Burns, and James Rascoe were closely confined. At the same time Jonathan Darby, of Leap, his brother John Darby and Thomas Roe, Balinmoney, were imprisoned. They were all tried at Philipstown Assizes, 1689, before Judge Sir H. Lynch.

Laurence Parsons, Jonathan Darby , and James Rascoe were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered; but being reprieved, they were finally liberated after the battle of the Boyne, which was a fortunate victory for them.

Sarsfield held a review on the Birr meadows, and disbanded some companies. Oxburgh was appointed Provost Marshall of the County, and grimly signalized his new position by erecting gallows in the chief towns. He held Crinkill and Newtown, as tenant, from Sir Laurence Parsons. His son, who held Boveen, now the estate of the Baldwin Hamilton family, was executed in 1714.

On the release of Sir Laurence Parsons, he, John Baldwin, Daniel Gahan, Wm. Purefoy, Samuel Rolls, Rector Vaughan, John Weaver, Jonathan Darby, Humphry Minchin, Archibald Adaire (of Parish of Litter / Letterluna, Offaly ?), Lyons, Reading, and Warburton were appointed Commissioners of Array for the County.

An IGI entry M701628 shows Archibald Adair b. Coolbanagher Parish, m. 5 Feb 1730, Coolbanagher (to Jane Chateneuf). Film 0100874 of Coolbanagher, Kings Co.

A family tree shows Thomas Adair b.1641 reported to have married Mary (Hamilton), served in battle Boyne, settled in Queen's County (Leix/Laoghis/Laois) and had son Archibald (above). Not sure if there is a generation missing here.

Would the Adair family be connected to this Hamilton family ? Thankyou.

Rev Hans Frederick Hamilton, MA, of Boveen, b. 1829,
third son of John Hamilton, of Grove, Westmeath and Katherine (dau of William Smythe of Barbavilla, co Westmeath; Ireland),
m. 1858, Mary Baldwin, dau. of Charles Barry Baldwin, B L, M P, of Boveen.
Carte Calendar Volume 46, May - August 1667
Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.
Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts :

Brief of several Articles that Bryan Dwane of Letter, in the Barony of Ballybritt,
in the King's County, [exhibits] against Archibald Adair of Letter aforesaid, esquire
Date: 16 May 1667
Shelfmark: MS. Carte 35, fol(s). 425.
Subjoins thereto -
[A Schedule of the] names of the witnesses that will give evidence in support of the 'Articles', above calendared Date: 16 May 1667
Shelfmark: MS. Carte 35, fol(s). 425v
Petition of Bryan Dwane to the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
Date: [May?] 1667
Shelfmark: MS. Carte 35, fol(s). 427
Document type: Original
Recites petitioner's constant attendance upon his Grace upon the prosecution of certain complaints against Archibald Adair, esquire.
Prays for compensation.
Subjoins -
Articles of Treason exhibited against Archibald Adair of Letter, in the King's County, esquire. Date: 1667
Shelfmark: MS. Carte 35, fol(s). 429
Document type: Original
Parish of Litter or Letter or Letterluna,
Barony of Ballybrit, Offaly (King's County), Ireland.

Adairs in Ireland 1708+, Reg. of Deeds, t/lands index films

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Surnames: Adair, Adaire, Adare, Adear, Adeare
Following on from Pender's census of Ireland 1659, FHL film #0924648 (an excellent film for finding people and where they resided in Ireland 1659 as it gives names, townland, parish and county) after the gap (1660-1707) there are :

Ireland, Registry of Deeds -Townlands Index
Index to Transcripts by Townland :
Dates.........FHL Film #....Counties, etc.
1708-1738....0100382......Antrim, Armagh.
1708-1738....0100384......Cavan, Donegal, Down
1708-1738....0100385......Carlow and Dublin
1708-1810....0100386......Galway, Leitrim, Longford
1708-1738....0100387......Fermanagh, Londonderry, Monaghan, Tyrone
1708-1738....0100388......Kildare, Kilkenny, Offaly (Kings)
1708-1738....0100389......Kerry, Limerick
1708-1738....0100390......Lough, Meath, Leix (Queens)
1708-1820....0100391......Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Donegal
1708-1738....0100392......Tipperary, Waterford
1708-1738....0100393......Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow
1708-1779....0100394......Dublin CITY
1739-1810....0100396......Armagh, Cavan
1739-1810....0100397......Clare, Kerry
1739-1810....0100398......Carlow, Leix (Queens)
1780-1809....0100400......Cork.... and CORPORATE TOWNS
1739-1810....0100402......Donegal, Sligo
1739-1810....0100404......Fermanagh, Londonderry, CITY of Londonderry
1739-1810....0100405......Offaly (Kings)
1739-1810....0100408......Leitrim, Longford
1739-1820....0100411......Monaghan, Tyrone
1739-1810....0100416......Wicklow, Waterford
1739-1810....0100417......CORK CITY
1739-1810....0100418......DUBLIN CITY
1739-1810....0100419......DUBLIN CITY
1739-1810....0100420......Kilkenny, Londonderry, Limerick, Waterford, Drogheda,
.........................................TOWN & CORPORATION TOWNS of Drogheda
1811-1820....0100421......Armagh, Cavan
1811-1820....0100422......Antrim, Down
1811-1820....0100424......Clare, Kerry, Limerick
1811-1820....0100427......Fermanagh, Londonderry
1811-1820....0100429......Kilkenny, Kildare, Offaly (Kings)
1811-1820....0100430......Leitrim, Longford
1811-1820....0100431......Meath, Leix (Queens)
1811-1828....0100432......Tipperary, Waterford
1811-1820....0100433......Wexford, Wicklow
1811-1825....0100434......Westmeath, Wicklow, Wexford, and
.........................................CORPORATION TOWNS, ATHLONE, MULLINGAR
1810-1828....0100435......CORK CITY
1811-1828....0100436......City, Limerick, Londonderry, Waterford, Kilkenny and
.........................................TOWN OF DROGHEDA
1821-1828....0100437......Antrim, Armagh
1821-1828....0100438......Carlow, Louth, Meath, Leix (Queens)
1821-1825....0100439......Cavan, Down
1821-1825....0100440......Clare, Kerry, Limerick
1821-1828....0100441......Clare, Kerry, Limerick
1826-1828....0100443......Down, Cavan
1821-1828....0100444......Fermanagh, Londonderry
1821-1825....0100445......Galway, Leitrim, Longford
1826-1828....0100446......Galway, Leitrim, Longford
1821-1828....0100447......Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Donegal
1826.............0100448......Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow
1828+..........(films continue for later dates).

However, the FHL film # 0100881 c.1684,
Record of the Rolls, by John Lodge,
vol.8 "Acts of Grace" fills in some of the gap,

as also FHL film #100883 c.1668,
"Act of Settlement"

Would anyone have Adair info from these films please ?
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