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STURM of Budisov nad Budisovkou (Bantsch)

STURM of Budisov nad Budisovkou (Bantsch)

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I am looking to collect information on the ancestors and descendants of Rudolf and Paulina (Uhlig) STURM.

Rudolf STURM was born in Austria around 1868. I think that he may have been born or lived in a town called Bantsch (sp?). I have learned that this town may have been renamed ‘Budisov nad Budisovkou’ and now be within the borders of the Czech Republic. His parents were Joseph STURM and Theresa PITSCH. At this time I do not know if he had any siblings.

Rudolf married Paulina UHLIG probably sometime around 1895. Her parents were Leonard UHLIG and Marie MERTEN. Records for Paulina show her being born in Austria, Czechoslovakia, or Bosnia; I know borders and names have changed many times since then.

The couple had four children in Austria: Marie (1896), Joseph (1898), Rudolf David (1899), and Franz (1900). Rudolf left Europe in 1903 and settled in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington state. Paulina followed shortly thereafter with the four children. In Hoquiam, the couple had five more sons: Paul (1905), Earnest (1906) George John (1907), Maximillian (1910), and Carl (1913).

George John married Lovilla Stella RICE (b. 30 Mar 1904, Aberdeen, WA). They were my great-grandparents. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

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Wedding of Rudolf Sturm (born March 12, 1869 in Bautsch, today Budišov nad Budišovkou) with Paulina Uhlig (born December 27, 1872 in Bautsch) was August 25, 1896 in Bautsch.
Registers on-line are on web:

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Yes, it is the second wedding of Rudolf Sturm (Maria is from the first Rudolf's marriage). One small correction, Rudolf was born in Hof (Dvorce now), not Bautsch. And Josef Sturm (Rudolf's father) came to Hof from Neu Waltersdorf (Nové Valteřice).

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Great stuff, thank you. Can you share with me where you found this, and if/how I could look this up as well to do further research? I did not know Rudolf had a previous marriage; do you know the first spouse's name and what may have happened to her?

Thank you for all of this information. It will be very helpful!

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I am back again, so let's continue. You can do your own research, there are online parish books in , as labald alread wrote you. Continue with one click, then choose english language and search budisov, it will find only one parish, Budisov nad Budisovkou (= Bautsch), after it you can choose a proper parish book (name indexes can be in a separate book), so click on a book icon to enter the book.

Here are some my findings (f means folio = number written in the book; p means page = number of webpage; * birth, † dead; ~ about, not confirmed):

Rudolf Sturm, tailor in Bautsch
* 12.3.1869 in Hof (Dvorce, p.230/f.230)
1. wife: Anna Pretsch, * ~23.4.1865, † ~20.7.1895
- marriage: 22.11.1892 in Bautsch No.182
- father: Eduard Pretsch, land-worker in Tyrn
- mother: Josefa nee Isidor Sohr, burgher in Bautsch
- children:
a) Maria, * 25.8.1893 in Bautsch No.280 (p.292/f.290)
b) Anna, * 4.4.1895 in Bautsch No.180 (p.359/f.357), † ~9.5.1895
2. wife: Paulina Uhlig, * ~27.12.1872
- marriage: 25.8.1896 in Bautsch No.280
- father: Leonard Uhlig, gatekeeper in k.k. Tabakfabrik in Bautsch
- mother: Maria nee Philipp Merten, day-laborer in Neudorf
- children:
c) Josef, * 12.6.1897 in Bautsch No.180 (p.444/f.442)
d) Rudolf, * 23.9.1898 in Bautsch No.280 (p.497/f.491)
e) Franz, * 14.8.1900 in Bautsch No.40 (p.565/f.558)

Josef Sturm (Rudolf's father), tailor in Hof
* ~1846
wife: Theresia Pietsch, * ~1841
- father: Johann Pietsch, weaver in Bautsch (sometimes written as Karslberg)
- mother: Beata nee Johann Kronetz?, weaver in Bautsch
- children: Maria, Rudolf, ...

Franz Sturm (Josef's father), day-laborer in Neu Waltersdorf
wife: Viktoria nee Johann Richter, small farmer in Neu Waltersdorf

Bautsch (Budišov nad Budišovkou):
Hof (Dvorce):
Neu Waltersdorf (Nové Valteřice):


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Wow, thank you, this is incredibly helpful! I will do my best to navigate the website you have provided for further information. Until now, I had always thought that information on this part of my family was lost forever. As the story goes, according to my grandmother, Rudolf was "run out of the country" for his political beliefs which were not adherent to those in power at the time. His wife Paulina and children followed him to the U.S. a few years later. That is all I know of him, except that he was a tailor in Hoquiam, Washington, USA, right up until his death in 1930. I intend to read up on Austrian/Czech history to learn more of that era.

A question for you: on the information you have provided, what does "nee" mean? Wives seem to always have that after their first name, then followed by a man's name. I am assuming that Josefa nee Isidor Sohr would mean Josefa Sohr, daughter of Isidor Sohr? Is that correct?

Thanks again for all of your help!


Re: STURM of Budisov nad Budisovkou (Bantsch)

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I am very sorry, I used 'nee' in a bad way, 'nee' means 'born as' but I used it for 'daughter of' (so you are correct that Josefa nee Isidor Sohr would be Josefa, daughter of Isidor Sohr).
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I hope I got the accent in the right place. Neé is from the French which means "maiden name". But the Czechs also list the father's name. So everyone is correct.

Czech records are the most wonderful in the world. You frequently get 4 generations on one record, complete with house numbers. I've even seen "nemanzelsky" records with 5 generations. Everyone doing genealogy should be so lucky. Of course, this works best if they stayed in the same house for 200-300 years, but many did. In the later 19th century records, the mother's line was frequently documented a little more than the father's line. I perceive this as a way of emphasizing the importance of women. It makes me proud to be of Moravian/Bohemian lineage.

Re: STURM of Budisov nad Budisovkou (Bantsch)

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I am also doing research on this same family. Your notes on searching are much appreciated. I am looking for information about Alois Thurmer (worked at the Tobacco Factory) married to Mary Uhlig who shares the same father Leonard Uhlig you outlined in this post. My great-grandmother was Paula Thurmer (daughter of Alois and Mary) who became a Sturm by marriage after coming to the US.

I have done my best to look through the books but have yet been unsuccessful. If you are willing to offer any assistance I would appreciate it.
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