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I am trying to find info on Peter Nels or Niels Sorensen. He came to the states, Massachusetts, in 1893 with his wife Christine Gregersen. He was 25 years old then and from Aalborg. I cannot find any other info prior to or before he came here. Please help. Thanks

Re: Sorensen

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Did he live in Massachusetts, or maybe Nebraska, did they arrive in New York?
how many child did they have, where in Aalborg did he live, do you know where he was born..

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Not sure where he was born, was living in Aalborg in 1893. Do not know what town. Peter and Christiane came to New York, Ellis Island in 1893. He was 25 and she was 21. They lived in Massachusetts and had 3 daughters, Hansina b-1895, Agnes b-1898 and Eleanor b-1900. After that he disappears, she divorces him in 1909 charging him with desertion. Her maiden name was Gregersen. She came from Middelfart, Odense Ct. Denmark. I have not been able to find any more info about him. Thanks
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I think something is wrong.
Christiane Gregersen is born 5 june 1874
in Middefart.
She left Denmark in july 1894 with her
5 year older sister Nielsine Gregersen.

Are you sure the couple at Ellis Island in 1893
is yours??

Flemming Aasklint
DK-4500 Nykøbing Sjælland

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Surnames: Gregersen Sorensen
Hi, I am not really sure of anything, I was told by my mother that my grandmother Christiane Gregersen married Peter Nels or Nels Peter and came to the states in 1893. I fine both on the ship Bohemia in 1893, April 14.She is listed as 21 he as 25. The ages don't match but I have found lots of errors in the past. I know she had 4 sisters Marie, Whilamena, Philamena and another. Also a brother Hans. I have found her father listed as Carl Gregersen and her mother as Hunsine Nissen on her marriage certificate to her second husband. I have found three Men listed as Gregersens, 1- Ditlev Carl G, 2- Ditlev Frederik G, and 3- Ditlev Carl Frederik G. Ditlev Carl is married to Hunsine Nissen, It is confusing, if you can figure this out It would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Laura
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>I have found her father listed as Carl Gregersen and her mother as Hunsine Nissen
>on her marriage certificate to her second husband

Importent information - then you can forget the couple you
found at Ellis Island in 1893 - they are not yours.

You need to find the first marriage to Peder Niels! Sørensen .


Census 1880
All persons in the household

Odense, Vends, Middelfart Købstad, Middelfart Købstad, , Kongebrovej, ,


Hansine Gregersen 45 Enke lever af haandgjerning Middelfart
Wilhelmine Gregersen 14 Ugift hendes datter Middelfart
Nielsine Gregersen 10 Ugift hendes datter Middelfart
Christiane Gregersen 5 Ugift hendes datter Middelfart

I will find more informations.

Flemming Aasklint
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Middelfart Parish
Married 7 november 1856 in Middefart church
Bachelor Ditlev Frederik Carl Gregersen, in Hejls Parish,29 years old
and the girl Hansine Nissen (Wiis), in Middelfart - 22 years old.

The children:

Ane Marie Gregersen
born 24 september 1857 in Hejls Parish, Nørre Tyrstrup district, Vejle County
baptized 18 october 1857 in Hejls church

Cathrine Christine Gregersen
born 12 august 1860 in Middelfart,Odense County
baptized 26 september 1860 in Middelfart church

Hans Frederik Christopher Gregersen
born 8 may 1863 in Middelfart
baptized 13 september 1863 in Middelfart church

Wilhelmine Henriette Gregersen
born 12 january 1866 in Middelfart
baptized 3 june 1863 in Middelfart church

Nielsine Caroline Gregersen
born 3 april 1869 in Middefart
baptized 20 september 1869 in Middefart church

Christiane Gregersen
born 5 june 1874 in Middelfart
baptized 4 october 1874 in Middefart church

Ditlev Frederik Carl Gregersen
born 5 december 1826 in Bro, Brenderup Parish, Odense County
baptized 1. january 1827 in Brenderup church
died 7. april 1878 in Middelfart - 51 years old - by Pneumonia
buried 15 april 1878 in Middelfart:
Parents: Schoolteacher Hans Gregersen and wife Cathrine Christine

Hansine(Nissen) Wiis
born 8 august 1834 in Middelfart
baptized 28 october 1834 in Middelfart church
Parents: Master cooper Christopher Nissen Wiis and wife
Ane Marie Sander.


Flemming Aasklint

Re: Sorensen

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Surnames: Gregersen Sorensen
Hi, I really appreciate all this info but it has left me more confused. The Ditlev Carl Frederike Gregersen, are they all the same person? I found a Ditlev Carl Gregersen married to a Hansine Nissen. Are they different People? I also found a Hansine Wiis, someone else entirely? My research was started with info my mother wrote out for me. She, Christiane, my grandmother, came here in 1893 with her brother Hans and Peter. I cannot prove that. I cannot find any marriage record for them. It could be that mom was mistaken and they married over here and came over separately. Since the birthdate for my grandmother matches your info must be correct and I thank you for that. Are you related to these people? If you have any more info , would love to hear it. Thanks again, Laura
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Hi Laura

>The Ditlev Carl Frederik Gregersen, are they all the same person?

He is one person.

Don't expeect that all the names will be there
every time you see his name.

>I found a Ditlev Carl Gregersen married to a Hansine Nissen.

Where? and when?

>She, Christiane, my grandmother, came here in 1893 with her brother Hans and Peter.

she came in july 1894 with her sister Nielsine.
Nielsine was going to Boston and Christiane had only
ticket to New York.

They are not in the Danish Emigration Archive - that means
they did not buy th tickets in Denmark.

They were probably bought in USA.

I have the feeling that Christiane knew Peder Sørensen
in Denmark.

Leaving in 1894 and having a child in 1895!

Finding the marriage is importent.

>Are you related to these people?



>Hansina b-1895

When was she born in 1895?


Have you found the family in the 1900 census?


Flemming Aasklint
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Hi Laura

Hansine Gregersen, born Nissen Wiis
died 27 april 1893 in Middelfart - 58 years old
buried 2 may 1893 in Middelfart.

Flemming Aasklint
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