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Schöniger last name dead end

Schöniger last name dead end

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Surnames: Schoniger, Schöniger, Schoeniger, Nahr
I have hit a dead end with family members I am researching.

My grandfather is Richard Frank Schoniger(American version)(Schoeniger/Schöniger) born in Aug 23 1930 in the Czech Republic. He came to America in 1956 on the German quota for immigrants.
His father was also Richard Schöniger born 1906 and his mother was Johanna Nahr born in 1911. I am interested in tracing the Schoniger/Schöniger/Schoeniger last name, but I am also interested in learning about the Nahr last name.
Thanks for any help!

Re: Schöniger last name dead end

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In 1930, and even in 1906, it's a good-sized country. We need some more clues -- any mention of a family village? Is the village mentioned in the immigration records? Can you point us to a ship's list in Ancestry? (For 20th century immigration, the records seem to list the town of origin, but I cannot find a match.) Do you have church baptismal records from here in the states that might mention the place of birth of the parents?

Technically, in 1930, it was still Czecho-Slovakia. Before World War I, it would have been Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia, etc. If you are lucky enough that they were from Moravia, chances are better that you can find them.

Re: Schöniger ship's record 1956

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I think I found the ship's record, and it is not helpful. (attached). However, if the numbered document still exists in storage somewhere, the contents might be helpful.

New York Passenger Lists > 1956 > October > 04 > General W C Langfitt > Image 48 of 78


Re: Schöniger last name dead end

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There is/was an International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen. Might be worth trying.

Re: Schöniger last name dead end

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Thank you for the help, I have found a document in our house that is half in German and half in Czech, it says the town or area that he is from is Mocidlec, or something close to that because it is pretty hard to read. What I know about this town is that it is in West Bohemia, near karlovy vary, I tried looking up Church records from the town, but all that I have found is that you have to go to the church to get the information. Any other suggestions?


Re: Schöniger last name dead end

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Yes, those record are too recent to be digitalized. The books are either at the local municipal office or at the archive. It´s possible to get a copy of a record, if you´re a direct relative. You can contact the archive at and ask for information.

Richard´s name is German, it´s possible that he was German as well? If yes, he most probably had to leave Czechoslovakia after WW2 and go to Germany. You said that he came to US on German quota for immigrants, so it´s possible that he lived there for a while.

Re: Schöniger last name dead end

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Močidlec, in german Modschiedl, belonges to Pšov

archives in Czech Republic:

Westböhmischer/westbohemian Kreis: Staatliches Gebietsarchiv Pilsen (Plzen):
Neu 2010: es wurde begonnen, digitalisierte Matriken online zu stellen, z.Z. Pfarreien mit Anfangsbuchstaben A-N; siehe (wie Archiv Brünn und Archiv Prag). Man muss sich nicht mehr registrieren! Archiv Pilsen/Plzeň auswählen und bei "suchen" den tschechischen Namen der Pfarrei angeben. Dazu Anleitung.
New in 2010: it was started to provide digitized parish registers online, currently parishes with initials AN, see (as Archive and Archive Prague Brno). You must register no longer! Archive Pilsen / Plzeň and select "Search" from the Czech state name of the parish. see instructions:

Schöniger has reference to german word "schön" = beautiful.

Re: Schöniger last name dead end

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Surnames: Schoeniger Schöniger Nahr
I am a professional researcher who specializes in research from the Czech republic, especially concerning people of German origin. In my database I found the following
Johanna Schoeniger nee Nahr, born 1 March 1911
She originated from Altrohlau (German name) resp. Stará Role (Czech name).
She was married with a "Schoeniger" - or widow.
In 1999 she still was living in the German town of Feucht, Sonnenstr. 40.
Reinhard Mayer
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