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Dwight Morrow

Dwight Morrow

eric geyer (View posts)
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Looking for 1800`s family tree of Dwight Morrow ( American Diplomat) turn of century. Dwight was Anne Morrow/Lindbergh`s father.I Have a Sarah Anne Morrow in family born 1846/died 1887. Rumors, in our family, she is is related to the Dwight Morrow family. Please help? 360-794-8051 prefer e-mail
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It looks like I'm looking for the same connection that you are. Perhaps we can try to help each other. I am researching an Annie Morrow who married an Albert Goetz. She would have been born in 1870's (her daughter Marcella Goetz was born in Brooklyn on 1. Mar, 1904). Annie was supposedly a cousin of Anne Morrow Lindbergh one of the first people that Anne called when the baby was kidnapped in Hopewell, NJ. Based on that, I've been trying to find more info on Dwight Morrow's parents to see if I can find a common ancestor. I realize none of this helps you right now, but I though that perhaps we could share information as we come across it hopeful find a connection. My e-mail address is

Anne Morrow

Stephen Morrow (View posts)
Posted: 988918593000
I'm afraid I'm no help now, but I'm searching this branch also. Strange it's so difficult to locate Dwight's parents since there was a fair amount of prominence in this line. If I find something I'll let know and hope you'll do the same.

Dwight Whitney Morrow

Stephen Morrow (View posts)
Posted: 990259166000
I found a possible listing of Dwight's ancestry. They were showing their line's relation to his line. Apparently Dwight line follows the right column. This does connect into my line, but there are so many Davids, Alexanders, and Daniels in the early days that without dates I can't precisly connect it. The list goes like this:

David Morrow
Rev David to.Alexander Morrow
Col John Morrow.1st c to Daniel Morrow
Samuel Morrow..2nd c to Alexander Morrow
Walker Morrow.3rd c to.James Elmore Morrow
Bettie Morrow.4th c to.Dwight Whitney Morrow
Elliott Anderson.5th c to Anne Spencer Morrow
Mary Anderson.6th c to..Chas A Lindbergh, Jr. (kidnaped baby)

Does this list make sense to you? Can you connect it up? If so, please respond on this message board or email me at

Samuel Joseph Morrow

Chris D. Morrow (View posts)
Posted: 990296318000
Samuel is the name of my ggggranddad. his son was Zachariah Allen Morrow. his son was
Joseph Samuel Morrow his son was,
"Ted" Leon Morrow his son is Marcus W. Morrow
me: Christopher D. Morrow

Samuel morrow

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What time period for Samuel?

Samuel Joseph Morrow

Chris D. Morrow (View posts)
Posted: 990364894000
It would have been in the early 1900s
(1800-1850) some time between there.

My line is:
Chris D. Morrow (me)
Marcus W. Morrow - Pia Gondolf
Leon "Ted" Morrow - Dorothy Buchanan
Joseph Samuel Morrow - Martha Luvenia Terry
(Zachariah) Allen Morrow - Ellen E. McMillan
Samuel Joseph Morrow.. (grgrgrgrandfather)

Re: Anne Morrow

Tina (View posts)
Posted: 995336417000
My gr. grandmother was Flora Morrow. Daughter of Thomas Morrow from Old Town Me. My father said when he was young Ann Lindbergh came to Rockwood Me. and they flew a plane. All the family watched it take off. He said Ann was his mothers cousin. My gr grandmother married John King in Rockwood Me. She came from Old Town, Me. Born 1877 died 1954. Wonder if there is a connection. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Anne Morrow

Stephen Morrow (View posts)
Posted: 995587054000
Surnames: Morrow
Hi Tina, If you're searching Anne Morrow Lindbergh's ancestor's, as I am, here are copies of various postings from other searchers. The info is varied and conflicting. The first posting I listed is what I currently think, with the insertion I made concerning David Walter Morrow, as just just fits in with info I already had. Hope it helps.
Re your message # 2280, here is what I have,
from a combination of sources.

1st gen: Daniel Morrow b c 1590
2nd gen: David b 1653 m Ann
3rd gen: Alexander b 1673 m Grace Smith
(David Walter Morrow b.1700 m. Hanna Hopkins**This is my addition, as names fit**)
4th gen: Alexander bc 1704 m Eliz Armstrong
5th gen; Daniel M Eliz Coons
6th gen: Alexander m ---- Elmore 1815
7th gen: James b 1837 m Clara Johnson
8th gen: Dwight Whitney b 1873
9th gen: Ann S m Chas Lindbergh

Then going back to Daniel m E Koons, his brother Richard m Carolyn Matilda Harrison in 1790.
Richard's daughter was Jane, m to Wilson Crockett, brother of the famous Davey Crockett

Our line is as follows:
1.Daniel, 2nd gen= David m Ann, 3rd gen=Alex b 1673 m Grace Smith, 4th =David m Hannah Hopkins, 5th Rev David m Eliz Catlett, 6th=
Robert b 1750 m Eliz Shaw, 7th = Hugh b 1786, mNancy Blount, 8th =Robert b 1832, m
Julia A Fowler, 9th= Robert Lee b 1864 m to
Edna Huntley, Cleo b 1896 m Roy Northcutt.
My husband is grandson of Roy and Cleo
David Morrow
Rev David to.Alexander Morrow
Col John Morrow.1st c to Daniel Morrow
Samuel Morrow..2nd c to Alexander Morrow
Walker Morrow.3rd c to.James Elmore Morrow
Bettie Morrow.4th c to.Dwight Whitney Morrow 1873
Elliott Anderson.5th c to Anne Spencer Morrow
Mary Anderson.6th c to..Chas A Lindbergh, Jr. (kidnaped baby)

The following came from Viola Johnson:
Dwight Whitney Morrow was the son of James E. Morrow and Clara Johnson Morrow He was born in Huntington, WV, Jan. 11, 1875and moved to Pittsburgh, PA when he was two years old. His father was an educator. Dwight attended public schools and graduated from Amherst College in 1895, studied law at Columbia University in New York. He was admitted to the bar in 1899 and practiced in New York City. He moved to Englewood, NJ, in 1903 and was very active in the state government there.His wife was Elizabeth Reeve Cutter, who was born in Cleveland, OH. She authored several books and was President of Smith College for two years. She died in 1955.
Their most noted offspring was Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator.
Dwight's Morrow ancestors are:
Parents: James E. Morrow & Clara Johnson
Grandparents: Alexander Morrow & Sarah Jane Wilson
Greatgrandfather: James Morrow b. 1775 in Ireland
Great great grandfather: Alexander Morrow b. 1745 d. 1817

Sorry, I read this wrong. Anne Lindbergh whose father was Dwight Whitney Morrow came through Alexanders son David not his brother Daniel. Alexanders father was also nomed David and he purchased land in Norfolk Co, VA Nov 22,1651.His father was another Daniel Morrow listed as owning property in Charles Co, VA in 1636. My mothers sister Katie wrote this down in more detail than this. I can send you copy if you wish.
I have some different information about the Anne Morrow Lindgerg lineage.
In a well-researched book by Anne Morrow Nees, "Alexander Morrow of Brooke County, (W)Virginia and his Descendants" (1993), she lists Anne Morrow Lindberg's ancestors as follows: Anne -> father: Dwight Morrow 1873-1931; -> Grandfather: James Morrow 1837-1904; G-Grandfather: Alexander Morrow 1815-1871; GG-Grandfather: James (b.abt 1775-d.bef 1830; GGG-Grandfather: Alexander 1745-1817. This Alexander came to this country about 1793, accompanied by his wife and seven children.
I, too, am a descendant of this Alexander Morrow through his daughter Margaret (Morrow) Morehead, and have heard all my life about the (distant) connection to Anne Morrow Lindberg.

All of this info and more can be found on the book, "Alexander Morrow 1745-1817 of Brooke County WV & His Descendents" by Anne Morrow Nees. The book can be ordered from Mrs. Nees at 6612 W. 93rd Street Apt. B
Overland Park, KS 66212-1307
Anne Morrow was the daughter of Dwight Whitney (a US ambassador to mexico). His grandfather was James Elmore Morrow who was the son of Alexander Morrow (an irishman) and the brother of samuel, joseph, william, and john (my great great great grandfather)...all five came from ireland sometime before 1827 (maybe together...I'm not sure)...but what I want to know is where in ireland and who were their parents? Am planning a trip to ireland in late summer and want to go to the place where the morrow's (my tree anyways) started from...
If anyone has any help at all please post or email

Re: Anne Morrow

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Mr. Morrow: I am, to be honest, on a fishing trip. My husband is descended from Thomas A. Crockett. Many cites list Wilson Crockett and Jane Morrow as his parents. Problem: My husband's DNA matches the Maine/Virginia Crocketts, not the 'davy crockett' line. My Question: Do you have definitive proof that this Wilson Crockett is Davy Crockett's brother? As I said, this is a fishing trip. However, if such proof exists, it would eliminate Wilson and Jane from our line, and we can start looking elsewhere. Judi Crockett
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