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Hi, can you help me after spending months I think I have found my g.g.grandfather Thomas Morahan, according to the record he married Anne Tosney in 1889 at ManorHamilton, one I am not sure this is the same person, and two how do I get proof of this, I would be very grateful for any help.

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Any marriage that took place in Ireland after 1864 would have been civily registered. The General Registry Office look for criteria.

A marriage certificate will probably give you both his and her father's name, place of marriage, date.

Leitrim belongs to a not for profit History Foundation and has both birth and marriage records for a fee. His name I think is fairly unusual. Before 1864 birth records were in the Parish and this is practically the only way to access them. Rootsweb/Ancestry do have some birth records.

A birth record would give you both mother and father's names and usually mother's maiden name, place/parish/date.

A Thomas Morahan appears in Griffith Valuation 1856
tenant of Wm. S. Guiness property 6a Townland Keenaghan
house, outbuilding and land 445 acres 3 roods 31 perches

The other names are Patrick, John, Michael & Bernard

In the Directories is just 1 Morahan:

Bernard Morahan, Carrick on Shannon - coach painter, Bridge St.

The only Tosney in Griffith Valuation for all of Ireland
are 2 in Sligo 1858 (bordering county)Daniel and Phillip in Parish Kilmacallan

There are 5 Morahan in the Leitrim phone book but no Tosney's.

Both Sligo and Leitrim belong to a History Foundation that has birth and marriage records. Manorhamilton records start in 1840. After 1864 you should be able to find records

I would say it is the correct marriage:

Thomas Morahan married Oct-Dec, 1889 Manorhamilton
LDS Vol.2 Pg. 215 #4179388

Annie Tosney married Oct-Dec, 1889 Manorhamilton
LDS Vol. 2 Pg. 215 #4179388

Usually a match in the Later Day Saints microfilm would confirm your findings. These films can be seen at most LDS Heritage Centers near you.

Most men got married age 20-25 and there are a few births
on the above website.

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Thank you so much for looking into this for me, I will now investigate more, I have checked about ordering a copy of the marriage certificate, which I notice is in euros so I need to try and sort this out. Also really desparate now also to try and find his birth, on the 1901 census he was living on his own, he stated he was married but he was alone with his four children and he stated his age to be 55yrs, and he put he came from Roscommon, I have looked on the family search site cannot find him, I was told the name Thomas Morahan was passed down through the family but not knowing his mother's details you tend to try and guess.
Sorry I am rambling on here, as I said thank you so much for helping me.

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If he didn't show himself as a widow his wife may have been at work or visiting another family. Only those in the household at the time get recorded as being in that house.

I use as a currency converter. look for currency converter.

20 Euro is 16.95 British Pounds, $27.37 CA $27.22 AUZ and
$26.83 U.S. If you pay online the credit card sorts out the conversion, expect a bit extra.

I can give you some back ground such as Griffith Valuations but since their names are fairly uncommon and not too many do you can have the enjoyment of finding them.
You can look them up on
but this is just a snapshot in time.

Thomas Morahan, Parish of Kilglass, Townland Drumman More
tenant of John Morton
# 14 land 3 acres 1 rood and 20 perches
# 15a land, house and outbuilding

There are a Bryan Morahan and Peter Morahan also in two other parishes.

As the Thomas in the 1901 census would of been born around
1846 whereas your Thomas might have been born 1869 with a marriage in 1889. Usually men and woman married between 20-25.

There is an Annie Tosney on that gives her birth place as Sligo in the 1891 UK Census.

There are also 7 born in Ireland Morahan's in the 1841 UK
census and 7 born in Ireland Morahan's in the 1871 UK Census.


www.familysearch gives Thomas Morahan's born both in Leitrim and Roscommon 1872, 1873, 1874 with parents name (some are repeats, the later ones usually having more detail)

Look for the same names of the father's and mother's they should appear in your Thomas Morahan's children.
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Hi there

My great great great grandfather was James Morahan from Kenaghan. I am not sure if this person could be related to you. His wife's name was Bridget and they are buried in a graveyard in Co Roscommon. He died in 1859. If this is a different person please let me know as I am looking for my great grandmother (also Morahan) who went to America.

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Sorry not to have replied earlier, I'm not sure James is related to my family as I cannot find out exactly where my relation Thomas was born in Roscommon and I cannot find out about his siblings, all I know that his father was Owen Moraghan/Morahan. I sorry I cannot give anymore information at present, I hope you find out more about your relation.please do not hesitate to contact me


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The Graveyards as follows for Roscommon were surveyed in 1900.
Athleague, Aughrim, Brideswell, Cam, Elphin Cathedral, Elphin Protestance Church Yard, Fuerty Parish, Grange Demesne,
Kilmaine, Kilmore, Killamana, Kilnamanagh, Killukin, Lissonuffy, Roscommon Abbey St. Peter (Athlone)

These were on a CD years ago that no longer operates on new computers but is now on a UK website. You have to become a member to see the records and it isn't cheap.
40 BPounds for 1 year and 30 BPounds for 1 month.

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Hello Annette /Kathy

I live in Co Roscommon. There are a lot more graveyards here than those you have listed. If you wish to find out about deaths in the county after 1860 the best place to look/contact is the Registry Office in Roscommon town. Hope this is of help to you.

Kathy my great grandmother went to America in the 1880's but I can't find any records for her.


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Sorry I forgot to say this office covers births and marriages as well!!!!

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Hi Bernie
Thank you for your help, I live in Birmingham UK, and I have found it very frustrating not to be able to delve deeper in to my families history, I visited Ireland a few years ago to visit some relations, but only went to Derry, I have purchased a marriage certificate for Thomas Morahan/Moraghan unfortunately it only gave his details as being a widower, didn't give his age, and only listed his father has Owen Morahan whom was deceased, so I cannot get past this, until identifying more about Thomas whom is listed in the 1901 census as being 55 and born in Roscommon but thank you so much for your reply

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